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2000/4/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:18063 Activity:high
4/19    Fucking Tom deletes half the motd and adds nothing of value to it
        and does *not* sign his name to his "Fuck Paul" entry.  -fucks tom
        \_ "Fuck Paul" is not a Tom comment.
        \_ I don't know what the comment was about, but that sounds
           like a good position to take.  Fuck Paul. -aspo
        \_ i trimmed the motd Wednesday afternoon to ~140 lines, not tom.
           you may stop frothing at the mouth now. -jwang
                \_ and another thing, deleting half the MOTD, most of the
                   time, is adding great value to it.  -tom
                        \_ and yet another thing, anonymous coward, I find
                           it interesting that you're monitoring my
                           processes.  -tom
                           \_ why do you claim this person is monitoring your
                        \_ he seemed to know that I had edited the MOTD at
                           a particular time (part of this discussion has
                           been deleted).  Of course, he was wrong so he may
                           just have been lying.  It's hard to tell with
                           anonymous cowards.  -tom
                           \_ Tom deletes motd stuff that threatens him.
2000/4/20-22 [Uncategorized] UID:18064 Activity:moderate
4/21    Once again, who the hell is PAUL and why should I agree with him?
        \_ No one special and you shouldn't.
        \_ t-shirt seen on Sproul: "I Agree With RuPaul".
           Paul is an airhead zealot who you shouldn't agree with.  -tom
2000/4/20 [Reference/BayArea] UID:18065 Activity:moderate
4/19    What's the going rate for Berkeley 1 br apts these days?
        Just want to compare with south bay rents.
        \_ $1000000000000000000000000000 (without parking)
        \_ close to SF rents.  it is insane
                \_ Drugs are cheaper and easier in Berkeley.  Sex is better
                   in SF.
                   \_ if going over the bridge to say hi to sky is too hard for
                      you then you not cut out to be a druggie
                        \_ I don't need sky's third rate shit.
                   \_ Depends on which drugs and what type of sex
                \_ Girls are cheaper and easier in Santa Cruz. Sex is better
                   in SF.
                   \_ I don't pay for girls in any city.
                      \_ If you're so proud of this, sign your name.
        \_ Serious answer: $1100-$1400 is probably just about the
           interquartile. Still somewhat higher than most parts of south
           bay. -alexf
2000/4/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:18066 Activity:nil
4/20    The csua bat as you have never seen it before:
        \_ someone has a serious vegetable fetish.
2000/4/20-22 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:18067 Activity:low
4/19    I have NT on my Desktop at work, i would like to get to it, add
        files/get files etc.  IT has a WebServer running on it and i can
        get to it from home via http.  I can put whatever i want on its
        web page (and prob. cgi too) but i can't install anything as i
        don't have the administrator login.  What html/java/cgi can
        i put up there to maximize my controll from home.
        (I also don't want to/can't program the stuff myself so a "remote
        admin" type package i can just put on there would be best).
        \_ it should be IIS 4.0, if so, there is a admin website through
          a different port. start the IIS MMC console at work, figure out
         the port from the properties. Should be under NT Option Pack Menu,
         Internet Information Server, MMC admin (if NT server).
        \_ Do you need admin rights to install vnc?  If not, that might work
           for what you want to do--<DEAD><DEAD>  -John
        \_ Install one of those keyboards that captures keystrokes then
           fabricate some reason for the sysadmin to login.
2000/4/20-22 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18068 Activity:moderate
4/20    If I enter some information like my name or e-mail address in Edit ->
        Preferences -> Mail & Newsgroups -> Identity, is it possible for a
        web site that I visit to grab that information from my browser?
        \_ As of the last time I checked, no. Not without a bit of help from
           you, that is -- the one reasonably easy means of getting this
           data is if you submit a mailto: form. Most browsers notify you
           before submitting, but you may've turned off that warning in
           the past, and this may be automatic. A browser that allows websites
           _direct_ access to this information would have very likely by
           now become the center of a major scandal. -alexf
           \_ Javascript can be used to generate an email without any input
              from the user.  Netscape default used to be to pop up a dialog
              message for that type of generated email being sent, but I don't
              know if that is still the default.  --oj
           \_ I was under the impression, possibly mistaken, that certain
              types of cookies allowed web pages to track this sort of
              information.  Or is this just the case if, as you say, you
              submit the info manually, and the page sends it back to you
              in a tracking cookie?  -John
              \_ Okay, you visit a site for the first time.  You have cookies
                 on.  The site gives you a cookie that uniquely identifies
                 your browser.  This cookie can live indefinitely on your
                 hard disk.  The instructions with the cookie say, wherever
                 you go on my site, give me back that cookie.  So the site
                 knows exactly what you do on that site.  Now let's say
                 you submit your e-mail or name.  Now the site has
                 associated this information with your cookie.  Frankly,
                 I don't care.
              \_ Oh, by the way, the Identity info you enter into the
                 browser settings:  That's for whenever you click
                 on a mailto link so it will launch the mailer with the
                 right From information.  Same with newsgroups.  Sometimes
                 it uses that for built-in FTP if you click on an ftp
                 link.  There is no sekrit HTML tag that retrieves
                 this information out of your Netscape settings.  No big
                 \_ sure there is. A dynamically generated form, submitted
                    by mailto, with the subject set to your cookie id.
                    Or a hidden field set to your cookie id.
2000/4/20 [Uncategorized] UID:18069 Activity:high
4/20    I Agree With Ilyas.
        Do You Agree With Ilyas?
        \_ if not, identify yourselves now, so that we can locate and
            Enlighten you
        \_ Yes I do.  Death to the white man!
        \_ It's either ilyas or Ilya. Ilyas is some weird Turkish TA.
        \_ Who cares?
2000/4/20-22 [Reference/Military] UID:18070 Activity:high
4/20    If a bullet-proof vest penetrating bullet can penetrate bullt-proof
        vests, can it penetrate oil tankers? If I shoot at an oil tanker,
        will it go through the tank gracefully, or will it cause spark and
        \_ According to the Laws of Anime, it will explode.  Immensely.
           Though perhaps not exactly when you expect.  But it will go
        \_ Go ask your question on the Rainbow 6 msg boards.  Someone there
           will know.
        \_ Full metal jacket rounds will typically spark - however if you
           can get a hold of cast lead high power rifle bullets (boat-tail
           profile), I think you can pull this off.  - ciaspook
           \_ Just out of curiosity, do you play R6/RS?
                \_ Do you have a GF ?
                   \_ No.
                   \_ Yes.
                   \_ I just farted.
                      \_ If I shoot at your ass, will it go through
                         gracefully, or will it cause spark and explode?
        \_ It's not as simple a comparison as you seem to think.  For one
           thing, ballistic armor comes in a wide range of threat levels.  A
           vest designed to protect you from a 9mm pistol round isn't going
           to stop a round with a lot more energy behind it (a .44 magnum or
           .454 casull, for example).  For the most part, ballistic armor is
           designed to stop pistol rounds, not rifle rounds.  The amount of
           armor needed to stop a round from a rifle is generally not
           something that you can wear and move around in easily, so it tends
           to get worn by people like bomber pilots.  Then there is the
           composition of the bullet to consider.  The ss-109 5.56mm NATO
           round is lead with a steel core, copper jacket, and tungsten
           penetrator (just beneath the lead nose).  Lead hitting an iron
           tanker probably isn't going to spark, but that steel core most
           likely will.  Will it penetrate?  Depends on the thickness of the
           tank, the caliber being used, and the design of the bullet.  Armor
           piercing rounds are generally different from incendiary rounds.  A
           simple trick is to use an armor piercing round, then an incendiary
           round on the next shot (aasuming you're using something that can
           penetrate the wall of that tanker, which I doubt).
           \_ I think the question is more like, "As a U.S. citizen can
              I Internet mail-order myself a long enough rifle with big
              enough bullets at reasonable cost that will put a hole
              through a tanker wall?"
              \_ All purchases in California must go through a local FFL.
              \_ last I checked - the 62 gr SS109 bullet had an all steel
                 core.  Depending on how volitile the contents of the tanker
                 are - sparking from the entry might enough to set it off
                 (gasoline or propane - possibly, diesel fuel - no way).
                 \_ The ss109 definitely has the tungsten cone at the head of
                    its steel core.  I use them in my AR15, and have seen
                    what they look like if you pull one and slice it
                    lengthwise (even if you want to doubt the spec, which
                    is pretty clear on this point).
              \_ Except that what they transport in those tankers is crude oil,
                 which is far less volatile.
                \_ You'll get a slowly leaking hole of burning petrol that may
                  or may not go out when it hits the water.  Any internal spark
                  will probably lack the necessary O2 to burn within the hold.
2000/4/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:18071 Activity:nil 66%like:17405
4/20    HAPPY 4/20 to all!
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