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2000/3/2 [Recreation/Food] UID:17674 Activity:insanely high
3/1     Anybody know if there are stores (or companies) that sells milk in
        glass bottles rather than 1 gallon plastic containers.  Glass is more
        readily recycleable.  Thanks.
        \_ Yes, but you'll pay for the privilege. Check out stores like
           Whole Foods and Wild Oats. I personally buy my milk in
           cartons from Horizon Dairy. --dim
        \_ andronico's and (as stated above whole foods)  -hahnak
        \_ Lucky (Albertson) does.  BTW are the glass bottles reused or
           just recycled?  -- yuen
           \_ duh.
        \_ Strauss milk comes in glass bottles.  You pay an extra dollar
           for the bottle, which is refunded by the store when you return
           it.  Don't forget to buy a bottle cap, $0.75.  Like Horizon,
           it's organic.  --pld
           \_ and it tastes a hell of a lot better than generic milk
        \_ If you really care about the environment, don't drink milk.
        \_ If you really care about the environment, drink breast milk.
             \_ yummy
        \_ You can not buy dairy products and use dick cheese in your
2000/3/2-4/27 [Uncategorized] UID:17675 Activity:nil
03/01   the new library books policy is now available at:
                /csua/adm/doc/policies/library          --librarian
2000/3/2 [Uncategorized] UID:17676 Activity:nil
         8545 blah    102   0  1592K   348K RUN     37:24 39.44% 39.44% nethack
        \_ Fuck you?
2000/3/2-3 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:17677 Activity:moderate
3/2     "He was plotting it for around two weeks, jokingly, saying he was
        going to extort money from these companies. Then all of a sudden
        he got dared to do it, and 10 minutes later Yahoo! was down. He
        never made extortion demands," the source said.  We should all be
        thankful he got scared and didn't carry out his next idea, and
        that no one else feels the need to do this either," the source
        wrote. "He had a DDoS (distributed denial of service) tool that he
        wrote installed on all of his hacked boxes. He was planning on
        using all 1,000 machines in a combined attack on the Root
        Nameservers, flooding the Nameservice ports with UDP packets." "He
        is safe and he knows it, he deleted all evidence off his machine.
        ...He is very well aware that there isn't any way to prove a smurf
        attack after the fact."
        \_ Hear that tjb? They're on to you!
2000/3/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17678 Activity:nil
        Microsoft INVENTS symbolic links!!! They are so cool!
           LINUX SUX.
        \_ Well M$ coined the term "DNS" too.
        \_ Well, the thing they have is a little more complicated than that.
           They have an actual process go out to the file system and look for
           shit to compress.  In essence it is a cludgy hack that should be
           replaced by an encrypting/compressing filesystem.
        \_ Digital Integrity's (Aiken's brainchild) is doing a lot more
           interesting things than this.
                \_ Aiken's is brilliant, but who is making more money?
                   ACADEMIA SUX AND INDUSTRY R3WLS!!!
2000/3/2-3 [Reference/Tax] UID:17679 Activity:high
3/2     I know better than to ask for tax assistance in the motd, but
        I'm a glutton for punishment.  So anyways, like, what is the
        formula btwn the number of allowances I can claim and how much is
        actually withheld (when filling out your W-4)?  How can I determine
        how many allowances I must have in order to have 0 state and fed
        income tax withheld? --sky
        \_ This is one case in which you should NOT CONSULT THE IRS.
           The worksheet that comes w/ the form is WRONG.
           So unless you want to pay $6K at year end, do not use it.
           In normal case,
           if you are single, claim one. If homeowner or married, more
           than that but not on both of your forms.
           Of course, you can get away with claiming 10 like I did one yr
           but chronically owing a large amount of taxes at every year
           end will get you a fat IRS
           "penalty". You can have near $0 withheld if you claim enuf.
           NOTE: some types of income they *must* withheld.
        \_ There should be a worksheet that comes with your W-4 that help
           you calculate the number of allowances you should put down.
        \_ Consult HR, CPA or IRS.
        \_ You can't have nothing withheld.  The IRS will charge you huge
           fines and/or throw your ass in jail for tax evasion.
           \_ I end up geting way over taxed each year because the rate
              i am taxed at assumes I work 12 months at that rate.  But
              I always end up taking 3 or 4 months off a year.  And I am
              too lazy to do my taxes, so the gubbament just keeps my
              cheese.  I would much rather put my money in short term
              treasury bonds and actually get paid interest on the money
              I am loaning to the government rather than piss it away
              in he wind.  -sky
                \_ Btw, sky did you know your interest is taxed also?
                \_ Just think of it as a down payment for the meth rehab
                   and prison housing bills the governement is going to be
                   paying on your behalf in the future.
                   \_  Really?  The government is gonna foot the bill?
                       I've had it all wrong.  These government guys
                       sound prety swell --sky
                        \_ Not exactly.  They're going to whore your pretty boy
                           ass out to the rougher inmates to keep them inline.
                           It's a lot cheaper than buying the other inmates
                           more rec rooms and TV's or hiring more guards.
                \_ It's actually illegal to not file a return, regardless
                   of whether or not you owe additional taxes or have a
                   refund coming.
                        \_ Unless you have no withholding, and less income
                           than the standard deduction/exemptions.
                           \_ Remember the part about knowing better
                              than to take motd tax advice?  Consult
                              your tax advisor or the IRS for reliable
                              information on who must file.  The above
                              is not quite correct.
2000/3/2-3 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:17680 Activity:nil
3/2     If Gen. Pinhead were a Nazi war criminal, the Brits would have
        handed him over to the Spaniards like pit bull with rabies
        programming in Visual Basic.  -mtbb
        \_ I think we should wait at Can for his plane to pass and...
           Fire!  *SMACK!*  What happened?  Oh my, he just vanished!
           F0->All  Gen. Pinochet:  use the Buddy System.   ---> BB-7 <---
2000/3/2-3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:17681 Activity:high
3/1     Please clean out /var/mail (your mailbox). Was 100% full but i just
        cleaned out over 1MB.
        \_ Encourage use of a real mail tool like [n]MH to avoid
           keeping your mail in /var/mail.
           \_ or use procmail/slocal to automatically move mail to your
              local directory
                \_ No need for procmail. echo $HOME/Mailbox >.forward
        \_ can't we just delete ALL the alumni who have not attended
           CSUA meeting in the last X number of years or who have not made
           generous donation to CSUA? I bet that'd free up a of space.
           Furthermore, less user = less complaint
           \_ You're not very bright, are you?
           \_ Yeah, it's more important to have some extra mail spool space
              than first shot at jobs and free clue and hardware.  Good plan.
              Dump the evil alumni who steal our mail spool space, most of
              whom are storing their mail in their home directory because
              _they_ have clue.  Please tell me you're a troll.  I'll feel
              better being trolled than if you're real.
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