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4/15    Stop posting anything on the motd.  The motd is reserved only for
        ilyas, ali, and tom.
                \_ why, because we're the only ones with the guts to
                   sign our names?  -tom
        \_ tell us about the stars ilyas!
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2000/4/16 [Finance/Banking, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:18024 Activity:high 70%like:18032
4/16    I keep seeing people protesting the IMF and the World Bank on
        the news.  Their main complaint seems to be that these organizations
        are charging interest on loans they made to third world countries.
        This seems like a lame argument because the IMF and World Bank
        are making LOANS not DONATIONS.  Are the protestors all stupid
        or are there logical reasons why the IMF and World Bank are bad?
        The news doesn't seem to present both sides of the story and I
        would like to hear a rational argument from the protestors point
        of view before forming an opinion.  Thanks. -emin
        \_ many people are protesting because the money goes to corporations
           and adds to environmental problems and does not help the poor and
           leaves the countries at the beck and call of the IMF/World Bank
           until the loans are repaid, which in the case of very poor nations
           is basically forever.
        \_ How many of those 'loans' do you see being paid back?  Many of
           the developign countries are defaulting or threatening to default
           on their loans.  Hence the desire to lower interest rates.   And,
           of course, a loan at below-market interest rates is essentially
           a form of foreign aid.
           \_ I love shotgun compassion.  "Give us your money or we will put
              you to jail, so we can give it to random corrupt governments
              elsewhere as foreign aid."
        \_ Three words: Impossible Mission Force
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