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2000/2/29 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17650 Activity:kinda low
2/28    How can I restrict permission on an ftp site so that chroot
        takes effect without using anonymous ftp?  In other words,
        a secure ftp login by password, where the user only has
        access to the home directory.  Please email me if you know -- jnat
        \_ This is RTFM time.
           \_ it helps if you mention WHICH 'M' to F-ing R.
                \_ The one for the server you're using.
                    \_ Wait, who should I believe?  What does it all mean?
                       \_ believe your mommy. After all, she's never lied
                          to you... has she?
                          \_ she was young and needed the money
                                \_ yermomma may have wu-wu-ftp but I'm still
                                   tryin' to get it on with my computer
2000/2/29 [Uncategorized] UID:17651 Activity:very high
2/28    I need a place I can stick it...
        \_ You Gotta Lick It Before We Kick It -Roula
        \_ $20 on any street corner.
        \_ I wanna slip my tube-steak into your sister.  What do ya' take
           in trade?
                \_ Your life.
           \_ Trade?  No way.  I wanna slip mine into her myself!
           \_ I dunno, what do ya' got?
2000/2/29-3/1 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:17652 Activity:high
2/28    Yahoo maps is fallible--or rather driving directions that it gives.
        Led me and my friend on a wild goose chase on Sat:  didn't even
        end up at the right place.  Don't trust it.  --PeterM
        \_ print maps you buy a t a bookstore are often very unreliable also.
           i have yet to see a map that really accurately gives locations of
           all the highway exits and such, and short of USGS quad  maps or
           NOAA charts, ive yet to see a map that doesn't screw up the
           topography.  good mapmaking is not cheap or easy.  even the NOAA
           charts go out of date constantly.  trusting a 2 year old NOAA
           chart can cost you your life.
                \_ I got lucky.  My chart was out of date and I ended up in
                   Harlem but Robocop saved my life!
        \_ What a concept! Don't trust something you get off the internet!
           Its a handy tool, it isn't perfect. It always pays to double
           check what you're doing, especially if you might end up
           in Montana when you were trying to go to Mountain View and
           you aren't smart enough to realize that it is taking way
           too long once you start going.
                \_ Don't trust anything you hear on the net including motd
                   advice about not trusting anything you hear on the net or
                   motd advice about not trusting motd advice about not
                   trusting things you hear on the net or ....
        \_ mapquest
        \_ it does present you with a big disclaimer you know
        \_ yahoo bites in many ways. use
        \_ learn to navigate. I tried tripquest once, and it tried to
           run me down a street that the cops closed that night for some
           street fair.
           \_  Actually, I told my friend to let me navigate from now on.
               I didn't know Yahoo maps was fallible:  I do a much better
               job with a roadmap than Yahoo. --PeterM
                \_ Yahoo does plot addresses along streets which roadmaps
                   can't quite tell you. -jeffwong
        \_ I've had bad luck with yahoo too (non-existant offramps) while
  has yet to fail me. -jones
                \_ Yahoo maps is really using MapQuest's database. You need
                to blame it on MapQuest. At any rate, MapQuest is a standard
                industry product, and MapsOnUs is a standard academia product.
                INDUSTRY SUX AND ACADEMIA R3WLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                \_ Please turn in your keyboard, mouse, monitor, drives, amp,
                   speakers, and all other industry created devices and
                   technologies and report to Food Vat #16-b for Foot Vat
                   cleaning duty immediately.  Activate next clone.
2000/2/29-3/1 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:17653 Activity:nil
2/29    How do I instruct emacs to put its turd files in some
        out-of-the-way place, instead of the directory I am working in?
        \_ (set-variable 'make-backup-files nil)
           (set-variable 'auto-save-default nil)
2000/2/29 [Computer/Domains] UID:17654 Activity:nil
2/29    I think the NETWORK SOLUTIONs (domain registration) is ripping
        off people's ideas. Whenever I see if a domain name exists,
        it doesn,t but a few days later it is taken and registered
        by themselves ( which runs the US Dept of
        commerce sites. I had idea for a domain name christfiles,
        in may i searched if it existed, it didn't but was registed
        by networksolutions immediately after. Then I had an idea for
        my own company (about a year ago), (since my
        last name is reza, it didn't exists when i ran it through
        their whois site. Now networksolutions owns it. It's their
        site. I really feel they are using what people search for
        domain names and then registering them for themselves so
        they could sell it back to the person with the idea. Dunno
        what to do because I can't prove it but I know it's happening. - turin
2000/2/29-3/1 [Uncategorized] UID:17655 Activity:high
2/29    Looking for force-feedback keyboards. Please advise.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ thanks. How about force feedback running shoes?
           \_ thanks. How about force feedback running shoes? -dmusashi
        \_ Uh, for what?  The whole force feedback thing is a scam.
              \_ No new body released for a while.
2000/2/29-3/1 [Uncategorized] UID:17656 Activity:kinda low 80%like:17405
2/29    Happy Leap Day!
        \_ Sadie Hawkins Day, too.
        \_ Yeah 2000 wins.  Divisibility.
        \_ Anyone here have a bday today?
                \_ Yeah, I'm 7 today.
2000/2/29-3/2 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17657 Activity:kinda low
2/29    Why is this year being a leap year such a big problem?  If a computer
        wasn't designed to recognize the 4/100/400 rule, it'll take the simple
        rule that every 1 out of 4 years is a leap year and will still treat
        Year 2000 as a leap year.  No one was going to think 4/100 but not
        4/100/400, right?  -- yuen
        \_ Never attribute to malice...
        \_ Wrong.  People do stupid things and that was one of them.
        \_ 4/100 is more commonly known than 4/100/400.  Also 4/100/400 takes
           some tiny shred of thought to remember and code.  Thus lots of folks
           such as SGI and Microsoft blew it.
                \_ Wasn't it that some programmers thought that the rule
                        was that every 400 years, February has 30 days.
                        \_ Uh yeah, uh huh, sure, yuppers.
                        \_ Actually, you're right on this.  I originally
                           learned about the 400 rule from somebody that
                           thought February would have 30 days in 2000.  She
                           didn't know about 100's not having a leap year.
2000/2/29-3/4 [Finance] UID:17658 Activity:kinda low
2/29    Graduating in June? Pimp yourself for a $100 Amazon gift certificate.
        \_ Actually, you don't even need to be graduating, just need to be
           a CS or EECS major. -dans
           \_ Not true. I sent in my resume and they wrote back and said
              thanks but no thanks b/c I wasn't graduating this spring.
                           - jowens (who posted this in the first place)
        \_ How do they afford shit like this?  The companies listed on their
           website don't look that impressive.
           \_ Hmmm.  .  .  perhaps they had another survey for folks who
              aren't graduating.  I didn't bother to send in a complete
              resume.  As for how they can afford it, lots of dumb VCs. -dans
              resume.  As for how they can afford it, lots of dumb VCs.
              And after you take the money and run from CollegeHire,
              boycott Amazon. -dans
                \_ Yeah and you're a genius.  99% of those VC's are making so
                   much money they can't give it away to dumb little startups
                   with their dumb little ideas fast enough.  Let us know when
                   you have your first job and made your first $100.00.  Your
                   McD's fries cook job doesn't count.
                   \_ Real job: been there, done that.  Let me know what the
                      hell you've been smoking to make you dumb enough to
                      believe that 99% of VC's are turning massive profits.
                      Maybe 70% are profiting, and, of those, the number that
                      are making the kind of money you're talking about that
                      is much smaller.  Quit trolling. -dans
                        \_ Clueless child.  Where's your resume?
                           \_ Deluded adult, are you hiring? -dans
                                \_ No one like you.  Just wanted to see you
                                   back up that "been there, done that"
                                   statement.  We're not looking for NCGs at
                                   the moment.
                      \_ Any clued sodans know what the real %-age is for
                         VC-funded net companies - that are profitable?  I
                         understand VCs define a minimum of 30:1 returns
                         as "successes" with 1000(0):1 not very rare.
                         I've heard something like, "nine out of 10 of
                         funded companies can blow as long as there's the
                         one out of the 10 that's a success" and the VC
                         people make their proper cut
                         \_ Tier 1 VCs generally have a greater than
                            50% hit rate. However, the vast majority
                            of VCs have hit rates under 10%. -sameer
                         \_ Also, VCs make money no matter what happens.
                            They generally charge 1-3% "management fee"
                            which is charged on the total assett value
                            of the fund, and then 20-30% of the total
                            returns of the fund. -sameer
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