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2000/4/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:17963 Activity:high
4/10    Any links or information on identity of the evans jumper?
        \_ yeah, here's a picture of him a couple of months ago:
           \_ Thanks!
        \_ Evans jumper?
          \_ which word do you not understand?
             \_ It's the combination.  There was a jumper off Evans?
2000/4/11-12 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17964 Activity:low
4/10    Yes, this question was probably asked before: In emacs or using
        a unix command, how do you quickly convert those ^M when you
        copy things from WinNT/Win95 to Unix.
        \_ tr -d \015
        \_ replace-string, ^Q, ^M
        \_ If you have it on your system, dos2unix
        \_ 1) don't use windows
           2) use ascii mode when ftp'ing files
2000/4/11-12 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:17965 Activity:low
4/10    Why is ssh2 better than ssh1?  Aside from sftp.  I'd like a pointer
        to technical reasons why ssh2 has improved security.
        (Yes, I already spent some time looking.) --PeterM
        \_ well, the ssh2 protocol was written more from the ground up
           rather than as modifications to a hack to a neat idea. --jon
           \_ I can see in general how rewriting the code would improve it,
              but what particular attacks are now harder/impossible? --PeterM
        \_ pure marketting + revenue
2000/4/11-12 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:17966 Activity:nil
4/10    Anyone try play by mail games?  (not email)  If so, what game and
        what was your experience with it?
        \_ Yes.  A bunch of games.  Generally not worth the price.
           There are cheaper/free games available by email with the
           same quality.  But if you've got cash to space . . .
           - seidl
        \_  Some years ago I did, but then the internet came along and the
          online games were sooo much better.  -ERic
                \_ online realtime?  Or online, batch mode type of game?
                        \_ they were all batch mode.  A conquer teh galaxy
                        game called 'Capital', and a rather amusing
                        run-your-own-street-gang game I dont remember much
                        about.   At the time I had a friend who was playing
                        a interesting gladiatorial combat game called ...
                        "Gladiators" That looked like a lot of fun too. -ERic
                \_ Any galaxy/conquer the galaxy with military, or
                   diplomatic means type of online games?
                    \_ STARS!
        \_ There was an interesting mail game called Duelmaster in which you
           train a gladiator in a particular weapon style.  It had very
           involved combat mechanics, which is why I liked it.  I never played
           it (too slow for my tastes), but I am hoping someone will write a
           computer game with combat mechanics of a similar sophistication.
           -- ilyas
                \_ N33D I 54Y MOR3? - the stars "tell ussss"
           \_ You didn't play it, but you liked it?
              \_ I liked the mechanics because they were well thought out.
                 I probably wouldn't have liked the game itself because they
                 charge for it, and because I wouldn't have wanted to wait
                 for God knows how long for the next move to arrive. -- ilyas
                                        intelligent emergent behaviorsss _/
2000/4/11-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:17967 Activity:very high 50%like:17786
4/10    Clean up /csua/tmp please:
        \_ Do you mean clean it up, clean it up, or, *ahem* clean it up?
           \_ I meant remove your crap^H^H^H^HI mean delete large files so that
              it isn't full anymore.
        127215760 aaron Mar 28 01:50 scat_comp_1.mpg
        \_ This shit (no pun intended) is nasty
          \_ I'm a doamfuck!
        52124643 chucky Nov 15 00:50 q3DemoTEST.exe
        \_ aaron likes asian chic
                \_ don't all ucb white guys like asian chicks?
                    \_ don't all straight ucb guys like asian chicks?
                        \_ I prefer Indian chix myself - asian guy
                           \_ Since when is India not in Asia?
                      \_ someone beat me to the extra adjective -aspo
        50985272 yulius Feb 24 12:15 x620wnt.exe
        26064748 aubie  Jan 28  1999
        26031487 marc   Mar 11  1999
2000/4/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:17968 Activity:low
4/10    Does Berkeley have license to use OED?  What is the special URL?
        \_ 1F NE1 G0T TH3 COD3Z, MA1L ME PLZ TNX
2000/4/11-12 [Transportation/Car] UID:17969 Activity:very high
4/11    for those of you ex casa-zers
        \_ Technology, for all of its marvelous developments, has yet
           to come up with a protocol for sending smell-over-http.  -John
           \_ not to mention scabies
                \_ gonoherpesyphilaids.
           \_ There is however, this company that is building this product
              to add smell to video games, such that when you play a
              car racing game, you will smell burning rubber.  I think
              it's going to have like 100+ different fragrances.  It
              may have to pass some health safety organzitions' scrutiny,
              I am thinking.
              \_ What? Are they reconsidering the Japanese subway-car smell?
                \_ How are they going to simulate the groping of teenage
                   schoolgirls while on the subway?
2000/4/11-12 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Finance/Investment] UID:17970 Activity:moderate
4/10    Do any of you know any way (even 133+ registry h4kz) to get
        Win98 Second Edition to alphabetize the fucking folders in the
        start menu?  I can see how to change the order of the individual
        sub-menus, but not the overall one.  --sowings
        \_ Do you mean the first menu that opens after pressing the Start
           button, or the Programs menu?
        \_ I don't think you can change the first menu (the one with Shutdown
           and Run...), but all menus after that are alphabetizable like all
           other submenus.
           \_ No, they don't, and that's the problem.  Note that I said
              Second Edition; it behaves differently.  --sowings
              \_ My OEM 98 SE copy works correctly.  You're right-clicking and
                 dragging right?
              \_ I have 98SE. Right clicking and selecting "Sort By Name"
                 does the trick. Yes, this is on the first menu from Programs.
2000/4/11-12 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Tax] UID:17971 Activity:moderate
4/11    Does California tax long-term at a lower rate than short-term capital
        gains with like the federal does?  I just filled out Form 540
        but it taxed all my capital gains as ordinary income.  Thanks.
        \_ Yeah, unfortunately that is the case when I did my taxes with
           TurboTax. :( Owed a LOT of money in Federal for cashing out an
           ESPP stock, got hit by FTB again as ordinary income. :(
        \_ You did your taxes wrong then. Long-term (stock held for more
           than one year) gains are taxed at 20%. Short-term gains are taxed
           at your income rate (probably 31 or 36%).
                \_ Max CA state income tax rate is ~9%.  You're confusing
                   state & feds.
           \_ That's what the federal tax return does, but I can't find where
              the California tax return separates long-term gains from
              short-term gains and ordinary income.
2000/4/11-12 [Computer/HW/Languages] UID:17972 Activity:high
4/11    What's a good book for Verilog (kind of like the Larry Wall for
        Perl or K&R for C type book)?
        \_ the one that's red. -ali.
                \_ ali is the next generation tom. fuckin-know-it-all,
                   gives completely fuckin' useless answers. fuck off.
                   \_ I agree. That was about the most useless response
                         I had ever seen before. --original poster
                                \_ that's nothing!  ali took a notepad
                                   and pencils from the office once.
                   \_ yer just a playah hatah
                   \_ guess how i'd reply to "who is the biggest dipshit
                      lacking the most sense of humor?" on the motd. -ali
                        \_ yer mom is red, and haha, that is funny!!!!!!!!!!!
                   \_ Nobody likes a little shit who just bitches about
                      other people's answers and doesn't provide his own.
                      And then doesn't sign his name.
        \_ depends on what you want to do with the language.  if you
           want to write synthesizable code, synopsys used to publish
           a verilog tutorial that's pretty good.  of course, this was
           like 12 years ago, and synopsys may not publish that document
           anymore.  don't know what's the book to read for doing verilog
           dv stuff.
2000/4/11-12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:17973 Activity:moderate
4/11    If I add in mod_perl, is there anything extra I have to do on the
        hundreds of *.cgi's files that I created?
        \_ Yes.  There is a guide with the mod_perl documentation that
           tells you what to do.  Mod_perl is MUCH pickier than most Perl
           programmers. That is to say, your scripts may require a lot of
           reworking. --sowings
           \_ I think the most common catch'em (for me) is that my CGIs
              operated on the assumption that variables == 0 or empty string.
              Alas, when run under mod_perl, variables tend to have the value
              from the last time they ran (can't depend on this though),
              so you need to make sure you always reinitialize things.
              \_ 1) Good thing you don't write in C (or perhaps you don't
                    write your C this way).
                 2) This is because mod_perl caches scripts.  If the script
                    hasn't changed on disk, the server doesn't have to
                    recompile it.  This is what buys you performance.
                \_ If you put #!/usr/bin/perl -w at the top and
                   "use strict;" in the code, you'll get a good idea of
                   the changes you need to make.  -tom
2000/4/11-13 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:17974 Activity:nil
4/11     When I dialup from home, I use screen in my shell so that if I
         get disconnected, I can dial back in and reconnect my screen and
         thus not loose any work. Is there something similar I can do with
         my X apps also? (xterms, emacs, etc). I suppose I can run vnc on
         my workstation at school, but vnc is slow and not secure.
         \_ YOu can vnc over ssh.
            \_ Doesn't ssh break the connection when you hang up?
         \_ w/ static IPs, use ssh w/o keepalives, and ssh/X will persist
            short interruptions or long ones if all is idle.
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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