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2000/4/18 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Food] UID:18041 Activity:high
4/17    Know of a restaurant where one can have a relatively private
        conversation (ie booths)? All of the places I know of are
        pretty out-in-the-open.
        \_ Try some classy Italian restaurants. They always make tables
           easy to hold private conversations for the purposes of
           mofia business.
        \_ The last time I was at venezia it was so loud you had to lean
           over the table and yell to be heard.  It's out in the open but
           oddly private.
        \_ Raleigh's has one "booth".
           \_ correction: two.  and if this IS a sex act thing (see
              below) I would highly discourage raleigh's since one
              whole side is open and practically at eye level due to a
        \_ Black Angus is known for their ~ 270 degree circular enclosing
              \_ This may be a positive depending on what kind of sex thing.
        \_ I like rivoli.
                \_ hardly private.
        \_ Black Anus is known for their ~ 270 degree circular enclosing
           booths.  Probably have to go when they're not busy to get one
           for two people though.
        \_ Ichiban sushi, Shattuck, across from crapi-ko
        \_ Is this a public sex act sort of thing?  Lemme know which place you
           decide on and I'll give you a copy of the video at cost.
           \_ Sorry, not a sex thing, just business stuff.
                \_ "Everybody be cool, this is a robbery!"
2000/4/18 [Uncategorized] UID:18042 Activity:high
4/17    Jeremiah was a bullfrog.
        \_ was a good friend of mine
           \_ I bet you most people don't know the words from here until
              the "Joy to the World part".  Without looking/searching
              the internet, make your attempts at the words between this
              and the refrain.
                \_ never understood a single word he said,
                   but I helped him a-drinkin' his wine,
                   yes he always had some mighty fine wine  -tom (fogie)
                                        (I can do the other verses too)
                   \_ do you know the words to "don't walk away renee?" -ali
                        \_ No.  -tom
                \_ You're right.  You win.  So what?
                   \_ just interesting to some weird people, that's all.
                      No big deal.
2000/4/18 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18043 Activity:very high
4/17    What method does `frm` use to determine if a message is
        new/unread or not?  I'm using pine to read and frm's output isn't
        very consistent.
        \_ obUTSL
          \_ Come again?
             \_ Luke, use the source.

        OKay, this took me <10 min to find the source, grab it, find the
        source file and look for the status code. This time is a freebie,
        next time it's your turn:
        } else if (val = header_cmp(buffer, "Status", NULL)) {
          switch (*val) {
          case 'N': status = NEW_MSG;     break;
          case 'O': status = OLD_MSG;     break;
          case 'R': status = READ_MSG;    break;
          default:  status = UNKNOWN;     break;
2000/4/18 [Uncategorized] UID:18044 Activity:nil
        \_ GABO IS COMING
        \_ What would Paul do?
2000/4/18 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:18045 Activity:high
4/18    it has been confirmed tha the IBM 240 is a hardware-wise linux
        compatible machine, and the lucent winmodem does work under
        linux (you just need the kernel module from
        everything just works (tm). Just in case ppl were thinking of
        buying a laptop. - paolo (yes, I tried BSD first, couldn't get modem
        to work - and it was open bsd 2.6 and then fbsd 4.0)
        \_ FreeBSD is an OS living in the past.  I mean they used to say they
           had better 'process' than Linux, but that's not even true anymore,
           what with them botching the last few releases.
                \_ Go away, troll.  Linux is for fun, BSD for work.  Don't
                   mix your work with youre religion.  At the end of the day,
                                      \_ English 1B.
                   no one cares what license you use or 'process' produced
                   the OS, so long as it's open and it works and you don't
                   have to rebuild the kernel every third day to keep it
                   \_ BSD doesn't support new hardware, so it doesn't work,
                      like paolo pointed out above.
                      \_ That seems kind of asinine. I bought hardware that
                         I knew would work with fBSD, and it works fine. Can
                         you say that fBSD doesn't work for me?
                         \_ Uh, so you are saying I should be forced into
                            buying certain hardware if I want to run fBSD?
                            Old hardware?  That's not very FREE, now is it?
                            I thought FreeBSD and Linux were about FREEDOM?
2000/4/18 [Uncategorized] UID:18046 Activity:nil
        \_ GABO IS COMING
        \_ What would Paul do?
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