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2000/4/1-3 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:17903 Activity:nil
4/1    DHCP for bsd.  where are docs?
       \_ man dhclient (at least on FreeBSD 4.0) --dbushong
2000/4/1-3 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/HW, Computer/SW/OS] UID:17904 Activity:low
4/1 "Some users unaccustomed to concentrated thought may
       experience side effects such as headaches, dizziness or flashes of
       brilliance. These will quickly pass."
       \_ Google rules (at least for 90% of the searches i do)
       \_ Hey, when i tried to use MentalPlex it gave me an error:
          Error 001: Weak or no signal detected. Upgrade transmitter and retry.
                \_ dumbass...
2000/4/1-3 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:17905 Activity:moderate
3/31   I'm sick and tired of people claiming: "only merit should
       matter", without defining merit. Does merit mean IQ? Or does it
       mean "number of publications", or "number of hours worked gratis
       for the SPCA", or perhaps "GPA+SAT+GRE+ACT/23skidoo"??? What a
       bunch of rich fucking whiners. Live in a projects area for a
       while, then come back and talk to me about merit.
        \_ Just because *you* have trouble defining it doesn't mean others do.
           Merit is your worth to the job, school, whatever.  It's what you
           contribute and "bring to the table".  Some black junky whore brings
           nothing.  She had it tough as a kid?  So what?  Life is tough all
           over.  Life is unfair.  Trying to force "fairness" into life only
           makes it unfair for those more fit.  Those who have merit suffer
           while losers advance for no reason other than to make certain
           powerful figures on the left feel good.  The same powerful figures
           who are unharmed by their ill conceived and poorly executed
           policies of arbitrary unfairness.
                \_ By your definition, it should be able to buy Merit with
                   Money. Since Money brings a lot to the table, people
                   with Money should have a lot of Merit. NOTE: I think
                   that some amount of Merit should be purchasable with
                   Money. If you have Money you should be able to buy
                   a undergrad and possibly a graduate degree (including
                   PHD) at a reputable school. What's the point of having
                   Money if you can't use it to buy the things that you
                   \_ Hello?  Context?  Sure, if you work for a company and
                      _you_pay_them_ to work there then I guess you're bringing
                      quite a bit to the table.  Uhm, yeah, whatever.  This is
                      an incredibly stupid straw man argument.  No.  That is
                      *not* my definition of merit.  I want my VC to have cash,
                      I want my company to pay me cash, but I don't expect my
                      employees to pay me to work at my company, nor my
                      students to pay me for a grade.  Get real.  I said
                      *nothing* like that and you know it.
                   \_ Money is one thing you can bring to the table, so in
                      places where money is important, having money equals
                      having merit.  But you cannot buy ability with money,
                      and people care about ability, not degrees.  So even
                      if you buy a good looking degree, which is certainly
                      possible, you will not fool anyone in the workplace
                      for long unless you have something to back that degree
                      \_ Hey, I think people should be able to buy whatever
                         they want with their money (including an
                         educational degree). --Stanford MSEECS student.
                         \_ Who gets the cash though?  If I can get a cut,
                            I'd have no problem with it.
        \_ Merit at a company is how well you contribute.  Merit in school
           is how well you know your subject.  Merit is NOT the colour of
           your skin, or the past history of your ethnic group.
        \_ what index do they accept at EECS these days?  Does a 4.0+
           GPA count for more than 4000 points?
           \_ No. And if you want to get into EECS, the 500 to 700
              extra points you have shouldn't matter since your SAT I&II
              + your 4000 GPA will put your over the 7700 mark. Also
              4.0 in HS means jack at Cal since almost everyone was
              4.0 in HS.
                \_ I was 3.34 in HS!   -blojo
                        \_ That explains a lot.
                   \_ man, jon, being a slacker was cool in the eighties,
                      maybe, or whenever it was Judd Nelson was cool. In
                      this day and age, cool = college superstar. get with
                      it, you aging hipster. -ali
                   \_ well, at least some of us look better than
                      these college superstars...
                        \_ "college superstar" = big fish, small bowl,
                           no car, noodle ramen diet.  -John
              \_ what are you talking about? 500 - 700 extra points? 4.0+ GPA?
                 they removed GPA weighting over 2 years ago.
        \_ merit is growing up with a silver spoon up your ass, having
           your mommie and daddie get you into good schools and giving
           you your high-achieving psychie so that you can earn their
           love. then you get to bitch about merit to kids that don't
           get the same as you did, but somehow should have done just
           as well as you even though they have to dodge bullets, drugs,
           and gangs.
           \_ Waaaah!  This troll brought to you by silver spoon silly boy on
              the motd.
        \_ Losers.  Stop bitching and go get some fucking work done.
        \_ hey, the man's got a point.
2000/4/1-3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:17906 Activity:nil
3/31    if Object o = new int[] { 1, 2, 3 };
        then how do i cast it back to a Java array and traverse it? Thanks!
        \_ int[] a = (int[]) o;
           Reflection is cool, but you don't need it for this.
           \_what is reflection?
        \_ Sun realizing you can't, added java.lang.reflect.Array
           java.lang.reflect.Array.get(o, i);
           but you still have to strip the wrapper for primitives, duh...
2000/4/1-3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:17907 Activity:high
3/31    how can i tell whether a Java object is an array?
        ie applet.getClass().toString() -> java.applet.Applet
        (new int[] { 1, 2, 3 }).getClass() -> ?
        \_ Arrays aren't objects, they are primitive types.  Your question
           betrays a serious lack of understanding of what an object is, and
           an array is.  I hope you haven't graduated.
           \_ Your reply betrays a serious lack of experience programming
              in Java,  Java isn't my first choice, but that's like one
              of the first principles you learn coding in it.
           \_ "Java arrays are objects" -- the opening words of Chapter 10,
              Arrays, in the Java Language Spec.
           \_ nevertheless, you can do:
                1) (new int[] { 1, 2, 3 }).getClass()
                2) Object o = (new int[] { 1, 2, 3 })
                3) BUT NOT Object o = 1
              so its not an object... ??? :p
              go read:
              and you'll see the reason for the question.
              its a big kludge by Sun
           \_ array.getClass().isArray() -> true
              hope you haven't graduated either ;p
                \_ the String class supports '+' and '+='
                   \_ that's just syntatic sugar,
                      but object vs primitive in Java is a Real Big Mess(TM)
                        \_ "Java=C++--" - Bill Joy
                        \_ GO Smalltalk!!! -purist
                        \_ PERL 5.6!!!
                           \_ ED! ED is the Standard Language!
                                \_ so how can you tell if an ED! object is
                                   an array?
                                   \_ Its all just memory anyway, just toggle
                                      the right bits in RAM. How hard is that?
                                      (Not hard at all, if you have ED fu!)
                                        \_ It's easy in PERL.
                                           \_ This thread looks similar to
                                              Bresenham's algorithm.
                                                \_ I wrote that in PERL with
                                                   ED once, just for kicks.
                                                   \_ NO, WINDOWS. WINDOWS IS
                                                      THE STANDARD EVERYTHING.
                                                      \_ Microsoft invented
                                                         the Internet.
                                                         \_ I heard that BG
                                                            wrote PERL with an
                                                            early version of
                                                            \_ cool.
                                                   \_ NO, MAC OS X WILL SQUASH
                                                      WINDOZE SOON.  LONG
                                                      LIVE APPLE-NeXT
                                                      \_ NO, WINDOWS. WINDOWS
                                                         EATS EVERYTHING FOR
                                                         BREAKFAST. IT IS THE
                                                         SOLUTION TO ALL YOUR
                                                         PROBLEMS. NEED AN
                                                         ABORTION? WINDOWS
                                                         WILL TAKE CARE OF IT.
                                                         NEED TO HAVE YOUR CAR
                                                         FIXED. WINDOWS WILL
                                                         TAKE CARE OF IT. BILL
                                                         GATES IS MY GOD.
                                                      \_ NEGATIVE...THE
                                                         NEW HYBRID OF UNIX
                                                         AND THE MAC OS WILL
                                                         TURN THE TIDE IN
                                                         IN THE MAC/PC WARS
                                                         FOR YEARS TO COME.
                                                         MACS WILL NO LONGER
                                                         JUST LOOK GOOD...
                                                         THEY WILL ESTABLISH
                                                         A NEW PARADIGM IN
                                                         PERSONAL COMPUTING.
                                                         STEVE JOBS, THE
                                                         "REALITY DISTORTION
                                                         FIELD MAN" IS THE
                                                         TRUE MESSIAH WHO
                                                         WILL RESTORE
                                                         BALANCE TO THE
                                                         FORCE.  REMEMBER:
                                                         THERE CAN ONLY
                                                         BE ONE.
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