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2000/3/3-4 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17682 Activity:moderate
3/2     for all you windows ppl, which is the best web server for win98?
        \_ None.  Win98 is a client OS, not a server.
        \_ Personal web server.
           \_ get this one; it comes from the m$ website or you can get
              it along with vis studio.  It's remeniscent of the iis setup.
        \_ Apache.
        \_ Back orifice. Yes, it has a web server, and if you are running one
           on winderz you're going to get owned anyway.
        \_ Don't do this.
2000/3/3-4 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:17683 Activity:insanely high
3/2     so, do you think i could get off on the grounds of justifiable
        homicide if i were to murder my project partners?  they'd be more
        useful as corpses.
        \_ you have no idea what bad project partners are.  i've had
           partners that were so flat out lazy they didn't touch a single
           line of code the entire semester, partners that dropped the class
           without telling, partners that switched groups without telling,
           and partners that were so stupid that it makes you wonder how
           they ever got into this school.  and then there was my 152 partner
           who was just about the worst partner ever.  be happy that you
           have bad partners, not sadistic shity ones.  -jeff
                \_ haven't a couple of people have had project partners who
                        were in jail?
        \_ poor thing.  So what did they do?
        \_ Easily.  Just call Paolo as a character witness. -dans
                \_ paolo would be more useful as a corpse.
                   \_ Hey, that's mean!
                      \_ CSUA, we're petty and vindictive so you don't have to
                         be.  But seriously, ask Paolo about the PhilipBox or
                         the Walrus some time.  Two of the more heinous
                         partners in the history of CS. -dans
        \_ you are not allowed to complain until you have randi as a
           partner.  Or that stupid bitch who deleted all of our 162
           mutlprocessing project 2 days before it was due.
                \_ When I was a lab assistant for 60A this chick goes into a
                   panic and is so desperate she insists on dragging me away
                   from my netrek game.  She's typed "rm * .bak" in their
                                         \_ She typed
                   shared project directory.  She's lucky that A) I don't kill
                                                                  \_ I didn't
                   her, B) her partner isn't around to see this, C) she had
                   every single file loaded in emacs, D) I was kind enough to
                   save them out for her and E) not kill her for screwing up
                   \_ save them for her         \_ that I didn't kill her
                   a perfectly good base ogg.  She asks me to walk her home
                                        \_ what the hell is a "base ogg"
                                           \_ learn to speak english.
                   then panics at the door.  Never help a Sterny.
                   \_ How good she speak English?
                        \_ Korean but not ESL.
                           \_ I think (s)he was making fun of your English.
                                \_ s/he needs to try again.  Compared to most
                                   of the crap on the motd, my English was
                                   perfect.  Don't even get me started on this
                                   as "Standard American English" is only an
                                   ideal in both written and spoken forms.
                                        -linguistics alumni
                                \_ I'm using the present tense so that stuff
                                   is bullshit.  If you don't know what a base
                                   ogg is, maybe one of the other 50+ netrek
                                   players can help you.  Still waiting to see
                                   a real problem with what I wrote.
                                   \_ Well, you seem to be mixing tenses
                                      and "she's typed" isn't proper English.
                                      \_ Yes it is.  It is a contraction of "She
                                         has typed" and is perfectly fine in the
                                         present tense.  It is very common in
             \_ at least she just didn't do squat, instead of destroying
                your project.  And nick, I seem to remember she sorta
                joined our group after the second project or so.  (I say
                sorta cause noone wanted her around but the idiot who nuked
                our directory that one time, but hey, she kept on comming
                to our group meetings).
                                         informal narratives to revert to
                                         present tense.  Annoying, but common
                                         \_ Sorry for being annoying but it's

                                            still acceptable/common.
                           \_ Korean?  Was it sky's gf?
                   \_ You helped her?  That's just wrong.  Idiots should pay
                      the idiot penalty carried by their actions until such
                      time that they learn something, thus ceasing to be an
                      idiot, or they make a mistake so horrible that they die
                      from it.  Either way, one less idiot. -dans
                        \_ Of course.  She was better looking than the girl I
                           was with at the time.  Virginal, though.  Hate that.
                           \_ How long have pretty girls been taking
                              advantage of your idiocy?
                                \_ Nah, I was there.  She turned pale and
                                   panicked at the key moment.  She was too
                                   naive to know what she was doing.  I've
                                   been an idiot before but this wasn't it.
                           \_ Your quest to decrease the number of virgins in
                              the world is a noble one.  Nevertheless, since
                              you failed in this particular instance, I think
                              you should have sided with my quest to rid the
                              world of idiots. -dans
                                \_ Hey, I had to try.  How else to know?  I
                                   didn't help her after that if it makes you
                                   feel any better.
          \_ randi was my partner in 162.  I think this tops anything anyone
             could possibly complain about.
                \_ Hi andrew
                   \_ Hi nick
          \_ Some of the blame rests on classes which _require_ you to work in
             a group, creating artificial demand for the stupid as project
          \_ OK, I will toss in Donald Horton, who didn't nothing but write
             C++ .h files defining how his beautiful, elegant, and totally
             worthless classes would interface, then when asked to write
             one trivial piece of code, decided he didn't need to cvs update
             first, and when it complained about conflicts putting his 10
             lines of code into the multi-thousand-line file, he just
             nazi's his copy (without the weeks worth of changes) over the
             top of it and checks it in.  Needless to say, his account went
                \_ CVS?  In the old days we could only dream of having a stupid
                   partner munch our files with CVS....
2000/3/3-4 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:17684 Activity:nil
        Nothing wrong in the this boy's life yet he tosses himself out the
        window.  Vote No on Prop 22!
2000/3/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17685 Activity:low
      One more reason why riding BART is kinda scary.
2000/3/3-4 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:17686 Activity:high
3/2     is there such a thing as a scsi version of a zip drive,
        or is just a normal every day zip drive, with a different cable?
        \_ Ok who let underwater basket weaving major into CSUA?
        \_ Yes, the SCSI version of a zip drive is different.  Attempting
           to plug a parallel zip drive into a SCSI port or a SCSI zip
           drive into a parallel port would do bad things(TM).  If memory
           serves, SCSI has higher voltage requirements, so it is possible to
           fry devices if you try to plug a non-SCSI device into a SCSI chain.
           At one time, iomega offered a zip drive called the zip plus which
           had the really cool feature of supporting both parallel and SCSI
           interfaces.  Judging from iomega's web site, I don't believe the
           zip plus is still being made.
           Device speed according to iomega's site:
           SCSI zip >> USB zip > parallel zip
           The SCSI zip is at least twice as fast as the USB zip.
           \_ I have a zip+ at home. I bought it for my mom's NT machine.
              I had lots of problems when it was running on the parallel
              port. It worked fine as a scsi device.
              \_ Were extorted into buying that Zip SCSI card (really a
                 AHA-150x) because you couldn't use adpaters for your nice
                 2940? IMO the ZIP+ was a crock
2000/3/3 [Uncategorized] UID:17687 Activity:nil
3/2     paolo.  sproul plaza.  noon.
2000/3/3 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17688 Activity:nil
3/2     Slashdot repost article deleted.  Go to if you care.
2000/3/3-4 [Consumer/PDA] UID:17689 Activity:very high
3/3     Anyone get any PALM shares anywhere near the opening?  Any market
        order folks now sweating out the huge losses?
        \_ My friend bought 1K at $40. He's not sweating anything.
                \_ It opened higher than that.  Your friend was either in a
                   special program or you're a liar.
                   \_ Is it that hard to believe he was in on a special
                      program? Rare, yes, but not unbelievable.
                      \_ is he or isn't he?  Speculation and knee-jerk
                         conjecture are worthless here.  Oh wait, this is
                         the motd.
                         \_ isn't calling him a liar pretty worthless too?
                                \_ "was either X or was a liar".  No it isn't.
                      \_ Palm priced at $38. My friend got in on a deal
                         before it opened.
        \_ It opened to the public around $150.
                \_ and sunked to $90.
                 \_ "sunk"
                    \_ "sank"-/
Inflected Form(s):      sank /'sa[ng]k/; or sunk /'s&[ng]k/; sunk; sink·ing
                        \_ Webster doesn't make the distinction, but sank is
                           generally used for the intransitive sense.
                           \_ you sank my battleship!
2000/3/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17690 Activity:low
3/3     In un*x is there a way to prevent hostname lookups from, say,
        *  I'd like my computer to take all gethostbyname()
        lookups to that domain and return an error.  Aside from modifying
        the libsocket source code is there an easier way?
        \_ They let you have a unix box?  Like uhm, yeah, you need to hack
           the source before you edit the hosts file, local dns records or
           install junkbusters.
        \_ a simpler thing would be to just put a static route in your host
           to make the various doubleclick servers unreachable. -ERic
2000/3/3-6 [Uncategorized] UID:17691 Activity:moderate
3/3     16005467   jenly    6498681   ansjory  5403079   choo
        15753476   ccytsao  6448093   tchuang  5135567   kane
        10367913   rico     6405433   cchow    5116671   brucelo
        8903249   blyon     6328165   shieh    4983558   ivy
        7372571   joy       6313409   sly      4936721   erickyo
        7322787   muchandr  5967753   ying     4898865   innami
        7230711   chiu      5739658   andrea   4879230   comiso
        6977657   ramses    5623574   egwall   4851543   tonyng
        6718052   sfang     5559467   acchang  4787311   yule
        6702210   john      5534672   katster  4774731   nhut
        \_ clean up your crap in your mailspool!!!
        \_ solution: get rid of users who have not logged in for the last
           5 years.
        \_ solution2: get rid of all the male users
        \_ solution3: get rid of all the users w/Asian last name
        \_ the final solution: get rid of users.  <DEAD><DEAD>
                \_ *cheer*!  --BOFH
        \_ solution4: get rid of all the users except for the officers and
           provide a menu interface for everyone else.  Oh wait, that's
           been tried and loudly rejected.  Nevermind.
        \_ solution5: disable sendmail. that way /var/mail will never fill up.
        \_ solution6: buy a freaking disk already. APS Pro-18GB Ultra SCSI,
           -only- $519.95!
        \_ why not a lower /var/mail quota?
2000/3/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:17692 Activity:nil
3/3     Alumni request: I'd like to make a donation towards the mail spool.
        Can someone post a page w/the total amount needed for this specific
        request, and then alumni will be happy to send in checks for it?
2018/12/09 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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