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2000/3/29 [Uncategorized] UID:17874 Activity:kinda low
3/28    what is the collective monetary valuation of sodans?
        if we got everybody together and someone set off a
        homemade explosive packed with small nails and glass
        shrapnel, would the world miss much?
        \_ Just counting those with soda accounts and inktomi options should
                produce a number in the many millions of dollars range.
        \_ Yeah, uhm, sure, whatever.  Like the people on soda are driving the
           Bay Area economy.
2000/3/29 [Uncategorized] UID:17875 Activity:low
3/28    When there is a "-nick" posting on motd, is that nweaver or nickkral?
        \_ yes.
        \_ or maybe it's nick...
        \_ No.
        \_ Nick Kralevich, the deadbeat engineering buddy who never
            showed up.....thanks for the memories nick, old chap.
        \_ ORRR, it could be nick, as in login name "nick" -nick
2000/3/29-30 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:17876 Activity:high
3/28    Anyone hear anything or have any experience with the Inspiron 5000?
        I've had good experience with the 7000/7500 but I need some econo-
        \_ My intel fellowship gave me a latitude cpiR. Definitely Buick.
           Previously had toshiba, then IBM. -nick
        \_ how are the 7000/7500?  I was considering the 5000 as a
           cheaper and lighter alternative to the 7500, but decided
           against buying something I couldn't look at first.  -rollee
           \_ excellent battery life, screen, works with linux (mandrake, too)
              good as both presentation and developer PC.  i used to think
              only thinkpads were all that but the 7000/7500 is a good line.
              get it with dvd to impress your friends.  10 lbs.
              someone just told me the 5000's have a reputation for poor
              battery life.  i look at the dell catalog and it's 79 W Hr
              standard battery for the 7500, 52 W Hr for the 5000, and it's
              a good estimate to say 5000's and 7500's suck power equally.
        \_ i had a dell 3000 and now a sony viao 505sx.  it's been like
           switching from a buick to a porsche. great w/ linux...
           small battery lasts 3 hrs, big one lasts 6 and the thing still
           weighs less than any dell.
        \_ I carried around my friends's dell and found it to be way too heavy
           it was about 5.5 lbs which was the lightest I've seen of the
           reasonable dells.  the nice thing about dells is that they have
           antialiasing for the lcd so that different resolutions fill us the
           whole screen.  also trackpt + touchpad is nice too.  They also have
           a decent video chip.  but they're heavy.  I went with a n505ve
           vaio myself.  (installing linux/fbsd was as easy as copying a
           cd to the fat partition and installing from fat).
        \_ G3 400 mhz powerbook...'nuff said.  Who's your daddy?
                \_ G3 400 MHz Pismo. In the words of CartMan: "Kick Assss!"
        \_ do you want light/portable or do you want high performance?  You
           can't beat the vaio on price/portable and the other end you
           is like mac/whatever
        \_ the VAIO is too delicate.  At least if a G3's in the backpack
           it's certain that it won't die from the vibrations walking down
           Hearst...and it's *sweet* in performance.
                \_ I got a Eagle Creek Laptop Sleve ($25 at Sterns
                   Luggage in Valley Fair) for my G3. It fits
                   perfectly and ensures that it doesn't get banged up
                   by sitting next to books and stuff in my backpack.
2000/3/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:17877 Activity:nil
3/28    Why does uclink4 have a delayed reaction when you're trying to
        connect to it from off-campus but connects really quickly when
        doing so from within campus?
        \_ Think about it.
        \_ Do you mean from dorms/off-campus departments compared to
           from an on-campus lab?  I am guessing that, even though they
           might all be <DEAD><DEAD>, they do not all have the same
           (shared) bandwith to uclink?
                \_ Napster
                \_ Macster
                \_ moo ha ha ha ha...fuck you RIAA!!!
2000/3/29 [Uncategorized] UID:17878 Activity:nil
3/28    Have a nice day! - danh
        \_ you too danh!
2000/3/29 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17879 Activity:high
3/28    % finger rip@soda
                Login: rip                      Name: Ruth Park
                Directory: /home/sequent/rip    Shell: /usr/local/bin/tcsh
                Never logged in.
                New mail received Wed Jun 23 00:36 1999 (PDT)
                Unread since Sat Nov 29 11:59 1997 (PST)
        Anyone know what happened to Ruth Park (rip@soda)?  -asb
        \_ Maybe she moved to South Park. Blame Canada!
             \_ Speaking of which, does anyone have the lyrics to that?
                \_ Sheesh. Use a browser you idiot.
                     \_ Geez, lighten up.
        \_ I slept with Ruth once.  Not sure why, but I did.  Might want to
           again if she's still around.
                \_ If you're going to put something inappropriate like that
in the motd, at least sign your name so that we know who you are?
        \_ "All the lonely people, where do they belong?"
        \_ she once begged to have her account removed.
        \_ I'm looking for her too.  She was pretty good and I'd like to have
           another go at it.
        \_ She bled to death after being forced into sex by blojo?
2000/3/29-30 [Transportation/Car] UID:17880 Activity:very high
3/28    Recommendations for a proximity-sensitive car alarm? My car keeps
        getting vandalized and the factory-installed alarm is only sensitive
        to outright breakins. Or would this only invite more vandalism?
        \_ Clifford.
        \_ get a big ferocious dog.
                \_ And leave it in the car 24x7?
                \_ With a small saucer of water and some air, anything is
        \_ proxmity alarms turn a car into a car just begging to be keyed.
        \_ More from SOMA to somewhere where people don't resent your existence.
        \_ Move out of the slum you live in.  The only damage my car ever had
           was from the idiots in the UCB _Staff_ parking lot dinging my doors
           and using my hood/roof as a shelf for their shit while they opened
           their doors.  The rest of the non-leftist world will treat your
           property with greater respect.
        \_ write "Diesel" on the back of the car. - paolo
           \_ Then Ilyas will try to break in.
2000/3/29 [Computer/Theory] UID:17881 Activity:nil
3/28   I nuke that whole fibonacci discussion.  I think it was definitely
       created to torture students throughout junior high, high school,
       and college.  And that guy who called me stupid...kiss my ass bitch!
       Shit...if it was so *easy* and so *simple* why was there a big
       ass post here on the motd??  Fuck fibonacci, go talk about the
       Fourier Series, Laplace transforms, Legendre polynomials, etc, etc,
       just no more grows tiresome.  Or talk about Reality brand
       female condoms...better or worse than the norm?  blah blah blah...
       \_ i think you nuked it because people were exposing your stupidity
          too much.
2000/3/29 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Computer/Theory] UID:17882 Activity:nil
3/27    fibonacci sucks big dick
        \_ I wish. but mine wont fit
           \_ You wish a guy suck your dick?
              \_ You writing your grammar wish good?
              \_ Why not?  Who cares who does it?  Lips & tounge are
                      lips & tounge.
                 \_ Sigh.
                    \_ Ahhh.
                 \_ formatting hard so Is?  I all I'll start purging think
                    content-free that comments formatted poorly are.
                              --formatting nazi
                    \_ Do it.  Blow 'em away!
                 \_ what the fuck is a tounge?
                    \_ An extremely clever anagram. -pld
2000/3/29-30 [Computer/Domains, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17883 Activity:kinda low
3/28    What's that one unix command that displays relevant info to
        a domain name (adminstrative contact, snail mail address, etc..)?
        \_ whois
           \_ telnet whois (then use the dom command).
2000/3/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:17884 Activity:nil
2018/12/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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