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2000/4/22 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:18078 Activity:nil
4/21    I've installed Solaris (for Intel Platforms) on a Toshiba Tecra
        750CDM laptop, which has a S3 Virge / MX video chip.  However,
        when I run kdmconfig on Solaris, there is no option for the S3 Virge
        MX.  Is there any updates out there that I can install so that
        Solaris will recognize this chip?
        \_ almost certainly not.  Sun has no interest whatsoever in
           Solaris x86 and is a year or more behind on driver support.  -tom
        \_ Yes. The update is called "xfree86"
2000/4/22 [Uncategorized] UID:18079 Activity:nil
        \_ i think you mean "messiah" and he's not exactly self-proclaimed.
           they chose him to represent the "every man"; he didn't ask for it.
           (they being the coalition of religious groups running this thing)
           \_ I never asked anyone to "represent me".  Fuck Paul and his
              stupid group.
2000/4/22 [Computer/SW] UID:18080 Activity:nil
4/22    Is changing the userID in the passwd file the only place it need
        be changed?
        \_ chown files owned by the user to the new uid (find can be very
           useful for doing this)
2000/4/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:18081 Activity:nil
4/22    An old motd is better than no motd.  Restored.
2000/4/22-24 [Transportation/Car] UID:18082 Activity:high
4/22    I'm 23 yrs old. Is there a car rental place (near LAX) other than
        Dollar rent a car that will rent to me? I dont have any hertz club
        cards or crap, and I dont care about how much it will cost..
       \_ Try Enterprise. Your mileage may vary (no pun intended).
       \_ A lot of places will rent to under 25 y/o if you're willing to
          pay a bucket load of extra cash for their "Under 25 White Boy
          Insurance" policy.  Call around for details.  Get the car in
          advance or be sorry.
               \_ I've tried, and they've said no.
       \_ isn't budget the only one for under 25? hence their location
        near Cal..
        \_ no, that's avis that's on oxford.  i've been rented a car
           from there and i was only 20 at the time but it was paid for
            by the company i interviewed with.
        \_ Bay Area Rentals rents to 21 yr-olds.
        \_ RTFQ : LAX != Bay area || Berkeley
        \_ a few years ago when I was 22, I rented from enterprise
          at LAX.  if i remember, it was on my card w/ no reference
          to the folks who would reimburse me.  they charged extra.
2000/4/22-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:18083 Activity:high
4/22  An old motd is better than no motd.  Restored.  Keep deleting it.
      I don't care.  I'll just keep restoring it until you get bored.
      I've infinite patience.
      \_ Let's see about that.
              \_ Shrug.  Whatever.  It's part of my login sequence.  That
                 allows me to be pretty damned patient.
                 \_ isn't that, umm, squishable?
                    \_ The current policy can be interpreted such that
                       ANY repeated fux0ring with the motd is squishable,
                       whether it's automated or not (even though kchang
                       was squished for the former).
                              \_ Remember the Kchang!
                    \_ Whatever.  If The Powers That Be want to squish me
                       for checking motd length and copying back over it
                       automatically if the length is zero, then whatever.
                       Given how long blatantly obnoxious behavior is
                       tolerated and how many warnings are given before
                       anyone even starts to talk about squishing, I'm not
                       deeply concerned about it.  Thanks for caring,
                       \_ Regularly restoring a nuked motd isn't fux0ring.
                          Nuking the motd regularly is. -dans
2000/4/22-24 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:18084 Activity:high

        Dalrymple scooped up Elian and retreated into a closet. ``Que esta
        pasando?'' Elian asked again. Agents banged on the bedroom door and
        entered. One Border Patrol agent, wearing goggles and a helmet,
        raised a rifle toward the two. His finger was not on the trigger.

        Dalrymple raised his elbow in defense. The agent grabbed Elian and
        took him. ``Bingo! Bingo!'' yelled another agent, signaling the
        mission's success.
      \_ Really fucking nice.  So much for due process, the law, precident,
         and justice.  Goodbye America, hello Amerika.
         \_ Really fucking nice indeed. I have just gained a lot more
            respect for our government than I had in a long time. Due
            process has passed. Custody has been decided a long time ago.
            They were holding the kid illegally and the father deserved
            to have his son back. Here's to a country that (on this
            one rare occasion) stood up for its principles, upheld its
            laws, in the face of a shitload of whining that could've
            pushed a lot of politicians the other way (and did)
            \_ A Florida Family Court judge decided the case waaay back
               when in favor of the Florida family but that didn't suit the
               Clintons, Reno, or the INS, so they decided to once again
               ignore the rule of law the rest of us have to follow and
               kidnapped the child from his legally appointed guardians.
               Not only did Reno's storm troopers not have a warrant to
               enter private property and kidnap a child, when they applied
               for a warrant to do so, it was *denied*.  I've just lost the
               last few shreds of respect I had for our government.  I
               never had respect for people unable to tell the truth from
               the spoon fed media noise, though.  Think!
                \_ Actually, they had a warrent...
            \_ BULLSHIT!  You're fucking lying or stupid.  Custody _had_
               been decided and it was given to THE FAMILY IN FLORIDA!
               I'm so sick of you lying, stinking, piece of shit, fact
               inventing leftist fucks!  YOU ARE LYING!
              \_ Sure, the law's, the law's, the law.  Let's not forget
                 that the mother and father had separated, and that the
                 mother's dying action was bringing her infant son to
                 America, away from the hated despot Castro.  Although
                 they will be soundly crushed in the courts, the Cuban
                 American community and some of the boy's relatives feel
                 that they have undertaken a holy mission to carry out the
                 mother's last wish to secure a better life for her child.
                 Unfortunately the technicality is that the separation was
               not too long ago, and the father seems like a reasonable
               guy, so he is thusly the automatic guardian.
               \_ Yeah, Castro's a Pinko Commie Bastard.  Communists will
                  eat your children, rape yermom, and hax0r your computers.
                  Have you ever actually seen or read a non-biased (i.e.
                  something not produced by an American media agency)
                  on what life in Cuba is actually like? -dans
                  \_ Don't forget the "re-education building" already built
                     for the boy in Cuba where he'll stay for several months
                     before the father sees him again.
                  \_ Actually, dans, you can ask any of the recent or
                     older Cuban expatriates.  Talking to a lot of them
                     is better than reading questionably unbiased material.
                     Also, notice how I didn't say anything about Cuba
                     being Communist?  In any case, your humor is a little
                     off base.
                     \_ Oh, yeah, Cuban expatriates are a nice, unbiased
                        source.  Of course they're not going to have anything
                        good to say.  They left.  They're not particularly
                        representative of the portion of the Cuban
                        population that's still there. -dans
      \_ Give 'em all guns, put 'em on boats, send 'em back to Cuba.  Only
         this time around, don't forget the goddamm air support.  -John
              \_ Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
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