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2000/4/24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:18095 Activity:high
4/23    I have an xfig drawing that I want to incorporate into a Word
        document.  Has anyone had any success in doing this.  If so,
        what vector graphics file format did you use to do this.  I've
        tried CGM and EPS and Word just chokes at this.  There doesn't
        seem to be any other file formats that both xfig and Word share.
        \_ save word document as text or HTML.  Use editor/text markup
           language which doesn't suck.
           (word will probably handle a simple paste of the graphic from
           a graphics program).  -tom
           \_ That doesn't solve the problem.  I have a drawing in xfig.
              I want to incorporate it into Word.  The file format that
              xfig exports aren't the ones the Word imports (with the
              exception of CGM which doesn't work).  Is there some
              kind of conversion utitlity (has nothing to do with HTML).
2000/4/24 [Uncategorized] UID:18096 Activity:nil
        Screw you guys
        I'm going home!
 |\|\  /
 |  00\
 | /^^\|
2000/4/24-26 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:18097 Activity:high
4/24    FS: AMD K6-2/450 128 MB 40x cd/8MB AGP 15" monitor  $225 email sky
        \_ do you have an old hard drive you can throw in?
                \_ I've got a 500 meg drive I'm not using.  You willing to
                   pay anything for it?  -- _not_ sky
        \_ will the police call me up and ask me to return it to the
           rightful owner?
                \_ Yes.  After they track it to me and I give you up.
        \_ Will you use the money for drugs?
                \_ Yes.
                \_ Yeah, prob. but thats not the point...I moved in with
                   my girlfriend and their isnt enough room in our apt.
                   for it... -sky
                   \_ "there" and "their".  -tweaker
                   \_ Congratulations.
                      \_ Is she the one with the big round ****?
                         \_ No  --sky
                         \_ You mean the stupid chinky whore with the huge
                            tits dumb enough to move into an apartment with
                            sky that's so small his computer and dinky
                            monitor don't fit?  Yeah, I think that's the one.
                            \_ no, different girl and if you sign your posts
                               I will gladly seek you out and kick the shit out
                               of you for calling anyone a stupid chinky whore.
                               But I suspect you have no cajones and will
                               continue to anonymously player hate  like
                               the little bitch that you are.  -sky
                            \_ No, thats not who i meant.
                         \_ Any pics?
                           \_ So, where should i hang out so i can do he?
                              in Berkeley for the pre-freshman welcume

Any good links on the procedures/hints to incorporate for contracting      4/24
    purposes (including setting up self-directed retirement accounts,
         health care and so on?).  Good accountants are okay as well.
        \_ Procedure: use tabs.
        \_ Does anyone have crystal meth they can sell me? - tweaker
                \_ You'd be suprised how many ppl do crystal in Berkeley
                \_ Yes.
                   \_ Who is Crystal? Where does she hang out?
                        \_ Crystal was this good looking black chick I met
                           at one of those pre-freshman welcome-to-cal
                           things.  Never went out with her but we talked a
                           bit and I don't really like black chicks anyway.
                           \_ What?!?  Since when does the University supply
                              fine chicks for welcome-to-cal fuck-fests?
                              *MY* welcome-to-cal didn't offer this.  *sheesh*
                              I got *robbed*!
                              \_ of clue and a sense of humor
                              \_ Hi paolo.
                           \_ So, where should i hang out so i can do her
                              in Berkeley like the pre-freshman welcume
                                \_ This was 15 years ago.  She's probably
                                   your mother.
2000/4/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:18098 Activity:nil
4/24 Any good links on the procedures/hints to incorporate for contracting
     purposes (including setting up self-directed retirement accounts, health
     care and so on?).  Good accountants are okay as well.  Thanks!
        \_ Procedure: use tabs.
2000/4/24-26 [Finance/Shopping] UID:18099 Activity:moderate
4/24    Does anyone have a copy of Half-life they might be willing to
        sell me for cheap?  Or Planescape: Torment? - seidl
        \_ Warez.
           \_ Looking for not warez.  Ebay prices just seem a little too
              random right now. - seidl
        \_ If no one has used ones, seidle, someone needs to go to a
        \_ If no one has used ones, seidl, someone needs to go to a
           computer show and buy you a new one for cheap
           \_ Which computer shows have half-life for cheap? Living in
              colorado makes many shows a little far to go to. - seidl
2000/4/24-25 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:18100 Activity:moderate
4/23    From :
        "The third factor is that AMD itself was restricting supplies of some
        of its microprocessors as they reached an end-of-line situation, in
        advance of its simultaneous roll out of its up and coming Thunderbird
        and Spitefire chips in June."
        So, I was wrong.  It won't be a month before the Thunderbird comes
        out.  It might be 5 weeks.  Wow, I feel so lame and uninformed now,
        since I was off by such a stunning time frame, assuming AMD doesn't
        launch it early to further undercut Intel's bottom line.  As I said,
        buying a K7 now is stupid.  Go dual p3 with slower chips and your
        system will be faster for any form of real work.
        \_ Saying you were off by a time frame is like using a point instead
           of a vector.
                \_ A time frame of a week?  You're turned in papers later
                \_ A time frame of a week?  You've turned in papers later
                   than that.
                   \_ The person is commenting on the grammar, not the
                      time frame itself. But it doesn't look like you
                      care too much for grammar.
                        \_ I was off by a range of time.  Thus a time frame.
                           Thanks for the input.  OTOH, I never saw anyone
                           post the URL showing my original "one month to
                           Thunderbird" was wrong despite saying I was
                           totally off.  I'm happier to be wrong by a few
                           weeks than to be the no-URL loudmouth.  As far as
                           grammar goes, you should check your own before
                           attacking others'.  Glad you took the time to
                           comment and express yourself.
2000/4/24-26 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:18101 Activity:high
        \_ whatever happened to Merced?
           \_ Intel feared that the UC Regents would sue them for using this
              name which was reserved for the next UC Campus, UC Merced, so they
              renamed the chip to "Itanium".
              \_ Is this for real? (Having been away from campus for too long.)
                 \_ Please.  Merced is the name of a river as well as a city.
                    It can't be reserved for UC.
                    \_ Then is a "UC Merced" for real?
                       \_ Yes, just search the UC web site for the details.
           \_ Merced and it's successors have been dubbed "Itanium"--and is
              shipping in engineering samples.  Expect to see it comercially
                           \_ this is a giant corp, though.  Much like a
                              student group, it makes progress on a
                              purely geological timescale.
              some time this year.
              \_ Along with Iridium, they are planning to let it fall out
                 of orbit and incinerate later this year.
                 \_ "later this year" is what they said 2 years ago
                     \_ this is a giant corp, though.  Much like a student
                        group, it makes progress on a purely geological
                     \_ Um, no.  Two years ago, folks expected Merced *design*
                        to be finished in the same year (though no one at Intel
                        thought that).  Design finished last year, followed by
                        actual silicon, followed by engineering samples.  There
                        are actual chips out now, as opposed to feel-good
                        statements about when things will be done.
                        \_ Unfortunately for Intel, rumor has it that the
                           chip kind sucks and missed the boat as technology
                           chip kinda sucks and missed the boat as technology
                           marched on.  We'll see when it gets here.
                           \_ And of course, while Linux, IBM, HP, SCO & Sun
                              will have Itanium-ready 64-bit OS'es this year, MS
                              will make you wait for Windows 2002.
                              \_ Oh ya?  I thought they were already doing
                                 builds on it?
                           \_ Well, Intel learned a lot on the Merced probject,
                              and so though the first rev might not be terribly
                              special, it is being used to finish the OSes on
                              it.  It's successor is being done faster because
                              of that learning.  Expect the successor to come
                              out shortly (< 1.5-2 yeras) after Merced.
2000/4/24 [Uncategorized] UID:18102 Activity:nil
4/24    How many psb's does it take to change a light bulb ?
2000/4/24 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:18103 Activity:nil
4/24    to those people who said that the elian custody matter had already
        been decided for the miama family in florida family court, you seem
        to have missed the part where that decision was thrown out because
        under florida law a great uncle does not have a claim to custody.
2000/4/24-26 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:18104 Activity:moderate
4/24    Anybody have a Japanese garden in in their house?  I'm thinking of
        adding one.  I figured out where to get the Japanese maples and
        bamboos but I can't seem to find a place where they sell the little
        tower thing and the small bridges, etc. I'm doing this myself, not
        going to a landscape company.  Thanks.
        \_ There's a store on Piedmont Avenue that has all kinds of crap like
           that.  -tom
           \_ can you be more specific?  if you don't know the name what is
              the cross street on piedmont?  Thanks.
                \_ south of 40th, near Cato's Ale House.
                   (what idiot changed "on Piedmont Avenue" to "in Berkeley"
                   above?)   -tom
        \_ Note: Bamboo is not particularly 'Japanese'.  The variety found in
           Hawaii is much the same as in Japan.  -mtbb.
           \_ Not to mention it is generally used in the singular form.
              \_ You probably mean it is an aggregate noun.  However,
                 this person's usage may be correct if he is referring to
                 a plurality of types of bamboo.
           \_ By the way, if you plan to plant bamboo READ UP ON IT FIRST.
              Bamboo is a beast that will take over your garden, wreck your
              driveway, etc.  And getting rid of it after that stage is
              a serious pain in the ass cause it is all one giant plant.
              You really need to build a thick concrete retaining structure
              in the ground before you plant the stuff.  Otherwise if you are
              living in the same place 5 years down the line you will curse
              the day you planted the stuff.
              \_ ditto for strawberries.. but they tend to be tastier.
                \_ I planted dandelions.  Much easier to maintain.
2000/4/24 [Uncategorized] UID:18105 Activity:nil
4/24    You missed the part where we don't give a shit about Elian.
        \_ But I missed saying that its about time the feds busted up
          the kidnappers. The relatives should be thrown in jail for
          committing a felony.
2021/10/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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