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2000/3/31 [Uncategorized] UID:17896 Activity:nil
3/30    Karma day will not be televised.
2000/3/31 [Computer/SW] UID:17897 Activity:nil
3/30    EE question: can somebody tell me (or point me to a web site) that
        explains what "isolation" and "insertion loss" mean?  These things
        are usually measured in dBs.  Not sure what the numbers mean.  Is
        smaller dBs for both of them the better? Thanks.
        \_ Yes, someone can tell you or point you to a web site.
2000/3/31 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:17898 Activity:high
3/30    Is it possible to have multiple network interfaces for the PC?
        On UNIX I can just do /etc/hostname.XXX, but how about PC?
        \_ In Linux/*BSD/Solaris on a PC you can have multiple network
           interfaces, but probably not under Lose[95,98,NT,00].
                \_ how do I do that on Linux?
                   \_ Multiple ethernet cards:
                        ifconfig eth0 ...
                        ifconfig eth1 ...
                      Multiple addresses on one card:
                        ifconfig eth0 ...
                        ifconfig eth0:0 ...
                        ifconfig eth0:1 ...
        \_ You can have as many NICs in your PC as your motherboard will
           allow. "/etc/hostname.XXX", AFAIK, is a solaris thing per se
           and has nothing to do with sparcs or PCs.
        \_ you can do it under NT and 2k as well.
                \_ how do you do it in NT?
2000/3/31 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:17899 Activity:very high
3/30    What did you think about the KQED/PBS documentary on the Netscape
        Mozilla team (Code Rush?)  How popular is Mozilla these days?
        \_ it really sucks (Netscrap. I use IE now.)
        \_ Bugzilla gets some use, and all the AOLers are on Netscape now/soon.
        \_ so what's the most popular browser on Linux right now?
                \_ Linux IE the new distro is out at
                \_ Linux IE v4.0 the new distro is out at
                   \_ Woah! That's the most fucking bad ass browser I've
                      every used in my life. Too bad the site's down now.
2000/3/31 [Recreation/Sports] UID:17900 Activity:nil
3/30    For your enjoyment:  soccer moms and statistics:,2107,500187250-500250722-501265428-0,00.html
2000/3/31 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17901 Activity:high
3/30    How do I copy symbolic link (preserve) when I do "cp -r", without
        using tar?
        \_ On FreeBSD, use "cp -R".  On Linux, use "cp -a".  On Solaris,
           you just lose -- tar is the best you can do.
2000/3/31 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics] UID:17902 Activity:nil
3/30    "Whether or not AA is good is independant of the fact that Equal
        Opportunity statements are contradictory to AA.  Does anyone have
        a response to this abuse of language issue?".  First, let's take a
        specific, known institution:  UC.  See and  Current UC AA is
        much different than older AA.  Older AA set quotas, less older AA
        used race/gender as a factor in addition to merit, more recent AA
        had race-limited outreach, and current AA lacks quotas, the race
        factor, and race-limited outreach, but does two things:  Promote
        an atmosphere of "equal opportunity", and maintain non-race-based
        outreach programs.  The atmosphere is created by things like:  (1)
        Appending a phrase, like "[All] Qualified applicants are
        encouraged to apply[, including women and minorities]", (2) Making
        sure the job has been publicized through women and minority
        channels in addition to the traditional ones (which may be
        accessible mainly to non-minority groups), (3) Having literature
        that says there is no discrimination (the non-discrimination
        clause in the 1st paragraph of the first URL).  The outreach
        programs used to be race-based, but because of Prop 209 should
        have been opened to all ethnic groups.  This is AA as UC currently
        implements it.  UC has no contradiction in its non-discrimination
        and AA statements.  Unfortunately I'm not sure what the nationwide
        breakdown is on AA implementation; quotas are definitely out,
        factors are discouraged to some extent, and I think race-based
        outreach is what most institutions do these days.!
        shows what the federal government thinks current AA for the
        construction industry should be like; notice how similar it is to
        UC AA.
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