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2000/3/28 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:17872 Activity:nil
3/27    Ultra 5 running out of disk.  Need disk.  Does generic UDMA/33 EIDE
        disk work or do I have to buy Sun disk, like I had to buy Sun CD-ROM
        drive?  Thanks.
        \_ You didn't have to buy a Sun CD-ROM, you just had to do more
           \_ I plugged in my generic IDE CD-ROM and it didn't work.
2000/3/28-30 [Transportation/Car] UID:17873 Activity:insanely high
3/27    So you can convert nickles and dimes into BART tickets.  But how do
        you get rid of pennies?  --PeterM
        \_ I don't know about your bank, but I just bring all my coins
           to my bank, and they use machine to calculate and give me
           bills and change.  It's free, of course.
           \_ No way your bank is in Berkeley.
        \_ Throw them out.  Or pay your taxes with them.
        \_ Donate to the beggars on Telegraph ave.
        \_ Throw them at the unlucky from rooftops
        \_ Lucky (I guess Albertson's now) has coin converting machines.
           I'm not sure if they all do.
           \_ What's the fee for that?  It isn't free.
           \_ 6-9% - well worth it for pennies.  Just collect in a jar all
                your non quarters and go when its full.
        \_ Post office.  Buy stamps.
        \_ can't you buy one of those contraptions which helps put coins
           into rolls, and bring those to the bank?
        \_ perhaps some gambling place in Nevada allows people to use
        \_ AC Transit buses take pennies. That's where i used to get
           rid of pennies when i didnt have a bus pass during summers.
           Seriously, after just a few rides, you are outta pennies,
           though I usually use them in combination with some
           dimes/nickels, cuz putting in 100+ pennies is lame &
           slow.  -- social science major
                \_ Only a social science major would consider this.
                   \_ C'mon, think about it.  Do you really think an employed
                      cs major would need to take the bus?  *sheesh*
                      \_ No, the employed CS majors are all busy riding bike.
                        \_ Only the dumb ones.  The rest of us are either
                           in our BMW's or Mercedes.
                           \_ And Lincolns.
                              \_ and Lotuses.
                           \_ Anyone have a Aston Martin?
                        \_ nah, only the punk assholes who like to show it
                           off, esp. some of filipino and korean punks
                           \_ And the rest of us like sucking smog and getting
                              hit by cars on our 45 minute commute?  Fuck that.
                              You've never worked or you'd know.
           You pour your coins down a chute. A machine calculates the total,
           prints out a slip, and you then redeem it at a register for cash.
           \_  This seems like the best option for me.  Where is an Albertson's
               in/near berkeley?
               \_ There's one on 40th and San Pablo.  Ride your bike.
                 \_ Also there's one in the El Cerrito Plaza mall, and
                    on College Ave. near Zachary's Pizza -- close to
                    El Cerrito Plaza and Rockridge BART, respectively.
                 \_ I'll take the beamer to Alberton's with all my pennies.
                    \_ Be careful, don't hit a tree and dent your beamer
                       on your way there.
                        \_ Why would I hit a tree?  Trees are your friend. If
                           I was going to hit something, I'd hit a biker.
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