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2000/3/1-2 [Recreation/Media] UID:17659 Activity:moderate
2/29    I heard that during New Year's Eve some station (I think CBS)
        digitally faked the billboards in Times Square.  I heard that
        CBS modified the actual billboards to show ads chosen by CBS
        instead of showing the real ads.  Is this true?  Does anyone
        have a reference/URL for this story?  Thanks.
        \_ yes, that is true.
        \_ Isn't this sensorship?  Can we sue CBS for doing that?
                \_ Isn't that spelling?
                \_ You have no grounds for suing CBS.  They control their
                   broadcasts and have complete authority to decide what they
                   contain.  All you can do is complain to the FCC.
                   (And no, it's not censorship, it's advertising.)
                   \_ You have freedom of speech from government control.  The
                      advertising thing is a civil matter for the billboard
                      folks to sue over.  There is no other form of freedom of
                      speech.  The 1st amendent doesn't cover as much as net
                      libertarians would like.
2000/3/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:17660 Activity:high
2/29    Rdump from solaris to solaris works fine, but i can't get the
        linux to rdump to the solaris (ie to the tape drive on the solaris
        box).  Help.
        \_ Because linux sucks.  Use Solaris or some BSD.
2000/3/1-2 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17661 Activity:very high
2/29 is a really cool
        mozilla bug which reveals some key differences between windows and
           \_ Linux is like a fragile lotus blossom, moments before the
              opening of a new Starbucks.
                \_ Whoa... deep.  We need Shatner on this one.
        \_ And those differences are what?  Linux developers get to make their
           own mistakes while Windows developers have to trust MS?
                \_ The obvious: Windows is faster even after 14 builds and the
                   open source guys flat out say so and don't have a fix for
                   it.  At the end of the day, winmozilla outperforms linux-
                   mozilla with fewer bugs no matter what your religion says.
        \_ uh... I dont think this says anything about Linux v. Windows...
           whats it says is "X windows sucks and is hopelessly slow" which
           we all knew already anyway.
                \_ Linix = X.  Windows = MS.  MS video >>>> Linux video.
                \_ Linux = X.  Windows = MS.  MS video >>>> Linux video.
                   \_ WRONG. Linux = a particular implementation of X.
                      Which may or may not be equivalent to
                      "X always has sucky performance".
                        \_ Uh, yer on crack.  There are very few Linux
                           specific modifications to X.
                           \_ You mean, TO THE XOPEN REFERENCE VERSION OF X.
                              There are other, commercial versions.
                              \_ See below for this point.
                        \_ X always has sucky performance.  To do better you
                           need to buy a custom version and then it's all nice
                           and shrink wrapped.  Nice philosophy but it doesn't
                           stand up in the real world.  As I said,
                           Linux Video = Shit.  Windows Video = Awesome.
                           \_ XF86 4.0 will, to a very large extent, change
                              this, and should provide a more efficient
                              rendering pipeline than even windows (while
                              on a local workstation) while not sacrificing
                              remote display abilities that make X cool.
                                \_ That's nice.  When the vapor takes form,
                                   let us know.  Until then, it remains as I
                                   said.  Linux Video = Sucks.  Windows Video
                                   = Awesome.  You can't compare what vapor
                                   *might* be to what Windows is already doing
                                   today and has been doing for many *years*.
                                   \_ People are running this vapor, bub.
                                   \_ Why not?  Only MS is allowed to compare
                                      its favor favorably to what other people
                                      have already been doing for years before
                                      *they* thought of (ahem, "invented") it?
                                        \_ You want Linux to be like MS?  All
                                           hype and promises and vapor?  You
                                           can't have your cake and eat it,
                                           too.  And in this case, Xfree 4.0
                                           isn't even here yet, so no, you're
                                           worse than MS.
                \_ if you actually READ THE BUG,and have clue, you may come
                  to the conclusion that this is yet another case of
                  linux hax0rs doing sloppy programming, rather than an
                  intrinsic speed problem in X.
                  \_ I read the bug.  Typical of the open source fanatic, you
                     place blame on sloppy hax0rs, then say there's nothing
                     wrong and (I'm guessing) have been critical of Ms in the
                     past for the same sloppy coding.  Yet when MS does it, you
                     say it's bad.  When "linux hax0rs" are sloppy, everything
                     is good and "just you wait until Xfree86 4.0 is out!!!".
                     The end user doesn't give a damn why it's slow.  Linux
                     Video <<< Windows Video.
                     \_ You're an idiot. I was decrying open source fanatics,
                        not emulating them.
                        \_ I read the bug.  The bug writers were claiming
                           there's nothing they can do but futher kludge it.
        \_ You are all fools! What this *really* shows is that graphical
           browsers all suck. LYNX! LYNX! LYNX is the STANDARD! Web browser.
           \_ w3m is the standard.  lynx sucks.
2000/3/1-2 [Industry/Startup] UID:17662 Activity:nil
2/29    Anyone hear about News Corp. merging with Yahoo!? What will this
        do for the stock of these two companies? --dim
        \_ Plunge like a stone in a lake.  A deep lake.
        \_ Take a look at AOL.
           \_ Which to short? How short? --dim
                \_ Don't short a huge money making company that has a 20m
                   captive subscriber base.  Duh.
2000/3/1-2 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/Theory] UID:17663 Activity:high
2/29    What's the difference between a context-free-grammar and a
        \_ Context-free: a rule maps a non-terminal onto a string of
           non-terminals and terminals; decidable by a pushdown automaton
           Context-sensitive: a rule maps a string of terminals and
           non-terminals to a _longer_ string of terminals and non-terminals;
           decidable by a linear-bounded turing machine, but not by a PDA.
           Universal: a rule maps a string of terminals and non-terminals
           onto any other string of terminals and non-terminals (aka
           Universal Rewrite Rules), decidable by a TM, but not always by
           a LBTM/PDA. For more, RTFM; the motd is not a math book. -alexf
        \_ I wonder who is asking 172 questions on the motd? -brg
           \_ A lazy idiot.  -- ilyas
              \_ Yes, and anyone dumb enough to take 172 is just an idiot.
                 \_ Hey, for the record, 172 was my favourite class at Cal.
                    But asking such ... class-related questions on the motd
                    seems pretty lame to me.  The least you could do is
                    troll well.  -- ilyas
                    \_ And mie favourite klass was Collej Righting 1A
                       becouse we lerned to spel words like favourite.
                    \_ Anyone who doesn't like the same classes as ilyas is a
                       \_ Anyone who says stupid shit like:

              '\_ Yes, and anyone dumb enough to take 172 is just an idiot.'

                          is a troll. -- ilyas
                          \_ ilyas hath spoken and so shall it be!
                \_ I liked 172 a lot, even though I got my ass kicked and
                I am definetely not into math...        -muchandr
         \_ more like 164 I bet.
            \_ 164 almost never covers CSLs/CSGs
                \) why did everyone bitch about my 164 class then? -aspo
                   \_ Who cares?
                \_ 164 is boring. 264 is more interesting.
2000/3/1-2 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17664 Activity:nil
2/29    does an ssh client for windows 3.11 exist?  thanks.
        \_ Win32 programs have been known to run on 3.11 systems.
           Try TeraTerm ssh (free) or F-Secure (maybe free if you're on
                \_ There was an article in the merc this week saying that
                   SSH Communications & SANS were giving away free SSH to
                   .edu's but I can't find anything on or
                   Anyone know anything about it?
2000/3/1-3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:17665 Activity:moderate
3.3.00  The secretary's band is playing lower sproul at noon on mar 3rd.
        To hear what they sound like, /tmp/howsYourHero.mp3 - I'll take
        it off in a day or so.
        \_ Any more where that came from?
           \_ actually yes, email sexy@csua for further requests (i don't
              want to fill up /tmp/
              \_ mr secretary should know that he ought to put this
                 in /csua/tmp, not /tmp.  bad secretary.
                 \_ ok it's in /csua/tmp/howsYourHero.mp3
              \_ Mr SOTO should know not to imply that the CSUA endorses
                 his activities
              \_ Mr paolo soto should use paolo@CSUA.
2000/3/1-2 [Computer/Theory] UID:17666 Activity:high
3/1     Today we'll be talking about artificial intelligence by useing
        examples from The Matrix with the help of Stuart Russell.  308 LeConte,
        5pm. all are welcome to attend!  -sofia
                      \_ Someone go there and protest that Matrix demonstrates
                         nothing about AI. Watch 2001 instead.
        \_ One more reason to STAY OUT OF INDUSTRY, COME BACK TO ACADEMIA!!!
        \_ One more reason to STAY OUT OF SINDUSTRY, COME BACK TO ACADEMIA!!!
        \_ Does academia include free use of a spell checker?
2000/3/1-2 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17667 Activity:moderate
        \_ Uh huh, communists and a guy who made his millions on the
           copyright system which is the printed version of the patent
           system.  I'm impressed.  I'm also stoned, stupid, and a libertarian.
           \_ There is a BIG difference between the patent system and the
              copyright system. You can have two books that describe how
              to use the same algorithm, in detail, and not violate copyright.
              But the way the PTO is going, you wont be able to have two
              separate programs that use the same algorithm, without
              violating patents.
                \_ Bullshit.  Stop repeating the ignorant drivel from the
                   slashdot crowd and do your own research.  Start with a law
                   degree.  "But I don't need no stinkin' law degree to know
                   that my rights to other people's work is being infringed!"
                   \_ One of the cornerstones of patent law is that no one
                      should be allowed to patent prior art (something which
                      someone has done before) nor any trivial extention of
                      prior art (something which would be obvious to anyone
                      in the field even without it having already been done)
                      The trick is that the patent office's track record for
                      letting prior art leak into patents is abysmal.
                      [Dubious reference to prior art accidentally deleted]
                      \_ Please quote the spec example and provide URL.  If
                         it was that simple the judge would not have granted
                         an injunction.  That's only done when there is a
                         high probability of victory.  If the example you
                         claim is in the cookie spec covered the whole patent,
                         then B&N's lawyers could have easily not only not
                         been on the wrong end of the injuction, but could
                         have had the patent declared invalid long before now.
                         Patent law isn't as simple as slashdot makes it out.
                      \_ Were any of the online brokers up and running in
                         1997?  Any one of their stock purchase systems
                         would constitute prior art if in place then.  -mel
                         \_ No, it wouldn't.  You have no idea what a patent
                            even is.  It is defined by the claims, not the
                            oft and over quoted summaries printed on slashdot
                            and other anti-IP sites.  Violate so much as a
                            single minor claim and you're infringing on some-
                            one else's property.
2000/3/1-2 [Reference/Tax] UID:17668 Activity:high
3/1     If I over-contribute to my 401K account (exceeding the $10500 limit),
        what happens at year-end?  Thanks.
        \_ The IRS comes and shoots you.
           \_ They have to figure it out first.  Not doing so well recently.
        \_ they force you to withdraw your entire account, pay taxes on it.
           just kidding, most likely your accounts payable keeps track of it.
           \_ He didn't ask, "can I", he asked "what happens if I"
2000/3/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:17669 Activity:high
3/1     If we had celebrity death match with CSUAers, what would be a good
        \_ motd troll vs. anonymous coward.
           \_ anonymous coward is such a lame term. go back to slashdot.
        \_ yermom vs. everyone, oh wait, that's overdone
        \_ emacs user vs. killroy
        \_ aspo vs. seano
        \_ tom vs. twinks
        \_ anyone who got in by having sex vs. whomever they had sex with
2000/3/1 [Uncategorized] UID:17670 Activity:nil
3/1     Today's MOTD entry is one of LOVE.
        You're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people like
2000/3/1 [Uncategorized] UID:17671 Activity:nil
3/1     LR(0) grammar has no ambiguity and no shift/reduce conflict.
2000/3/1-2 [Reference/Celebration, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:17672 Activity:high
3/1     Happy 21st birthday, mikeh.
        \_ Is it not tradition that mikeh is now supposed to say "fuck you!"?
           \_ Oh, right.  Fuck you all.  -mikeh
2000/3/1-2 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:17673 Activity:nil
3/1     What is the soda DNS cache timeout? How long should it take to update
        the IP of a named system?
        \_ Doesn't this depend on the information the name server recieved
           about the ttl of the IN A/PTR record?  Also the name server
           may have a minimum ttl below which it will not accept an update.
2018/11/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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