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2000/3/24-4/12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:17836 Activity:nil 62%like:17985
03/23   Upcoming CSUA Events:
        Tuesday April 11 - 5:30 PM - 306 Soda - CSUA General Meeting #2
        Phil Lapsley will be the guest speaker.  He will be speaking about
        patents: what they are, why you should know about them, how to read
        a patent, how to apply for one, and whether Amazon's 1-Click Patent
        is the worst thing to happen to the industry since Microsoft or just
        a natural step in the evolution of patent law.

        Thursday April 13 - 5:30 PM - 306 Soda - Ian Goldberg
        A Pseudonymous Communications Infrastructure for the Internet
        Ian will discuss protocols for allowing anonymous and pseudonymous
        use of any IP-based service. The protocols he will be discussing are
        the basis of Zero-Knowledge Systems' Freedom
2000/3/24-25 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:17837 Activity:nil
3/24   the eigerlabs pcmcia serial card i have registers in /var/run/stab as
        Socket 0: Anonymous memory
        0       memory  memory_cs       0       mem0    253     0
        and as far as I can tell there isn't a /dev/mem0;
        there's a bunch of /dev/mem0{a,c,...} stuff but no mem0
        any suggestions as to how to get this running? This is a linux
        box (for now).  As an aside, future vaio owners will be happy
        to know that the port replicator is nice and hot-swappable and
        registers a nice and phatty /dev/ttyS0 for the serial port on
2000/3/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:17838 Activity:kinda low
3/23    (x+y)(!x+z) = xz+(!x)y  muhahah
        \_If implemented with logic gates, they actually are not the same.
        Statically yes but dynamically no. Do you know why? (Hint: hazards)
        \_ What is ! in this context?
           \_ supposedly this statement can be proved w/o using truth
              tables.  ! is not.  xz is x and z. x+z is x or z !z is not z
              \_ So, who claims it can be proved w/o truth tables?
           \_ christ, this is elementary... are you a non-tech major?
              \_ i dare you to prove it algebraicly. -ali
                 \_ *pshaw* I dare you to prove it blindfolded with two
                    broken thumbs.
                 \_ Either you are joking, or one of us doesn't understand
                    how predicate calculus works.
        \_ the cool people in the world call this DA SELEKTAH.
           the first statement says "if x, then ignore y, because the first
           factor is going to be true, so the whole thing evaluates to the
           second factor. but !x is false, so the second factor is always
           z. So when x, z, and by symmetry, when not x, y.
           the rhs is the same shit.
           and "can be proved w/o using truth tables" is a bogus statement
           the operators are defined in terms of truth tables, hence any proof
           requires proof tables.
           \_ Interesting. So what do da cool people use da selectah for?
              Can't imagine it's programming since (if x y z) is so much
              \_ yeah, I think this is an important example of
                "Why to not use macros to make one language look like
                 another language". It should have been written like
                 (x or y) and (!x or z)
                 in the first place
                \_It's a damn mux...not everything is code...
2000/3/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17839 Activity:kinda low
3/23    Need Windows program/script/whatever that will download and save all
        links from a remote html page.  Check tucows and found nothing.  I
        know this is trivial on a unix box but I don't know of any Windows
        programs for it and that's what I've gotta use.  Thanks in advance!
        \_ look for "wget for win32" on a search engine
           \_ Another nice feature of wget is the ability to convert absolute
                \_ IE will provide a list of links but not download them all
                   for you like wget.
              links in the same set of pages to relative links.
           \_ Ok, got it and it's mostly working.  Picks up some extra cruft
              and does a few other odd things but I did finally get it to grab
              the files I wanted after faking the user agent and having it read
              in the html from a file instead of the net.  Thank you.
        \_ Isn't IE supposed to be able to do this? -unix user
           \_ IE will provide a list of links but not download them all for you
              like wget.
2000/3/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:17840 Activity:kinda low
3/23    In the professional world, does the word "hack" have a negative,
        neutral, or positive connotation?
        \_ 'hack' refers to a quick and dirty solution that isn't obvious,
           and probably isn't very robust.  'hacker' refers to a person and
           could be either complimentary or pejorative depending on the clique
           you run with.  I've never heard 'hack' used in a strictly positive
           manner.      -mice
        \_ -
        \_ unless you work for the nsa
        \_ I get the impression that in most of Europe, "hacker" is a sort-of
           positive and grudgingly admiring way of describing young techs
           by their coworkers.  -John
                \_ the stigma is avoided thanks to the language barrier
                   \_ True, I guess, otherwise people wouldn't expend so
                      much effort insisting that "hacker" is a positive
                      term :-)  -John
2000/3/24-25 [Industry/Startup] UID:17841 Activity:nil
3/23    What is the command/option to create shared libraries
        on linux?  It seems like ar generates static libraries,
        but I don't see an option to create shared libraries.
        Can anyone offer me a clue?  Thanks.
        \_ ld or gcc -shared
2000/3/24-25 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:17842 Activity:kinda low
3/23    I'm thinking of installing ethernet in four rooms in my house. Yes,
        it does involve going into the crawlspace.  Has anybody done anything
        like this?  Or had a contractor do it?  How much $$$ did it cost you?
        \_ I just got a big drill and drilled holes.  my landlord
                will hate me one day, oh well.
                \_ Not really.  He'll make you pay for the damages.
        \_ Fuck that.  Go wireless.  Cheaper and it won't be outdated in
           3-5 years.
           \_ Does it provide the same bandwidth as T1 or T3?
              \_ The high-speed wireless systems (e.g. wavelan, airport) run
                 at 11Mb/s; this is faster than a T1 (1.45Mb/s), comparable to
                 slow ethernet (10Mb/s), and slower than a T3 (45Mb/s) or fast
                 ethernet (100Mb/s).
                \_ Cheap systems are doing 1.6 - 2.3 mb/s which still tops
                   a T1.
                 \_ 11 Mbps = 1.3 MB/s ==  slow local-net file-copy
                    hey, what's the latency on WaveLAN, etc.?
                    Could it be so bad you can't play net games?
                    You might want to check range (downstairs one side of
                    the house, upstairs the other side of the house)
                    \_ I'm using airport at home. It works quite well
                       and I can even play UT and Q3A without any delays.
                       I'm getting the full 10Mbit since my airport base
                       station is connected to a full duplex switch port.
        \_ I know someone who does that kind of work.  I have no idea how
           much he charges.  Email me if you want his contact info. -sony
2000/3/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/BayArea] UID:17843 Activity:high
3/23    CSUA donutsP trip to the new Krispy Kreme in Union City.
        When should we go?
        \_ Why should we go?
        \_ Krispy Kreme == decent donuts with alot of hype...
           not any better than Kingpin in my opinion.
           \_ Cold, they're not, but still warm, they crush Kingpin (even
              warm Kingpin). -dans
        \_ i might be cajoled into driving -brg
        \_ suggestion: call ahead and find out their hours for the "hot light"
           krispy kreme is in general just okay.  _except_ when they are "hot"
           then their donuts are exceptional and like nothing else out there.
           they are "hot" only during certain hours (eg between 6 am - 11 am
           and again at 6 pm - 11 pm).  what "hot" means is that they give you
           donuts that have just come out of the fryer and have just been
           glazed.  they really are _warm_ and you can still taste the eggs
           that went into them.  there is no better snack than these "hot"
           krispy kreme donuts.  they are soooo fresh! -hahnak
           \_ Is this some kind of joke or porn reference?
                \_ I was wondering the same thing....
                \_ in all likelihood it's just the initial KK elation syndrome
                   you'll be the same way once you've had your first KK donut
        \_ A few friends of mine went down there the other day and waited
           in line for 2+ hours until one guy just went up and bribed the
           first person with a dozen donuts to buy him a dozen... it seems
           like this is the way it always is there. My point: I dont think
           this warm/not-warm thing is really an issue since it seems like
           they are always making donuts to try and satisfy the huge hordes
           who could just be going to Kingpin.
                \- my guess would be the KK operation has fewer cockroaches
                than KP. seriously. the donuts are much better but that is
                admittedly a matter of taste ... unlike cockroaches, i assume
                        \_ hey nice job associating their donuts with the
                           filthiest creatures alive.  Asshole. - #psb#1h8r
                           \_ You are beneath the lowest of the lowliest of
                              the lowest of cockroaches!  How dare you even
                              think about the possibility of offending the
                              psb?!  When caught, you'll die by your own
                              words, you fiend!  A thousand KP cockroaches
                              force fed down your throat!  --psb #1 Fan
                              \_ !psb for president!  Why vote for a lesser
                                 \_ Bah! You're reusing the Cthulhu line. Try
                                    "Vote !psb. Isn't 12 years of psb enough?"
                                        \_ It's been more than 12 years and
                                           I've been loving every minute of
                                           it!!!  --psb #1 Fan
        \_'s a DONUT.  Why all the excitement?  There are
           plenty of good places for donuts if you know where to look
           without having to go to a specialty chain like KK!  Even
           that hole in the wall place on Euclid has yummy stuff to
           eat...(is it still there?)
                \_ But... but... oh nevermind.
2000/3/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:17844 Activity:low
3/24    newbie programming question: If I try and create an ofstream
        object and it fails, how do I find out why?  Can I use errno
        or do I have to do something different?  Basically I want
        to know how to fill in the fragment below:

        ofstream outf(fileName);
        if (! outf) {
                // print an error message indicating why we failed
                // for fopen I could use perror("open failed because:");
        } // thanks
        \_ ofstream::error()

        \_  which class is this for?
2000/3/24-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:17845 Activity:moderate
3/24    Can you have nested parenthesis in perl regular expressions?
        If so, what is the rule for assigning the corresponding $d variables?
        \_ Yes: you count open parens.  So in /(foo(bar))/, $1 is "foobar"
           and $2 = "bar".
        \_ no.
           \_ yes.
              \_ xor.
        \_ Why don't you post the code and what you _think_ it should do and
           maybe you'll get a real answer.  Perl being perl, your question can
           be interpreted in more than one way.
2000/3/24 [Uncategorized] UID:17846 Activity:nil
3/24    Sys Adm stereotype: strange hours, repetitive activities.  True?
        \_ shut the fuck up, cmlee.
2000/3/24-26 [Computer/Networking, Computer/HW/Display] UID:17847 Activity:high
3/24    Anyone know where I might be able to get a PCI card with four
        10/100 ethernet ports for Linux? I'm looking for four separate
        interfaces like on the quad-fast ethernet (qfe) sbus cards that
        Sun used to make.
        \_ --Jon
           \_ This is perfect. Thanks.
        \_ Ow.  A 4-channel PCI model costs $655 from their website.  --PeterM
           \_ Company dollars.  Who else would want such a thing?
              \_ Yes it is for work. I need to setup a gateway for about
                 8 subnets. Two of these cards puts me back ~ $1300. If
                 I buy a $500 PC to run linux, my total cost is $1800
                 which is much cheaper than buying a lucent or a cisco
                 router with eight ports.
                 \_ isn't that what smart switches are for? $2000!
                 \_ Ah.  Was thinking some PHB wanted it for a web server.
                                           \_ PHB? What does it mean?
                                              \_ Dilbert has a PHB
                                              \_ Pointy Haired Boss. (dilbert)
                                                 \_ Now its clear. I don't
                                                    have a PHB, since I'm
                                                    at a startup and even
                                                    the "directors" code. I
                                                    almost had a PHB as cisco
                                                    for a while after my best
                                                    friend (who was my manager)
                                                    left to take over as a
                                                    director at cobalt.
         \_ Related question, does anyone know a good source for used
            qfe (quad-fast ethernet) sbus cards for suns?
            \_ ?
2000/3/24-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:17848 Activity:very high
3/24    Albums with hidden tracks?  I know that one of Nirvana's albums
        had one.  Same with Jewel (or is that Sarah Mc.)
        \_ Nirvana Nevermind had the hidden track. Green Day Dookie also has
           one. Cracker and about a million other bands also have hidden tracks
                \_ any of them become very popular?
                \_ Whoa!  That is leik so kewl!  How can I play them?!!?!11
        \_ STOP posting your homework to the goddamn MOTD!!
           \_ How do you know this is hw? And what kind of class would this
              be for?
                \_ Some lame stupid fuzzy major where you smoke out with the
                   Prof and TA for higher grades if you bring good pot.
                   \_ You mean the sciences. In the arts they have casual
                      sex for higher grades.
                        \_ Not even Cal TAs are desperate enough to swap a
                           passing grade for sex with a Cal co-ed.  Yuck.
                        \_ definitely not in the EECS department....or
                           any of the engineering disciplines for that
                           matter, especially CE and ME.  Woof Woof.
                           \_ but of course the typical male EECS major is
                              a major stud.  -tom
                        \_ And most of them use lithium, too.  So?
                                \_ Even if you could screw your way through
                                   EECS, it wouldn't do you any good.  It isn't
                                   like it matters that the chick in the HR or
                                   marketing department fucked her way through
                                   school.  For marketing, that's a good thing
                                   anyway.  Goes double for sales.  What do you
                                   think all the fuzzy major chicks are doing
                                   after school anyway?  Business is even worse
                                   than sales.  Sex is almost mandatory for a
                                   successful career.  Anyway, I doubt tom is
                                   the best source of information for what
                                   women are looking for in a man anyway. Maybe
                                   less trek = better & more women?  Naaaah....
                        \_ my math prof smokes pot
                                \_ No.  Your math prof takes lithium to stay
                                   semi stable.
                        \_ who?
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