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2000/3/25 [Consumer/TV] UID:17849 Activity:very high
3/24    The Pokemon magic word for the day is Bulbasaur but when the fine
        print flashed by it said something about only ages 5-13 eligible.
        What's up with that?  I'm being discriminated against.  How else can
        I win a Pokemon entertainment center with large screen TV?
        \_ Pika... pika... PIKACHU!
           \_ PIKATHULLU!
        \_ Fuzzy Bunny
        \_ Ivysaur!!
           \_ gotta catch'em all!
        \_ kidnap a little kid
           \_ gotta catch'em all! -pnaughton
              \_ pedophille.
        \_ pi-ka-chuuuuuuuu!   =P
           \_ So for the first time ever I actually sat through an entire 30
              minute Pokemon segment.  Forced myself to do it for the experience.
              I don't remember cartoons being *that* stupid when I was that age.
              I still see reruns of some of them and they're not great but no
              where near as bad as Pokemon.  *And* the old cartoons don't cause
              kids to have epileptic fits.  Can someone explain this whole
              Pokemon thing?
                \_ The mental image of Japanese pre-schoolers twitching
                   and drooling on the floor in front of the tv is, for
                   some inexplicable reason, pretty fucking funny.  That's
                   why _I_ like Pokemon.  Don't know about all the children
                   with Touretts, though.  -John
         \_ I've tried watching it a couple of times, and still can't
            understand it.  kids these days have so very little to look
            forward to in regards to cartoons.  The networks have to bring
            something back like Thundarr the Barbarian or Robotech.
            Stuff with quality humor or violence, and well-illustated.
            \_ Robotech was the best cartoon series I've ever seen.
               I'd probably still watch it if it was on.
               \_ Robotech stank. Bring back StarBlazers or Gundam. What
                  I can't understand is that with all the great anime
                  series in Japan (MB, YUA, MI, Lupin, MKR, KOR, Kenshin)
                  US TV picks the stupidest ones for mass broadcasts.
2000/3/25 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17850 Activity:very high
3/24    How do I add new users to a LDAP server (I'm using openldap)?
        Right now I have the rootdn, but I would like to have a couple
        of other users, esp. one that has read-only access.
        \_ man ldap
           \_ people like you are the reason "unix" should be spelled with
              a ch and an e. E-U-N-I-C-H-S.
              \_ "Unix is ready for the desktop" == "Unix weenies aren't
                  ready for the human population"
              \_ You stupid fuck, it's in my man pages.  Just because you
                 lack man page fu doesn't mean all of us have shitty man
                 pages.  Like I said, man ldap.  Get better pages if it isn't
                 there but don't insult your betters.  It only shows how
                 utterly and completely self absorbed and stupid you are.
                 \_ i wasn't the original poster, and i couldn't care less
                    about ldap or whatever.  i just think alot of unix
                    people are assholes, and that one of their most annoying
                    traits ins their "rtfm" attitude.  fuck you.
                    \_ If you don't rtfm you won't solve your problem.  They
                       tell you to rtfm because that's where the answer is.
                       There's no spoon feeding possible.  You want to be
                       spoon fed?  Go ask yermom.  Smart people can manage to
                       type one simple command and skim forward to the examples
                       section to find the answer or something really damned
                       close.  You are not only a stupid fuck and an asshole,
                       but your smearing "alot of unix people" in one nice big
                       easily smearable group is ridiculous.  If providing the
                       only real answer makes me an annoying asshole, then so
                       fucking be it. --annoying asshole who gave right answer
           \_ man ldap on Sol2.7 didn't have anything about adding users.
              Anyone have a better idea. I already looked on
              and they explain how to do ACLs, but not how to add users that
              the ACLs apply to. It seems like I'm missing something obvious.
        \_It's my _guess_ that OpenLDAP doesn't have a cool like app or
          GUI to create users (unlike Netscape or other directory servers).
          But since LDAP users are just entries in the directory, the
          common way to do it is to use your favorite text editor to create
          a LDIF file and use some utility to read the LDIF and place the
          entries into the directory. (LDIF is also much better for adding a
          lot of entries (users), you'll be sick of the GUI really fast.)
          See for some more
          info. You may need to dig into the schema and the documentaton
          for the LDIF format (on web somewhere) if you want something
          fancier. -lcddave
                \_ Yeah, openldap doesn't have a nice gui to add data, but
                   I don't care about that. I'm accessing it all via JNDI
                   from a set of servlets. The part that I was missing is
                   that any valid dn can be used as a user. I just need
                   to add the userPassword field for that record.
          \_ You want him to read the faq?  What are you?  Some kind of
             annoying asshole?  God, I hate it when people provide a real
             answer and cite their source.  You unix people all suck!
2000/3/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:17851 Activity:moderate 66%like:19042
3/24    /dev/da0e     1270240  1161716     6905    99%    /var/mail
        \_ Don't even start this again.  Mail here is fucked and it's always
           been fucked and that won't change.  Future whining about spool
           usage on the motd will be purged without comment.
           \_ i knew this would get you excited.
           \_ Solve this problem once and for all by having everyone
              switch to a decent mail reader like mh where your can
              put the following in your .forward and get all your mail
              transfered to your home dir:
              "| /usr/local/lib/mh/slocal -user <lusername>"
              \_ This is not a solution. Smart people are already using
                 procmail to put all or most of their incoming messages in
                 their home directory. And those who aren't doing this already
                 are deserving getting their mail lost.
              \_ how about something equally impractical/lame:
                 forward to free emailers @ hotmail/yahoo/etc
                 \_ "> /dev/null"
        [followup comments purged.  this is the last time a mail spool gripe
         will appear on the motd and stay here for an extended period of time.
         move your own mail off the spool and shut up about it]
2000/3/25-26 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:17852 Activity:high
3/24    ROMEO MUST DIE, 9:30pm, California Theatre
        tonight!  come one come all!
        \_ So?  Was it any good?
           \_ many people seemed to hate it but you know what, if it was a
              Hong Kong movie those same people would be raving about it.
        \_ i haven't had time to see it, but my friend gave it a positive
           review in regards to entertainment value.  Jet Li's English
           was notably good, from all sources, as compared to jackie
           chan and chow yun fat.
           \_ fun, stupid, and he says about 10 lines in english
2000/3/25 [Reference/Celebration] UID:17853 Activity:nil 66%like:16595 66%like:17893 66%like:19052
3/24    Happy birthday, nweaver!
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