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2000/3/19-20 [Computer/Networking] UID:17800 Activity:high
3/18    Can anyone recommend a good nationwide dial-up ISP besides Earthlink?
        \_ IBM.
        \_ How about Earthlink?
        \_ Mindspring and Earthlink merged to form the second largest ISP in
           the country (AOL being the largest).  Finding another nationwide
           ISP (and a good one at that) probably won't be too easy.  I've
           used Mindspring for several years, and haven't had any complaints.
           AFAIK, service has not declined since the two merged. -dans
          \_ is earthlink still owned by sci.tology?
             \_ sci.tology is EVERYWHERE nowadays. You can avoid it
                only like you can avoid GE.
                \_ fishy fishy io
        \_i read somewhere they hate each other and are considering splitting.
        \_ earthlink was started by scientologists, and some scientologists
           are major shareholdres, but it is not owned by the church of
           scientology. [hello? formatting fixed for you only because you had
           something to say almost worth reading. otherwise into the trashcan]
                \_ [deleted.  -formatting nazi]
        \_ earthlink sort of sucks.  anytime you are idle for just a few
          minutes they kick you's really quite short.
        \_ is there an ISP nowadays that offers shell accounts? Concentric
           used to...
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