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2000/4/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:18085 Activity:high
4/22  Can someone please post the most frequently asked Taos interview
      questions? Thanks.                              -joe
      \_ Dont worry. If you know any UNIX and are reasonably normal
         they'll make you an offer.
         \_ will you work for 17.50 an hour?
            \_ You should get offered about twice that, or more DOE
               \_ Not at Taos you won't
                      \_ I did with limited experience.  What's your problem?
      \_ don't sell yourself short, work for MindSource (
2000/4/23-24 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:18086 Activity:insanely high
4/22  Ultra 10 440Mhz UltraSparc-IIi, 256MB DRAM, 2MB L2 Cache, 9GB disk,
        floppy,cdrom,Creator3D Graphics,keybd/mouse/etc. for $3200 brand new
        from Sun. Thinking of buying one, for personal use. What do you think?
      \_  I'm so pleased that you asked.  This machine gets 18.1 SPECint95,
          22.7 SPECfp95.  For $3500, you could get a dual
          Pentium-III/750E, which gets something like 36 SPECint95 per CPU,
          256M of memory, an Nvidia GEFORCE 32M video card, a DVD drive,
          27G of disk, and a decent 19" monitor.
          check out
          \_ I thought that Windows98 does not support MP.
             \_ We won't runn Windows on it.  Windows 98 is so that I
              can install Winblows on another machine.  --PeterM
          \_ But you're running winblows 98 on it. EEEUUUWWWWWWW.
              \_ No, you're running an OS that has useful applications that
                 are fully compatible with the applications your clients,
                 customers and other business partners have.  Nothing else
          \_ 1 256MB DIMM instead of 2 128's.. really.. you're going to
             want the free slots.  Ditch the SuperMicro and PIII and get
             a K7V and Athlon 850 for less.  Ditch Win98.  Everything
             else looks perfect.
             \_ AMD doesn't do SMP.  We can get more CPU power in less
                space by going dual.  Had AMD gotten out a dual K7 chipset
                which worked well, my config. would have used K7.  --PeterM
             \_ please sign your name so l33t sodans can belittle you.
              \_ Don't get an Athlon.  Sheesh.  At least wait until the
                 'Thunderbird' chips are out in a month.  Lamer.  Stop
                   Giving out the generic 'kewl' advice on the motd when you
                 giving out the generic 'kewl' advice on the motd when you
                 obviously have no idea wtf you're talking about.
                 \_ The Thunderbirds won't be out in a month.  What was that
                    about having no clue what you're talking about?
                      \_ Athlons are out of stock most places now anyway.
                      \_ That was the last announced timeline.  You know
                         better than post the URL or fuck off.  Either way
                         it doesn't matter.  A K7 is stupid choice right
                         \_ Because it's faster and cheaper?
                            \_ No SMP.  Loses ground at higher speeds due to
                               1/3rd speed cache.  !/4th speed at 1ghz.  And
                               because it has compatibility problems that
                               Intel's chips don't have.  And because a
                               dual P3 will be cheaper *and* faster *and*
                               run all your software without compatibility
                               fears with a modern, non-beta motherboard.
                               How's that?
      \_ Wait until summer when Sun releases the UltraSparc III workstations
         and slashes prices on the older Ultras.
         \_ Good. Another question, will SUN stop using those crappy video
            chipsets with 4MB of ram and crappy IDE controllers with no
            UDMA support  both of which are obsolete even by PC laptop
            \_ To be fair, the SuperMicro MB doesn't support UDMA or
               4X AGP.  Intel is lagging on the chipsets.  The BX is still
               a high-perf. Intel chipset though.  --PeterM
2000/4/23-24 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:18087 Activity:high
4/22    Do they allow laptops on airplanes? can I use one when it is in
      the air?
      \_ yes, but they have this ridiculous rule about not allowing
         them to be used in takeoff or landing.  they also have a
         stupid rule not allowing radio recievers during flight since
         they might "disrupt" radio communications and cause a plane
         to fall out of the sky. obviously the faa doesn't know the
         first thing about electrical engineering.  either that or
         they're just assuming that most flight attendants are too
         stupid to distinguish between an fm radio and a bomb
           \_ this stupid rule of theirs has always pissed me off
              \_ Yeah, not crashing the plane or delaying take off
                 because every fucking idiot insists that *his* 2-way radio
                 is airplane safe is really stupid.  Grow up.
      \_ Yes. Why dont you call your airline and ask to make sure?
      \_ Yes they do, but they ask you not to use CD/DVD drives.  -John
2000/4/23-24 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:18088 Activity:high
4/22  Does using arrow keys instead of "hjkl" make me a wonnabe vi user?
      \_ No but mispelling "wannabe" makes you ... something.
      \_ i used to use arrow keys, but then noticed that auto-repeat on
         arrow keys is much slower, so i switched to hjkl. this was back
         in the 2400 baud modem days, when sending "^[[C" was noticeably
         slower than sending "l". so, if you have a 2400, then yes, you
         are a wannabe. if not, the answer depends on what's in your
         .exrc. -ali

        Trim, don't nuke.
2000/4/23-24 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:18089 Activity:insanely high
4/22    What good restaurants in SF do people recommend?
                \- is this a serious question? are you looking for "deals"
                or the best restaurants in town? taqueria san jose ($5)is a
                good deal. acquarello is the best italian place in town ($100)
                and pastis is a nice place in the middle ($50). there's a
                start. --psb
           \_ Cha Cha Cha on haste is really good cuban/jamacan food,
              on Haste near golden gate park.  Long lines and no reservations,
              however, so go on a weekday.  The best Ice Cream is Joe's Old
              Fashoned Ice Cream on 18th and Geary.  -nweaver
      \_ How about "Thirsty Bear" on Howard/Hawthorne?  Does anyone have
         any commments on that place?
              \- is this a serious question? are you looking for "deals"
              or the best restaurants in town? taqueria san jose ($5)is a
              good deal. acquarello is the best italian place in town ($100)
              and pastis is a nice place in the middle ($50). there's a
              start. --psb
              \_ Italian in Northern California sucks compared to the stuff
                 you can get on the east coast, which, in turn, sucks
                 compared to the stuff you can get in Italy. -dans
                      \-have you been to acquarello? otherwise what is the
                      relevance? i think this generalization usually applies
                      most to low to medium "end" places. --psb
                 \_ this coming from a man who thinks House Of Nanking is
                    the best Chinese in SF.
         \_ Cha Cha Cha on haste is really good cuban/jamacan food,
            on Haste near golden gate park.  Long lines and no reservations,
            however, so go on a weekday.  The best Ice Cream is Joe's Old
                 people's place.  Food is best when it's a communal experience.
            Fashoned Ice Cream on 18th and Geary.  -nweaver
           \_ a second Cha Cha Cha's has opened in the Mission,
              same food without the lines
              \_ no way, man! Mitchell's on Guerrero.
      \_ House of Nanking.  IMHO, the best Chinese food in SF.  The
              \_ Bwahaha!  Maybe cuz yer gwailow.
         ambiance isn't too great (i.e. non-existent), but the food more
         than makes up for it.  Afterwards, wander (literally) around the
         corner to Little Italy(i.e. North Beach), and get desert at The
         Steps of Rome (overly trendy, always busy, but tasty).  Stop at
         City Lights bookstore on the way if you so desire.  Makes for a
         nice evening out. -dans
         \_ Sucker!  You enjoy standing in line to get herded into a cramped
            little hole that serves shitty, bland, tastes of generic sauces
            food?  Look at the crowd sometime.  Notice how it is 100% white.
            there is a reason.  HoN may once have been good, I dunno.  But
            if so that was a LONG time ago.
            \_ Name something better.  Have a cookie, troll.  While you're
               at it, sign yer name, twink. -dans
                      \_ I like seeing trolls like dans use my "have a
                         cookie line".  Gives me the warm fuzzies all over.
                         Tinglies up my spine.  --fellow troll
               P.S. I like cramped dining.  You get to eat off of other
               peoples' plates. Food is best when it's a communal experience.
               And even though your statement about the crowd being 100%
               white is flat out wrong, it doesn't carry much weight?  What,
               white folks aren't allowed to have good taste in food?
                      \-Eric's chinese, an otherwise pretty good restaurant,
                      totally screwed up a dish once and when an associate of
                      mine inquired was told "white people like it that way"
                      [this was clearly a fuckup ... there was so much pepper
                      in the dish, nobody could possibly "like it that way.
                      although the conversation took place in chinese, given
                      that 3/6 people at the table were white, you had to
                      wonder if the staff person thought the "explanation"
                      would not be translated for whitey]. --psb
                      \-Eric's Chinese, ton kiang. --psb
                \_  let me guess, you are from Orange County aren't you?
                \_  My Chinese friends told me that my taste in Chinese food
                    is like that of white folks.  What does that mean?
                    They seem to think that this is funny. - confused Chinese
                      \_ You have lousy taste in food.  Take the hint.
                              --white boy who prefers real chinese food
         \_ re: Thirsty Bear. It's a tapas bar/brew pub. The food is ok and
          reasonably priced; the beer is quite good (esp. their wheat beer).
          It's now a SoMa hang out, so it's very crowded Thurs-Sat eve.
2000/4/23-24 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18090 Activity:high
4/23    Which of the standard console mail utils support POP without
        fetchmail's help?
        \_ mutt is the only one you need.  -tom
           \_ So how do you get mutt to support POP?
              \_ RTFM.  -tom
                 \_ Which particular FM? grepping man page for POP yields nil
                 \_ So how do you get RTFM to support POP?
        \_ nmh
      \_ mutt is the only one you need.  -tom
         \_ So how do you get mutt to support POP?
              \_ RTFM.  -tom
                 \_ So how do you get RTFM to support POP?
      \_ nmh
2000/4/23-25 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:18091 Activity:very high
4/23  The must-have O'Reilly nutshell book
        \_ Have you showered or had sex at anytime in the last 15 years?
           Have you learned to use the TAB key, yet?  Acquired the smallest
           shreds of a sense of humor, maybe?  Keep working at it.
      \_ Do the books have new stuff are they just the online stuff in
         book form?
         \_ the online stuff. But this is worth the $12 just to show
            the genuine o'reilly title on your bookshelf :-)
            \_ Worth it if you're tripping all over yourself to show people
               that you're a total fucking loser geek, I guess.  I'm sure it
               fits nicely in that blank space on your bookshelf right
               between the English-Klingon dictionary and the binder that
               holds your lovlingly xeroxed SCA guide on how to make your
                           \_ KA'BAH!  You want 'The Tragedy of Khamlet,
                              Son of the Emperor Qo'nos', by
                              Wil'yam Shax'pir.
               holds your lovingly xeroxed SCA guide on how to make your
               own armor.
      \_ umm, user friendly is like hte definition of not funny
                \_ I tried to read it a few times.  It was a waste.  I've
                   since purged my mind of the unpleasantness.
         \_ it's amazing how many non-UNIX folks still manage to aquire,
            and then use, soda accounts. Or maybe you just feel offended
            that iliad could dare make fun of the Open/Net/FreeBSD
            \_ ANY student enrolled in UC Berkeley may apply and receive
               csua membership and an account on the machine at soda.csua
               - paolo
               \_ Paolo, read the CSUA FAQ for once in your life:
    1. How do I get a soda account?
       Soda accounts are ONLY for members of the CSUA. The CSUA is not an
       account provider -- we are an organization for people with an
       members of the ASUC may be active (voting) members, but other
       eligible folks are welcome to participate in CSUA activites and
       make use of our resources. We expect our members to be at least
       somewhat computer literate, and to have an interest in learning
       and experimenting. Because of that, and the fact that our staff
       are all volunteers, we don't serve the users in the same way
       someplaces like the OCF does. This doesn't mean soda is
       especially unreliable or uncared for, it just means we expect
       people to be better able to fend for themselves.
            that iliad could dare make fun of the Open/Net/FreeBSD
       interest in computers and computer science. Any U.C. Berkeley
      living everyday thanking Tourvalds.
       student, faculty, or staff is eligible to become a member. Only
        \_ thank you for agreeing with me
                \_ user friendly is about as funny as being stuck in a
                   room with a bunch of soft, puffy, geeks who last
                   showered in '93 and keep parrotting bits from monty
                   python and hitchhicker's guide.  -aspo
                   \_ Dude, these are the sort of people who wrote the OS
                      you run, the networking protocols you indirectly
                      make a living off of.  So they can't all be rectally
                      fixated biker studs like you.  Go hangout with your
                      well-adjusted loser friends and leave the geeks alone.
                      \_ well for one I don't do ecommerce crap.  Networking
                         protocols don't have anything to do with what I do
                         for a living.  And yay.  So a bunch of smelly,
                         need-to-die geeks have written a bunch of computer
                         software.  Some of that software is worth using.
                         %99.99 percent of it is as much crap as the worthless
                         lives of the sad little sexless acne-scarred twits
                         who wrote it. -aspo
                         \_ What the fuck are you doing on soda, you evil
                            little twit?
                      \_ Uh, yeah, tell me more about "Illiad", uber-hacker
                         extraordinaire.  Perhaps Illiad was an early member
                         of the CSRG, responsible for most of 2BSD?  Or maybe
                         Illiad stood at the shoulder of timid young newbie
                         hacker Richard Stallman, making gentle suggestions
                         that would later form a life philosophy?  Or did he
                         write one of those Johhny-come-lately "DUD3, L1NUX
                         1Z WAY K-RAD!!!1!!" 10-dimensional 76-bit-color
                         window managers that you wannbe-UNIX-folk are always
                         so fond of arguing over?  Real men use twm.  And
                         they don't read User Friendly.
                         \_ ED! ED! ED is the STANDARD!
   \_ so geeks, wrote the OS, they have fame and they have $$$.  I'm not
      living everyday thanking Tourvalds, Behlendorf, and Ylonen.
                \_ It's likely I was a "UNIX folk" when you were still in
                   grade school.  I find the comic to be painfully unfunny
                   because it simply lacks any form of humor.  It just isn't
                   funny and not in the Berkeley, "How many lesbians does it
                   take?" way.
                   \_ Ah. I see your problem is just that you're an old
                      curmugeon, who has already heard every joke in existance,
                      back in 1950.
                      Yes, there are stupid ones. But only about 1%.
                \_ is much more amusing.
                   \_ sluggy is just as bad.
                \_ <DEAD><DEAD> is much more amusing.
                \_ is much more amusing.
                \_ to choose for yourself.
                \_ is better than stoned gay sex.
                        \_ BBoCS!
                \_ http:// is better than flying fetuses
2000/4/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:18092 Activity:moderate
        \_ Bwahahahahah
              \_ Sure, I guess.
2000/4/23-24 [Computer/Networking] UID:18093 Activity:very high
4/23    So, talk to me about TCP/IP stack implementations.  Under what type
      of attack will a linux tcp/ip stack fail but a bsd one survive?  (
      something about the number of bits in a field)
      \_ None.
         \_ Wrong.
      \_ care to elaborate on either?  What data structures are messed up
      in such away to allow for a buffer overrun?  Since the tcp stack sends
      tcpRST on packets going to a port not in use, and drops the rest
      how can you get by that?  Seems to me the worst you can do is DOS the
      box.  - Show me why I'm wrong.
        \_ Care to pay my consulting fees?
      \_ this is as silly as asking when will emacs fail but vi survive.
         there are different, valid beliefs on how a system should
         react to and cope with pathological loads.
2000/4/23 [Uncategorized] UID:18094 Activity:nil
4/22    [elian discussion killed due to redundancy. everyone talks about
         it everywhere. talk about something else.]
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