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2000/4/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:17993 Activity:kinda low
4/12    Does anyone remember the line that means "a victory won at a great
        cost."?  I just remember it being something like "A blah victory."
        where blah refers to some Roman king or general?
        \_ pyrrhic
        \_ are you trying to write a motivational speech?
                \- king pyrrhus was an enemy of rome in the campaigns to
                unify italy in the 3rd cent BC. he defeated the romans but
                lost third of his troops to do so and said something along
                the lines of not being able to afford another victory like
                that. this conflict is of interest because of the different
                orgaizational models of the roman and opposing forces.
                anyway, from the famous quote came the term "pyrrhic
                victory" ... not to be confused with a "parthian shot".
                See Pyrrhus, from Plutarch's Lives.
                                        --senate and the partha of rome
2000/4/13-14 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17994 Activity:nil
4/12    How do I use PGP with pine?
        \_ use the mutt front-end to pine.
2000/4/13 [Uncategorized] UID:17995 Activity:high
4/12    Who is best looking woman  on soda ?
        \_ obYerMom
        \_ tmonroe
        \_ dpassage
        \_ babe
        \_ "- Have you ever been mistaken for a man?
            - No, have you?"
                \_ Asian?
        \_ ~sky/public_html/images/yy{2,7}.JPG
        \_ ~fonger/public_html/fds0005.gif
        \_ http://www.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU/~willwong/pics/gallery.html
           Take yer pick.
        \_ <DEAD>localhost/~jean<DEAD>
           \_ Are you nuts?  She has been tainted by the touch of kchang.
           \_ "But my biggest idol is TOTORO!"
2000/4/13-14 [Computer/SW/Mail, Recreation/Woodworking] UID:17996 Activity:nil
4/12    Is Pine capable of using X.509 certificates to encrypt and sign email?
        A URL would be great, but these long motd threads are entertaining too.
        \_ Use PGP with pine.  But of course that's hard, so see above.
2000/4/13-14 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:17997 Activity:nil
4/12    Anyone have any pointers to how to get Java 1.2 in both IE and
2000/4/13 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:17998 Activity:kinda low
4/12    To the person who was asking about California tax law regarding
        capital gains: "California does not conform to the federal
        reduced capital gains tax rates. California taxes capital gains
        at the same rate as other types of income." From CA 540 Sched D.
        Of course, information from the motd is worth what you pay for it.
        \_ I see.  Thanks a bunch!
2000/4/13-14 [Reference/Celebration] UID:17999 Activity:nil 66%like:16860 66%like:16967 66%like:16973 66%like:17007 66%like:19331
4/12    Happy Birthday rollee!
2000/4/13-16 [Consumer/Camera] UID:18000 Activity:high
4/12    What's people's comments and opinions about APS camera?  Is this
        format going to stay and how does it compare with 35mm?  I am
        considering buying an APS SLR camera vs. an SLR with auto. focus.
        (like a N70 vs. a Pronea 6i)  Any informative URL is also
        \_ philg has an opinionated review of APS here:
        \_ I don't have either of the ones you mentioned, but I do have
           a Fuji APS camera with auto focus and zoom. I got it at Target
           for less than $100. My father (a photography enthuisast, owns
           several Roli-flex cameras) tells me that it is not as good as
           35mm, but I can't tell the difference. Also its a lot simpler
           to use. I just pop in the cartridge and turn it on. And if
           you get one of the newer models, you can switch between
           partially exposed rolls of film.
           \_ If loading 35mm film is still 'hard' after the first few
              rolls, you're probably someone who still uses Velcro shoes,
              'cause you never could get the hang of that tying-thing . . .
                \_ No I wear sandals. No laces, no velcros, no socks.
                   I prefer to keep things simple and straight-forward.
                   Loading was a big reason I disliked cameras, but with
                   the APS, I actually have finished a roll of film. It
                   took two years, but I still finished all 24 shots.
        \_ I use APS for my UW photography.  For recreational use, it is
           probably fine, though many find the Panoramic setting to result
           in grainy images.  It definitely has limitations, and it's
           slightly more expensive to shoot/develope, is much harder to
           get decent 1hr service for, and outside of the USA is virtually
           unseen (a big problem for me).  -jor,
           \_ "outside of the USA" is a big place: if you're talking about
              the third world, sure, but here in Germany the section for
              APS cameras and film is almost as large as the 35mm section
              in most stores.  In other places in Europe where I've had the
              occasion to notice (Belgium, Spain, the UK), the situation
              seemed similar.   -- kahogan
                \_ Even when I was in China, I was able to buy APS film.  I
                        didn't try to get it developed there, though.
              \_ My mom took my APS camera to India and she had no
                 problems getting it developed. They took 3 days though,
                 and she was in Banglore. Its pretty much the same in
                 most large cities (Madras, Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi) in
                 India. ----ranga
           \_ You are of course correct.  There is no APS presence in the
              Caribbean where I go to dive.  No results till I return. -jor
        \_ isn't the problem with APS is it is both a pain in the butt and
           expensive to get the film developed?
           \_ APS is much simpler to use than 35mm. The development takes
              about a day and the cost is 1 to 2 dollars more. IMHO, the
              extra few bucks and time is worth it for the simplicity.
              AFAIK, APS isn't targeted at the professional market, its
              targeted at the oridinary fool market, where simplicity
              is a big selling point.
                \_ uh, simplicity is a function of the camera, not the film
                   type.  how is a point-and-shoot APS camera simpler than
                   a point-and-shoot 35mm camera?  APS will die for the same
                   reason the Disc did; the quality sucks and it's not really
                   any easier to use.  -tom
                        \_ Film loading. Loading a 35mm film camera is
                           much harder than an APS camera. You need to
                           position the film just right, etc. Also, say
                           you have two different speed film, one for
                           outdoors and one for indoors. Try switching
                           between them while both are partially exposed.
                           Not possible in most 35mm cameras. In APS
                           no problem.
                           no problem. Also APS means no raw negatives
                           to deal with. You just save the film canister
                           and when you want to develop a partiuclar
                           you just look at the handy index print and
                           give the developer the number of the picture.
                           I disagree about the quality. It is almost as
                           good as 35mm that most people can't tell the
                           difference. I would pick simplicity over
                           marginally better quality most of the time.
                           \_ wow, you really are incompetent aren't you?
                        \_ so you have a Disc?  -tom
                           (the quality of APS is more than marginally worse).
        \_ If you buy an APS camera, get one of those cute super-petite
           models, 'cause chicks dig 'em.
                \_ I don't know if you are joking, but I have had random
                   chicks approach me when I was taking pictures with
                   my ELPH camera.
        \_ It's much easier to find 35mm SLR with inerchangable lens than
           APS SLR, but since you're getting Nikon, this is not a problem for
           adapter.  Scans from APS film are natually more grainly than those
           you.  (BTW, I have N70 and FM2.)  I think APS film scanner costs
           more than 35mm ones too.  Mine (Minolta Dimage Scan Dual) costed
           ~$350 and scans 35mm, but it won't scan APS unless I buy a ~$100
           adapter.  Scans from APS film are natually more grainy than those
           from the same type of 35mm film simply because the film area is
           smaller.   -- yuen
                \- IMHO: if youa re serious about photography, get the SLR.
                If you are not serious, get a digital in your price range.
                Unless you are really into those panoramic shots I dont see
                any reason to get an APS these days. --psb
2000/4/13-16 [Consumer/Camera] UID:18001 Activity:nil
4/12    Is it a good idea to purchase a factory refurbished camera?
        I am thinking of a Nikon Pronea 6i.  It seems only refurbished
                                 \_ pr0n?
        model still exists with reasonable price.  ($200).
        \_ wow. they really make a camera just for shooting porn.
2000/4/13-14 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:18002 Activity:insanely high
        PhD Grad school rankings by US News.
        \_ that list is laughable.
        \_      Grad students slave,
                Workers rake,
                Professors drool,
                When IPO rules,
                Academia is shit,
                Industry is the best.
                        \_ Spoken like someone who doesn't know how many
                           Cal professors have cashed in on IPO's - ask
                           Prof Brewer about his half billion $ of Inktomi
                           stock, or the professors who founded Cadence,
                           Ingres, Illustra, etc. how much they made while
                           still teaching.
                           \_ if you call what Brewer did teaching.  Talk
                              some of his students who were in 169 when inktomi
                              was about to go public.  The man didn't bother
                              to show up to teach half the time.  And I don't
                              came how much inktomi was oging to be worth,
                              an attitude like that is just unprofessional.
                              \_ spoken like someone in academia. Get this
                                 right. It's not how much you know or how
                                 prestigeous you are with XYZ academic
                                 publication. It's all about money. Everything
                                 in this world is all about money. Money =
                                 pretty girl, nice car, big house, and
                                 everything you can imagine for. All that
                                 academic talk is CRAP.
                                 \_ epsilon semimoron.
                                 \_ I had prettier girls when I had less money
                                 \_ Hi paolo!
                                 \_ Nah! What's important is good health!
                                 \_ Would you rather be Bill Joy or Bill Gates?

        \_ basic and simple question: Can anyone out there take university
           research, make into a product and make money out of it?
           \_ There was an agreement between my prof and the university
              that he could take his lab's research (two product names
              in particular) and make money off it, no strings attached.
           \_ Depends on the University & the field - at UCB, the University
              makes lots of money licensing patents to industry, but
              traditionally has let anyone use UCB software for free (see BSD).
        \_ Is there a ranking for Master's programs instead of PhD's?
2000/4/13-14 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18003 Activity:very high
4/13    I have an SGI Indy that someone gave to me.  Is there a way (like
        in Linux) to boot up in single user mode and change the root
                \_ You probably mean "RedHat Linux". Sane distributions like
                   Debian will not just give you a free root shell when you
                   boot to single user mode.
                   \_ if you can pass the kernel the "single" parameter,
                      you ought to be able to pass it "init=/bin/sh"
                      \_ are you talking about a buffer overrun exploit here?
        password?  If not, how in the world do you install a new OS?
        There's no floppy drive and no CDROM drive.  The only thing that
        exists is a NIC but I thought you at least need a boot floppy for
        an FTP/NFS install. The machine has IRIX 6.4 btw.
        \_ No... if i remember correctly.. you don't need a boot floppy
           the hardware has a built in booter for doing nfs/ftp installs
           or you can get a cdrom for it :)  or i could be wrong..but i
           remember doing clean installs on boxes with no cdrom/floppy
        \_ Are you talking about changing the prom password?  It is
           possible to boot a miniroot and change the OS password.  You
           will need a cdrom or a network connection with a SGI (the
           cdroms, I believe, are in EFS format)
2000/4/13-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/TJB] UID:18004 Activity:high
4/13    Playboy has a familiar Miss May 2000 if you followed the TJB
        escapades. I don't know how I feel about Cal students in that
        rag, though. They're all supposed to be farmer's daughters or
        something. --dim (I read it for the articles, of course)
        \_ What's the TJB connection (for those of us who don't know)?
           \_ This chick hit on him and he turned her down. Which he was
              bragging about very publicly on ucb.class.cs61*
              [yes, actually happenned]
        \_ Exactly which model on the site are you referring to?  Thx.
        \_ Are all playmates required to have sex with Hugh Hefner?
        \_ Ahh yes, why I was an English Major. -=Aubie
        \_ She's also a UCB _dropout_, not student.
2000/4/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:18005 Activity:nil
4/13    Troll deleted.  Search the web or something if you really want to know
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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