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2000/4/3 [Reference/Tax] UID:17912 Activity:high
4/3     Non student tax poll:
        Federal, refund > $4,000        1
        Federal, refund > $1000
        Federal, refund (200, 1000)
        Federal, (-200, 200)
        Federal, owe (-200, -1000)
           \_ fed, ~ -400, state, -200...fucking taxes...
        Federal, owe > $1000
           \_ fed $2800, state $1300
           \_ Total tax bill federal 1999 > 150K, I can't believe that you
              have to pay a tax on the different between the fair market
              value of your options and your option price. The capital
              gains/AMT is really limiting my income potential. It needs
              to be repealed. How do we go about doing this, kill Bill?
                \_ Stop voting for leftists.
              \_ NQ options and ISO options are treated differently with
                 regards to taxes.  Do most of you with options have NQ
              \_ (Assuming this is not a troll...) Why?  The difference between
                 the FMV and the option price *is* income.  The company eats it
                 by giving you the option to buy at that price.  How is this any
                 different than handing you a check for the same amount?
2000/4/3 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/HW] UID:17913 Activity:high
4/2     Is there a program that will continually monitor when a file gets
        appended to and display it to stdout (like a security log monitor)?
        \_ simple way might be to use: tail -f FILENAME
           \_ might be?  That's _the_ way.  How much easier can it get?  No
              bullshit, no coding, no side effects, included in every *nix.
              Even Linux has it.
2000/4/3 [Uncategorized] UID:17914 Activity:nil
4/3     MSFT down 14% today.  Yeah!
2000/4/3 [Science/Electric, Computer/Theory] UID:17915 Activity:nil
4/3     Why doesn't CAL and/or CSUA participate in Robot Wars?
        \_ Define Robot Wars. IEEE supports MicroMouse. Don't know much
           about it myself but it might be along the same lines.
2000/4/3 [Uncategorized] UID:17916 Activity:nil
4/4     Where do you want to go today? Apparently not up.
        \_ To get smashed by the court for my past criminal activity because
           I'm bull headed and stupid and will eventually pay the piper.  I'm
           too dumb to understand that you can't burn the government twice.
2000/4/3 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17917 Activity:nil
4/3     Will NFS and NIS/NIS+ clients work fine from behind a router running
        NAT software? Did anyone try this before? -akopps
        \_ If the machines involved are all behind the NAT router, sure.
           If the NFS server is outside the firewall, not normally.  They'll
           all look like the gateway machine to the outside server; if you
           want all your NAT-protected machines to have identical access,
           you could grant it to the gateway and that might work.  NIS
           is probably no problem, NIS+ probably won't work (it wants to
           match a hostname to a DES key, which it won't be able to do for
           your NAT hosts).  -tom
        \_ nfs, nis with clients and servers on opposite sides of the nat box,
           yes.  As tom says, you need to grant nfs access to the nat box to
           grant any access to the nat clients.  NIS works again, so long at
           the one nat box is able to access NIS.  nis+ hasnt worked yet.
           having a nis+ replica server with/without nis compatibility mode
           on or behind the nat box may give you want you want.  Lemme guess,
           this is for the ocf? --jon
           \_ Yes this is for OCF, we are considering various options for
              the new lab. I think if we run our NIS+ servers multihomed
              with one interface connected to internal network and another
              to internet this could work. I still think this fancy setup is
              not worth the hassle. Lets hope we get enough money for campus
              connections for all of our hosts. -akopps
                \_ Sell them all and buy one big box.
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