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2000/3/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:17801 Activity:nil
3/19    Zapatista.  a different angle on "A Place called Chiapas" VLSB
2000/3/20-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:17802 Activity:kinda low
        8:30 pm $5 - all are welcome, you do NOT need cal id.
        \_ There is a 2nd showing on wed 3.22.00 proceeds go to the
           school for Chiapas foudation. Same time and place.
        \_ Zzzz... Sorry to be an insensitive jerk, but zzzz...
        \_ I'm an insensitive jerk and not sorry about it.  Why would I
           possibly consider burning $5 and the evening on this?  Only if I
           saw the chance to get laid from going by showing how sensitive and
           90's I am.  Now that it isn't the 90's can I stop pretending to be
           sensitive and still get laid?  How about it, girls?  Aren't you
           tired of all the sensitive bad-poetry reading in-touch-with-their-
           feelings soft shouldered faggy boys yet?
                \_ hear hear!  -aspolito
                \_ whoever you are, you should be president next semester!
                   \_ Can alumni hold office?  --insensitive but getting laid
2000/3/20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:17803 Activity:insanely high
3/19    Do people here actually go out of their way to watch movies
        like "The Insider" or "Erin Brockavich"? (whistleblower type of movies)
        \_ Julia Roberts is hot.
        \_ No, Julia Roberts is HOT.
           \_ I just saw contact for the first time.  it was really gorgeous
              but then again I've always liked jodi foster ever since Freaky
              Friday, or that teen-hooker movie she made after disney.
              \_ I wonder if Julia thinks Jodie is hot and vice-versa.
                 \_ I think there should be a lesbian sex movie.
                    \_ There is.  Thelma and Louise.  I don't think you
                       want to see it though.
-------->  "women love women" with ellen degeneres and SHARON STONE.
                also, catherine deneuve and susan sarandon have a lesbien
sex scene in "the hunger"
                \_ Oh please, just go rent a porno.  Download one off the net
                   if you don't want a lesbo flick on your CC records.  It'll
                   be a lot more interesting and sexy than seeing a pig like
                   Ellen Degeneres with _anyone_.  The scene from the hunger
                   was ok but really now.  Or better yet just ask your gf/wife
                   to bring her best friend around.
                   \_ always a risky move. She might get sucked in to
                      the dark side.
                        \_ Hardly.  If so then she would've done it sooner or
                           later anyway.  It isn't like there aren't plenty of
                           opportunities for it.  My wife gets hit on about
                           3 times a month that she notices.
                           \_ "opportunities" can be fought with morals.
                              If you explicitly tell her,"forget about
                              morals", its your own fault.
                           \_ If she's never tried it before, she wont
                              know what she's missing, until, fool that
                              you are, you push her into it.
                                \_ Some of us aren't as shakey in our
                                   relationships as you are.  -doing it
                                   \_ Having your wife/gf get it on with
                                      another woman, is in no way a
                                      sigh of whether your relationship
                                      is shakey or not.
                                        \_ But being fearful that she'll "go
                                           over to the dark side" says a lot
                                           about what you think of your own
                                           relationship's strength.  What
                                           you're saying is not what I was
                                           saying.  And I don't "have her"
                                           do anything.  We enjoy it together.
                    \_ If Julia was in it, it would be an even bigger box
                       office draw than usual for a Julia (or lesbian) movie.
                       But what would the title be? And what story-line?
                       \_ does it matter?
              \_ Hey, if movies like "Wild Wild West" and gross $100 million,
                it really shows that a large part of movie-goers have
                gone brain-dead, in which case, story-line is irrelevant...
                \_ Like there were any other choices that summer with Star
                   Bores, The Phantom Dumbass coming out.
2000/3/20 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:17804 Activity:very high
3/18    Which text editor is the best for ascii art editiiong? (don't say ed..)
        \_ TheDraw ruled!
        \_ Well, WordPerfect 5.x used to have some really nice ASCII line
           drawing abilities.  But then came the era of the GUI's and all
           was lost.  You could always try dosemu or vmware and then run
           wp5 for dos.
        \_ ACiD Draw v1.25 - paolo
        \_ drat....
        \_ Of the ones not intended solely for ascii art editing, any editor
           with overstrike capability is probably sufficient.  --dbushong
           \_ I suppose you eat peas with a sledgehammer, too, right?
              \_ Wow... does that mean anything?  --dbushong
                 \_ Bend over, vi fucker.
                    \_ In the habit of taking it up the ass from your
                       editor, I see.
        \_ emacs with asciiart mode
2000/3/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:17805 Activity:high
3/20    Has anybody ever tried Australian King Crabs?  Those crabs have claws
        about the size of my forearm.  I'm wondering if their meat is tough.
        What do they taste like?  They're rather expensive too, almost $20/lb.
        \_ Don't eat crabs, there won't be any left.
           \_ Then what good are they if not for food?
        \_ IMHO, tastes like any other crab, but there's just A LOT more
           meat to eat.
2000/3/20-21 [Industry/Startup] UID:17806 Activity:moderate
3/20    My company allows us to purchase options that aren't vested yet.
        So I purchased all four year's worth in 1999.  So now I owe AMT.
        My question is, do I have to report only the vested and exercised
        shares by 12/31/99 or do I have to report all my shares even the
        unvested ones?  It sounds stupid if I have to pay AMT even on
        shares I don't technically own yet.
        \_ You must report all exercised shares. (Exercised means you
           purchased them whether they've vested or not) You only have to
           pay the spread between the current stock option price and the
           price *granted* to you. (Assuming this is a private company)
           Although it does sound stupid, the reason why you would do this
           is because if you purchase your stocks immediately at the
           grant price when it is the *same* as the purchase price, you
           won't have to pay AMT. (You'll still have to pay capital gains,
           however) --chucky
           \_ If I read this, you also won't get the primary benefit of
              options--that is your option to buy at a certain price is unused
              if you buy the stock at the fair market value, since that's what
              every other trader is buying the stock for.
2000/3/20-22 [Computer/Networking] UID:17807 Activity:low
3/20    Why is ssh on soda dropping my connection every five minutes? Is this
        happening to anyone else?
        \_ Yup, it's been happening to me--for about 2 weeks, I think.
           \_ Are you connecting to soda through a firewall?  If so, you might
              want to see if your firewall is set to kill idle TCP connections.
              \_ No.  Direct connection.  I can remain connected via S/Key
                 through the firewall for days without problems.
           \_  That's just the cracker's attempt to hijack your conneciton
               failing and killing your ssh session.  Your S/Key connection
               was hijacked, but it seems normal to you and keeps operating.
2000/3/20-22 [Computer/Domains] UID:17808 Activity:moderate
3/20    Anyone have suggestions for good service to register domain name?
        Reasons you like it?
        \_ .  it worked. - paolo
        \_, far superior account management
           \_ make sure you want to purchase domain name, they
            will steal your idea if you don't claim it. They store
            what people search, and if it sounds good, they suddenly
            claim it. Happened a lot. Stealing people's ideas. monopoly abuse.
            \_ How do you know it isn't the case that someone else
               thought of your domain name on their home?
                \_ Radio waves!  They're controlling my mind!!! AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!
2000/3/20-21 [Computer/SW/Editors, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17809 Activity:high
3/20    grr!  we need a check out procedure for the motd.public.
        \_ Current one works fine for me.
           \_ What current one?  (though i just wrote my own script to
              do what i need, testing now)
              \_ motdedit is for fags.  real men just know when it's safe to
                 write the motd.
              \_ "which motdedit"
                 \_ thanks, but that doesn't keep someone who has opened
                    up a version before me but saves after me from un-
                    intentionaly deleting my changes. Does it?
                    \_ Your editor doesn't tell you that the file has changed?
                        \_ the file doesn't change until afterwards.
                           \_ no, thickhead, the issue is that while
                              YOU are editing it, someone else changes it.
                              Then your braindead editor saves over with
                              YOUR changes, obliterating other peoples.
                              Real editors warn about this.
2000/3/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:17810 Activity:nil
3/20    SAVE SAFARI!
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