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2000/3/21 [Uncategorized] UID:17811 Activity:nil
3/17    Nobody gives a fuck. Stop censoring the motd.
2000/3/21-22 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17812 Activity:high
3/20  they want conjugal visits from men.
        \_ I got warts from my last visit.
        \_ has hot body.
           Too old for me though.
        \_ It doesn't say what they're in for.  I don't want some chick in
           prison for trying to spread AIDS.
           This is the true dream girl of the whole site.  WHOA MAMA! I say!
           \_ Would someone please post the direct URL of those gifs, not
              the nasty javascript-masked stuff?
                \_ Open computer, insert real browser, close computer, click.
                    \_ lynx is a real browse, so is telnet <host> 80.
                        \_ telnet isn't a browser.  It can't browse, dummy.
2000/3/21-23 [Science/GlobalWarming, Computer/Networking] UID:17813 Activity:very high
3/20    Our current DSL service ( sucks.  We need a good,
        high-bandwidth (1-2 megabits) DSL connection that has
        high uptime and a consistently low latency.  Anyone have
        good experiences?   -blojo
        \_ low latency's determined by the speed of light (I don't know
           of anyone who can change that yet) and distance to whatever
           you're trying to connect to.  So low latency to connect to
           what site?  And maybe queueing theory comes into play but that's
           a different story.  Latency usually isn't an issue in networks
           (except for UDP packets).  It's usually bandwidth that's
           \_ Hello, I am not a dumbass.  Our problem is that the ATM cloud
              we're fed into seems to be oversold.  So, yes, queueing theory
              comes into play here.  You need to have a higher level of
              expectation regarding the intelligence/experience of people
              on soda.  See oj's comment below.  -blojo
              \_ Say, blojo, do you have some sort of complex?  You blow up
                 everytime your overactive imagination perceives anyone even
                 slightly hinting that you may be a DUMBASS.
                \_ I don't have a complex insofar as I am aware.  I was
                   just astonished by the lameness of the post by someone
                   who seemed to think they just knew A WHOLE LOT.  Uhh
                   my imagination may be overactive but I tend to use that
          \_ Latency is HARDLY AT ALL determined by the speed of light. RTTs
                   energy imagining more interesting things than motd posts.
                 \_ It's the twink-point effect, I'm telling you.
                    Just as intended.
          \_ Sign your posts, so everyone can know how dumb you are --oj
                \- when you start pushing ATM a lot of the abstraction
                breaks down and in specific areas the fundmaental technology
                difference matters. when you are pushing the switch, it may
                really start to matter how much bcast traffic or what kind
                of packet dropping heuristics they are using inside the
                switch to manage the buffering. this is hard even in the
                \_ Well, let's see.  If the speed of light were 200mph, then
                   I think you'd see a lot more latency.  (And find it very
                   hard to read, drive, fly, or many other things, but point
                   made via hyperbole).
                   \_ This is the real world we live in not your dream. In
                      reality the speed of light is not the limiting factor in
                      network speeds. That you felt the need to pull this 200
                      number out of the air merely shows how little your point
                      has to do with reality.
                packet switching world ... with the weird atm signalling
                protocols this stuff can be really hard to do right --psb
          \_ Latency is not determined solely by the speed of light.
          \_ Latency is NOT AT ALL determined by the speed of light. RTTs
             from here to the east coast are what, now, ~200ms?--but many
             times what it would take for light to travel there and back round
             trip. Latency is determined by the speed of switching
             electronics, which is much slower than light.
                \- in case your are interested, RTT to the east coast is
                higher than a lot of people think. say distance is 3000x2 mi
                and speed of light in glass is around 186288 x 60% =111800mps
                latency inside a switch is pretty small. most people use a
                send/recd buffer much smaller than the bw delay product so
                you are very much underfilling an empty pipe. --psb
                      \_ Actually, deep down the speed of light is the limiting
                         factor if you consider that the network switches
                         are literally a bunch of NMOS and PMOS transistors
                         hooked up together through polysilocon and metal
                         layers and that electron mobility is limited by
                         the speed of light which in turn limits the speed
                         by which logic circuits operate then yes, the speed
                         of light is a limiting factor.  Besides, if you read
                         carefully, the original poster never said that the
                         speed of light was THE SOLE limiting factor.
                         \_ "low latency's determined by the speed of light."
                            Looks like he came as close as you can to saying
                            that to me.
                            \_ Can you read or are you just and idiot? "low
                               latency's determined by the speed of light
                               AND however many hops you're trying to get
                               to."  I'm not going to quote exactly because
                               I'm too lazy to scroll up just for this stupid
                                \_ Just an idiot.
                         \_ BINGO!  The other guy is a moron, though.  Of course
                            the speed of light has something to do with it.
                            What a serious super-duh to say it doesn't.  _That_
                            was the point I was making with the extreme 200mph
                            example.  It *matters*.  If sound went faster than
                            light, we'd be using that instead (somehow).  Join
                            the rest of us in the real world where the SoL does
                            \_ Did you pass high school physics?
                                \_ Sure did.  You pass HS English?
        \_ serve your area?
        \_ FirstWorld (formerly slipnet) seems okay to me. BBNPlanet was pretty
           good too.
2000/3/21-22 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:17814 Activity:very high
        I'm an Asian male with a strong automatic preference for blacks.
        Is there something wrong with me?
        \_ all that proved to me was I was incapable of remembering which
           key was associated with which keyword.
        \_ White male with weak auto pref. for blacks.  I also associate
           men and women equally with science, apparently.
            \_  apparently your subconscious is not very bright. (not due
                to the weak auto pref. for blacks due to the = men/women).
        \_ I'm a White male with a strong automatic preference for Asians.
           Especially if they happen to be female and hot.  Is there
           something wrong with me?
           something wrong with me?                             -aaron
                \_ me too!              -nickkral
                     \_ me three!  - sky
        \_ Damn rice chaser!
                \_ is that you jj?
        \_ The test is hokey. Definitely not "science" in my book.
           All it shows is the speed of building cognitive relations
           not your "implicit attitudes".. Well what can you expect
           from a liberal arts school like Yale, they have nothing
           better to do than shit like this.
           \_ every school has idiots doing pseudo science.  Yale just
              got 500 million dollars earmarked for expansion of the
              engineering and sciences and they are hiring like mad.  do
              you think berkeley should be judged by the chicano studies
              or sociology departments?
              \_ Do you have a link to this? I'm thinking about going there
                 for grad school in the fall.
        \_ Oh woe!  An online test with no proctor determines we're all evil
           racists!  What next?  I don't think these guys understand that
           what they _think_ they're testing for is not what they're _really_
           testing for.  Even the lower div. Cal psych classes do better than
           \_ I'm betting that the first section always starts with
              "white+good". Which automatically biases ALL takers.
                \_ which association comes up first definitely primes the
                   results.  doesn't seem like this test says anything at all.
              \_ it doesn't.  Not that the test isn't crap.  -aspo who
                 took a couple of tests several times and got way different
                 results each time.
                 \_ You can't take a test several times without 'ruining' the
                    results.  It also isn't appropriate to take a battery of
                    similar memory tests like this and expect valid results.
                    This is really basic psych/cogsci testing methodology and
                    I find it sad that a school like Yale can't get it right.
                    What does that say for the rest of the country's colleges?
                    \_ thankfully, not a goddamn thing.
                        \_ I hope you're right.
                           \_ Your neurotic pseudo-pessimistic generalizations
                              are annoying.  Please stop.
        \_ right, trust a psych experiment conducted by yale over the advice
        of a bunch of anonymous motd posters!
           \_ point being that this isn't an experiment conducted by anyone.
              this isn't a valid test method.  it isn't even bad science.  this
              is something down there with the astrology section of the comics.
        \_ The story about this on Dateline pointed out that just as
            interesting as the results was people's reaction to them.
            \_  Woo hoo!  Thus proving their test group consisted mostly of
                self-"correct"-ing guilty whites.  I'm white and I'm damned
                proud of it.  We built this country.  Blacks are killing it
                from the inner cities outwards.
                \_ It's the chinks that built this country, so fuck you.
                   Go back to Europe white barbarian.  Long live Mao.
                   \_ Shut up, white boy!
                   \_ The Jews built this country.  The Jews built every
                      country.  They are the God's CHOSEN people.  AND they
                      have all the gold.  Again.
                        \_ Not "again".  "Still" is the word you're looking
                           for.   -Mark of Kings
                   \_ What a load of crap!  No slant ever did anything worth
                      half a damn for this country!
                      \_ What did you personally do to build this country
                         besides mouthing off your racist trash?  And
                         by the way, stop using Yahoo.
                         \_ I beat slants like you into place and what's Yahoo
                            got to do with anything?
                      \_ are all CSUA users like this?
                         \_ No.  Only about half the CSUA is slants.
                            \_ What did you personally do to build this
                               country besides mouthing off your racist
                                \_ Already told you, slant boy.
            Most whites felt guilty over preffering whites, but the blacks
            who preferred blacks attributed it to racial pride and overcoming
            the negative images of blacks that pervade american culture/media.
            \_ That's about political correctness.  Sigh.
            \_ SUBTHREAD SUMMARY: Too many sodans have time on their hands to
               troll aimlessly.
               \_ You're an idiot.  Your summary sucks.  Stop 'summarizing'
                  humorous subthreads with your inadequate summaries.
2000/3/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:17815 Activity:nil
3/20    I want to read the mail that gets delivered to csua@csua, but I
        don't want to be on the mailing list.  Is there a solution?
        \_ AFAIK, no.  It shows up in the wall log, but I think mails
           to lwall get clipped to a certain length.  Why not just use
           procmail to store it somewhere other than your inbox until
           you read it, then you can nuke it. -dans
           \_ Yeah, or maybe I can use procmail to save the last month's
              csua@csua e-mails in /csua/tmp so that everyone can read them.
              Or has someone done this already?
                \_ ~danh/csua-mail .  enjoy.
2000/3/21-23 [Industry/Jobs] UID:17816 Activity:high
3/21    Will someone recommend a good place to post my resume?  For instance,
        what do people here think of <DEAD><DEAD>?  Thanks.
        \_ if you dont mind working as a contractor use dice or monster, if you
           want to deal directly with companies, look in craigslist or
                \_ Don't post it publically if you're not ready to burn bridges.
           go to various websites and follow their 'jobs' links.
           if you do web based development, post your login.
        \_ another question: how do you prevent your current employer from
                seeing your resume on these sites?
                \_ Don't post it publically if you're not ready to burn
                   [your manager could be browsing from AOL]
                        \_ could also be positive -- chance for a raise,
                                more responsibility and others.
                                \_ No.  You should go and ask for that stuff.
                                   Good managers know that they won't keep an
                                   employee long term who is unhappy no matter
                                   how much money they toss around, especially
                                   if you're all set to leave without even
                                   telling them there was a problem.
                                   \_ Yeah, that pretty much matches my
                                      experience also.  By the time it gets to
                                      the point where the employee is sending
                                      out resumes, monsy won't do much besides
                                      delay the inevitable.
        \_ My mom and my best friend both found new jobs
           in 2-3 weeks after posting on dice.
                \_ 2-3 weeks?  What's wrong with them?  Try 2-3 hours.
                   \_ Are you retarded or something?  Haven't you noticed that
                      there's a sort of theme as far as posting followups to
                      the motd goes?  Moron.
                        \_ No.  I haven't.  What theme?
                   \_ Both wanted a decent long term place to work, not
                      just the latest startup craze. Besides neither was
                      looking for straight coding. My mom took over as eng.
                      lead/architect and my best friend took over as a
                      director. These jobs are a little harder to find.
                        \_ Ok... 2-3 days.
                           \_ That's what it took to get the interviews
                              and offers lined up. They switched employers
                              2-3 weeks (including 2wk notice) after posting
                              on dice.
        \_ hotjobs generated LOTSA calls and email for me.. they have an
           employer-block feature but I don't know how well it works -shac

        \_ Dice is best for contracts, hands down. Their ability to search
        by phone area code is way useful too. I often am not interested in
        Bay Area as a whole, say want to exclude South Bay. -muchandr
        \_ whomever you use make sure you don't put down a phone number
           unless ou really enjoy getting woekn up by someone far too cheerful
           who is trying to convince ou that babysitting databases is the
           most exciting career move out there.
           \_ "CLICK!"  Last message on my machine was some chick saying that
              she's from Blah Inc (which I never heard of) and random chick #2
              gave her my resume and said I should be offered this great job
              opportunity, etc, etc, etc.  I love my answering machine.
2000/3/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:17817 Activity:very high
3/21    Politburo Meeting Tonight, 5:00 PM in 343/337 Soda (The rooms are
        across the hall from each other).  Yeah it's in the motd.official,
        but just in case you missed it. -dans
        \_ No, I don't see it in motd.official.
           -rw-rw-r--  1 root  motd  894 Mar 14 00:53 /etc/motd.official
           \_ --==< Politburo Meetings: Tuesdays, 5:00pm, 337 Soda. >==--
              Perhaps you should have your vision checked.
        \_ politburo = nasty geek politics
           \_ politburo == nasty geek politics
        \_ Foo!
2000/3/21-23 [Uncategorized] UID:17818 Activity:low
3/21    Is sowings graduating this semester? My friend and I made a $10 bet.
        \_ well... is he?
           \_ didn't he already graduate?
           \_ Fucking asking him and get off the motd.
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