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2000/3/11-13 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:17740 Activity:high
3/10    Clean up yer shit!
        2540480  2333884     3358   100%    /var/mail
        \_ If they haven't gotten their act together by now (even after
           several warnings and complaints) just delete some of the larger
           ones (or gzip it and stick it in their directories).
        \_ The second biggest offender is rico (11MB) and he's logged on right
           now (5pm Friday).
        \_ Biggest offender (ccytsao) has 17 MB and hasn't logged in since Jan.
           But most people are below 15 MB quota.  Why doesn't the Politburo
           make it easy to donate to the CSUA disk fund?  There have been
           repeated attempts to donate funds/hardware and they've been IGNORED.
           \_ cuz paul is the laziest damn treasurer ever.
                \_ I don't understand this talk of twohey never reading his
                   mail. AFAICT he hasn't *gotten* any:
-rw-------  1 twohey  csua  960899 Dec  7 14:20 /var/mail/twohey
              \_ there's a .forward file there. - paolo
           \_ As was stated in response to previous queries along this line:
              If you'd like to make hardware donations or $ for hardware,
              contact mikeh (vice-president).  If you'd like to make $
              donations not specifically or hardware, contact dans
              (president).  Also, there has been some talk of upgrading soda
              and this is one of the reasons we haven't gone out and bought
              a disk.  We're not sure what kind of SCSI will be used if soda
                 \_ Sure, not that they'd be worth much. -dans
              gets upgrading so we are waiting to see if the soda upgrade
              pans out before we invest in something that we might not be
              able to use. -dans
              \_ Can alumni make donations for brownie points?
                 \_ Sure, but I don't think they'd be very useful. -dans
              \_ more hardware will not solve the mail spool issue.  It will
                 only allow even more mail to build up before anyone starts
                 complaining about it.  Sheesh.  Have a clue and some balls
                 and _fix_the_problem.  Stop trying to throw hardware at a
                 human social issue.
              \_ Well, how about we install Win NT, and use exchange, then
                 y'awl can bring the mail to your home machines?
2000/3/11-12 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17741 Activity:high
3/10    windows NT server will share one folder fine but the new folder
        can't be seen if user is on an windows 98 machine (can if user is
        on win NT).  Also, even if logged on as the owner from an NT
        client: "properties" only pops up the "general" tab and not the
        "security" tab.  Oh wait, i'm not getting the security tab on ANY
        of the machines in my domain, though i was 5 minutes ago.
        Help.   (I know, get a real OS, I'm working on it).
        \_ It is possible that you don't have enough licenses.  The number
           of licenses that you have effects the number of people that can
           access shared folders at once.
        \_ no security tab = FAT, not NTFS
        \_ hi paolo
           \_ er no, go to ctrl panel, select network devices on your
              win 98 box, makesure the "client for microsoft networks"
              setting is on.  Dbl click on it and click on on
              "Log onto Windows nt domain" specify the domain.
              ou need to authenticate yourself against a domain for the
              sharing to work (sometimes) - hey it's windows, it's
              fucked - paolo
        \_ reboot the win98 machine and try again.  as other person says,
           you're using FAT not NTFS, too, so no security tabs.
2000/3/11-12 [Reference/Law/Court, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:17742 Activity:kinda low
        \_ bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
        \_ Bwahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha
2000/3/11-13 [Uncategorized] UID:17743 Activity:nil
3/10    Is there a way to get ghostview to display files full screen to
        do a slide show presentation?
        \_ ps2pdf, use Acrobat Reader full-screen mode
2000/3/11 [Uncategorized] UID:17744 Activity:nil
3/11    Is libwww for c installed and if where?  (just asking.)
2000/3/11-12 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17745 Activity:high
3/11    NT question:  I added a new drive to a system with two existing
        drives, C & D.  NT has decided to call this new drive D, and
        call the old D drive E, thus breaking many paths, including paths
        to system resources (oops!)  how can I fix this?
        Start->Programs->Administrative Tool->Disk Administrator.
          Assign the drive to the drive letters you want.
        \_ ObLinux
           \_ ObRideYermom
           \_ Linux will not fix this.  Linux will not fix anything.  Linux
              is *never* the right answer anyway because there are other *nixen
              that are superior.  If you'd used any of them for more than a
              month, you'd know that.
        \_Thanks, that was it.
2000/3/11-13 [Recreation/Shopping] UID:17746 Activity:high
3/10    I had some brand new sneakers and i really liked them because
        they dont stink, however, they recently got wet and now they
        stink like old shoes. How do i get rid of the stink?
        \_ Baking soda works ok, as does talcolm powder, but there are aerosol
           cans of disinfectant/deoderizer you can get in the store for shoes
           that work very well.
        \_ You kids are so spoiled these days complaining about a
           little drizzle.  When I was a kid we used to walk in 1 foot
             \_  gee, that is really helpful advice.  go start and
           of puddle water uphill both ways.  Why not use baking soda.
        \_ set them aside for about a year.
        \_ Throw them out.
             \_  gee, that is really helpful advice.  go start an
                 advice column.
                 \_ Have you read the crap that passes for advice in advice
        \_ Soak them in water overnight, then microwave for ten minutes
           on "high"
                \_ You mean melt them before throwing them out?  Try putting
                   them in the dryer on low and let them air out in an open
                   outside area for an hour or two.
                   \_ Actually, I was hoping the idiot would set his
                      microwave on fire.
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