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2000/2/28-29 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/Theory] UID:17642 Activity:insanely high
2/28    If the push-down automton can accept the language consisting of all
        words in the form (a^n b^n, n=1,2,3,...), how come no pushdown
        automaton, deterministic or non-deterministic can accept
        (a^n b^n c^n, n=1,2,3,...)? How would a linear bounded automaton
        accept this language?
        \_ Just write a perl script for some computer.  Make k large enough
        \_ Do you own homework.
           to make 3*n*k be equal to the RAM size of the computer.
           \_ 'your'
                \_ 'typo'
                   \_ 'idiot'
                        \_ Think of this the next time you typo, idiot.
           "That's how."
                \_ and people wonder why the csua is a sysadmin farm
        \_ pumping lemma pumping lemma pumping lemma, hehe.
        \_ Do your own homework.
        \_ Are you saying no one has shown that it can, or are you saying
           someone has formally proved that it can't?
           \_ "Someone" has formally proved that it can't, and YOU CAN, TOO!
              With just a small 4-unit investment into an intro complexity
              class, YOU TOO can go around saying cool words like "pumping
              lemma", "LBTM", "Savitch", and "EXPfuckingSPACE." Take 172,
              and CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER! -alexf (real answer: pump)
              \_ I did take 172 in Spring '91.  I just had a lousy professor
        \_ How relevant is complexity, architecture, automata&languates,
           logic&systems design, theory of computation? NONE. I took a
           c++/Java class and now I'm making 80K/year.          -not CS major
           \_ relevant to what?  just because most people in computers
              dont need to understand fundamentals doesn't make it important.
              this is like all those idiots who think that because they make
              tons of money in software hardeware is useless.  without
              people to concieve of new kinds of computing devices who understa
              nd theory and people to build those devices, you would not
              have anything to work on for your 80k/yr.  no one is going
              to pay you 80k/yr to write addition algorithms on Babbage's
              difference engine.  not relevant to *your*life != not relevant.
                \_ I happily make tons of money in a non-hardware field and
                   fully appreciate all the hardware toys that come my way.
                   Not a CS major and making more than the clown above who
                   doesn't get it.  Every advance in either software or hardware
                   is good for everyone's bottomline.
           \_ Is your code maintainable and extensible?  Probably not...
                \_ Are you in school and making +80K? Probably not.
                   Are you in industry and making +80K? Probably.
                   \_ Industry is for brainless people and academia is for
                        brainy people. Industry sucks and academia rules.
                        B1FF G0 BAC|< 2 SK00L!!!!!!!
                        \_ "I work for academia and get paid less to do less,
                           therefore I am morally superior and more intelligent
                           than my industry counterpart."  This is such a total
                           crock.  It was hard to get a good first industry job
                           coming from academia because in industry they know
                           the book worms don't know how to produce, can't work
                           and can't get along well with others.  Academia isnt
                           even academia anymore.  How many rooms and buildings
                           are named after companies or CEO-ish sponsors?  How
                           many projects on compas are paid for in whole or in
                           part by industry?  You think that's free money from
                           the goodness of USA INC's heart?  Academia is the
                           cheap research arm of industry, today.  Traditional
                           academics are dead.  Long dead.
                           \_ Idiot.  It's the long term research in the
                              industry that is dead.  Go away, you superficial
                              software drone.
2000/2/28-29 [Recreation/Woodworking] UID:17643 Activity:kinda low
2/28    Looking for recommendations on cordless machine tools.  Any comments
        on DeWalt vs. Makita 18 V drill and saw combos?  How about other
        \_ Yer mom prefers my Makita.
        \_ DeWalt, all the way, every time.
2000/2/28-3/1 [Consumer/Audio] UID:17644 Activity:nil
2/27    Does anyone have any experience/feedback on and mp3 players that
        have the voice recording feature (built-in mike - i.e. Samsung
        Yepp, Audiovox, I-Jam).  I'm interested in using one for
        language listening practice.  Mainly seen reviews on the Rio,
        which doesn't have record, was wondering how these compare...
        \_ buy an md.  get the aiwa am-f70.  get if from
           for cheap ($220).  apparently, this is an excellent device
           for recording lectures, and you can record the analog
           signal of the mp3's onto it too, with superior results.
           \_ I 2nd that. I have a F70 and a Nomad. Blank MDs are
              cheap. 32MB of smart media is not. Drawback with recording
              mp3 to MD is it's done at 1X. Wait for the Nomad 2 which
              can d/l mp3 over USB. Another drawback with F70 is it's
              not entirely skip-free. Also F80 is out now - it's even smaller
        \_ Yes.
2000/2/28-3/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17645 Activity:kinda low
        \_ please to provide baseline metrics for context
              \_ Linux is like Gay Marriage: Crunchy on the outisde,
              \_ Linux is like Gay Biker Sex: Crunchy on the outisde,
                 but with a sweet candy center.  Or is it like rutabaga.
                 Yeah.  That's it.
                 \_ I vote for the rutabaga.  Maybe we need another motd poll?
                      \_ USE WINDOWS MAN.  dat fast mo-fo SUX.  WINDOWS REWLZ.
                         ANYONE WHO'S ANYONE USES WINDOWS.  dat fast mo-fo USERS
                         ARE FREAKS MAN.
          \_ sparc 10 = 1.0
                \_ How's that compare to my p5-166, *The* standard of comparison
                   in the computing world?
2000/2/28-29 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:17646 Activity:very high
2/27    So, in case anyone was wondering why gay marriage should be allowed
        and why you should vote for it, please go to my website and sign the
        petition at <DEAD><DEAD>
        I'm sorry but it's a little sappy, but true.
        \_ Wow.  Despite generating no responses until now, this thread in the
           motd re: gay marriage has gone for nearly 24 hours without being
           nuked.  I wonder what kind of politics are held by the person who
           keeps nuking the pro gay marriage posts for our protection from
           \_ Maybe his politics don't involve logging on to soda over the
              weekend (believe it or not, some people don't). -emarkp
              \_ Maybe, but, seeing as he posted it on Sunday, which is
                 traditionally considered to be part of the weekend, that
                 doesn't seem to hold. -dans
                 \_ This assumes that the nuker and the poster of this troll are
                    the same person. -emarkp
                        \_ "There can be only one".
        \_ if it hasn't generated any responses it's neither a thread nor
           an effective troll.  -tom
           \_ This is bullshit because the zeitgeist has come around and
              busted the money shot in the face of all those eggshell walking
              hypersensitive hypocrite I-love-gays-so-long-as-the-other-jews-
              are-watching by complete and outright apathy toward gays
              wanting to participate in a ceremony rooted in anti-fagdom
              because what's the fuckin point? They get the tax break and
              personally I don't care if sacrelige is the latest kink so long
              as adoption agencies don't blur the distinction between
              mommy-daddy and faggy-faggy the same way I'm sure none of you
              want your children stuffing cute little rodents into their
              cute little nambla loving colons. - (fucker)
           \_ It isn't a troll and it isn't there to start a thread.  It is
              there to get people to sign my petition and bring a greater
              understanding of these sensitive issues to more people.  Where
              does it say I'm trying to start a thread?  At this point, given
              dans and you replying and then me counter replying, there really
              is a thread, but I wouldn't expect you to see that, tom.
              \_ Sign yer posts you twink. -dans
                \_ Guh duh!  "Sign yer posts so we can squish your account!
                   -dans".  Go screw yourself.
                   \_ Listen, 1) we're not going to squish you for being an
                      asshole.  soda has lots of those, and they've gone
                      unsquished.  We will squish you for being a hoser.
                      2) when the motd was being rearranged, we figured out
                      who was doing it.  If you're the one nuking the motd,
                      we'll figure out.  3) Sign your posts you twink so that
                      soda knows what an asshole you are.  Now take your own
                      advice and go screw yourself. -dans :p
                        \_ "I'm da president!  I rewl da m0td!  Do as I sae
                            0r da m0td mafea w1l f1nd y00!"  It's a fucking
                            open access anonymous system.  Don't like it that
                            way?  Change it.  Until then, fuck off.  Seen lots
                            of people just like you (but smarter) come and go.
                            \_ Oh, you've seen people come and go, could it be
                               because they graduate?  I'm glad I could
                               enlighten you on the mystery of why people
                               don't hold CSUA officer's positions for their
                               entire lives.  It's fortunate that you can
                               recognize intelligence because, clearly, you
                               lack it.  Try again, twink. -dans :p
                                \_ No.  Mostly they just go away.  Seen them
                                   in the RW, too.  Mostly, I'm doing this just
                                   to get a rise out of you because it amuses
                                   me.  I suppose I'm trolling but not really
                                   because I wanted only you to respond.  Does
                                   that qualify for a troll?  Doesn't matter.
                                   Either way, I still annoyed Mr. SquiK!
                                   enough to elicit multiple responses, some
                                   of which were signed "CSUA President" as if
                                   that was going to put the fear of Gh0d into
                                   me or something.  Whatever.  You're now
                                   offically boring and of no more amusement
                                   or entertainment value.  Bye.
                                   \_ Funny.  You were amusing me.  I'll try
                                      not to be so harsh the next time I play
                                      with you. -dans
2000/2/28-29 [Transportation/Car] UID:17647 Activity:kinda low
2/27  apropos of the thread below...what is the price of diesel, roughly,
      in california these days?  i live in connecticut, and it's up to
      around $2.00/gallon, i.e. higher than gas, and high enough to affect
      food prices.  is this true out west too?  this price hike happened ver
      suddenly about a couple months ago out here.  what about other parts
      of the country?  normal 87 octane gas is around1.50/gallon here.
      \_ A little higher than gas, but diesel engines use fuel more efficiently,
         so overall it is generally more efficient to use diesel.  Diesel cars
         are very popular in Europe.  There are some disadvantages to diesel
         engines: They sound louder, they stink a bit more, and more
         importantly they don't get as hot when they are working, so you cannot
         really redirect engine heat into the passenger compartment to make a
         heating system. -- ilyas
         \_ not so.  from a price per mile ratio, yes.  but diesel tends to
            have some nasty environmental effects as well.  also, many
            gasoline powered cars today can exceed diesel ones in terms
            of miles per galon.
            \_ Overall, gasoline engine technology is a bit more mature (at
               least in small passenger cars), thus it is not surprising that
               some gasoline powered cars are more efficient than some diesel
               powered cars.  However, diesel technology is more promising.
               I think diesel is better for the environment than gasoline.
               It seems counterintuitive, because diesel 'stinks more,' but
               it's true.  However, there are some harmful compounds that are
               released in greater quantities by diesel engines
               (see post below).
               Another thing about diesel engines is that they don't accelerate
               very well, thus 'sporty' cars will probably have gasoline
               engines for a while.  -- ilyas
                        \_ tell us of the stars
                                \_ Billions, upon billions, upon....
               \_ There's still the soot problem, which apparently
                  is a cancer problem. Again, better diesel mixtures
                  can go part of the way to cleaning this up.
2000/2/28 [Finance/Investment] UID:17648 Activity:very high
        \_ Corrected for grammar and punctuation.
                \_ Update: corrected for proper tabbing.

god damnit i hate hearing ppl who know nothing about cars rant about cars
\_ I suppose you think current designs are good enough? A change as
   simple as converting to diesel would easily give 60-70mpg with no
   compromises (other than using the more smelly diesel)
        \_ Is diesel harder on the environment in any way?  -ignorant
           \_ Currently, higher NO2 emissions, due to high sulfur content
              in diesel mixtures. However, that's just a matter of
              developing a better mixture. Synthetic diesels are much
              better. Also, diesel requires less refining than gasoline,
              so (should be) much cheaper when economies of scale kick in.
\_ so shuddap yerself
\_ This is because they don't RIDE BIKE! enough. This is my theory and I am
   sticking to it.
        \_ This makes no sense what-so-ever.  If they RIDE BIKE! more, then
           they would know more about cars, or they would rant less about
           cars?  Either way, it makes no sense.  Please go to your academic
           advisor and withdraw from school immediately.  You're dragging
           down the curve.

\_ If I want to give someone some stocks as a surprise gift, how do I go
   about it?   Do I need to ask my broker (online broker) to issue me
   stock certificates in the gift recipient's name, and then send those
   to them?  Can they just then send the stock certificates to their
   broker, and have it deposited in their account?  Thanks.
   \_  gee, what an exciting gift.  i would be so overjoyed to get stocks
       as a gift.  wow.
       \_ Obungratefulprick
       \_ You may not like it, but I know my aunt and uncle would.  It's
          not like I don't send them flowers and other stuff.  But really
          it's none of your business if you have nothing to offer.
  \_  i don't know.  things like that are just NG.  i mean, you wouldn't
      ever give that to your girlfriend on valentine's day or her b-day,
      so why here?   it's about as fun as getting underwear or boxes of
      polident on christmas.......well, do whatever.
      \_ Thanks for your concern.  No, I won't give my girlfriend
         stocks on Valentine's day.  My uncle and aunt however enjoys
         playing the stock market, and we exchange stock tips.  As for
         any social convention of not giving monetary-type gifts, I
         am close enough to my aunt and uncle that it does not matter.
         My uncle and aunt also have rather particular taste so it's
         not easy to buy gifts for them (they would appreciate it,
         but if they don't use it, it's wasteful for everyone).
         Sometimes I get good ideas, but not all the time.  This time
         the good idea happens to be stocks, even though you disapprove.

   \_ Yes. you'll probably have to pay a small charge to the broker tho.
        \_ E-mail or call your online broker. They'll probably have a form
        for you to fill out. I know with <DEAD><DEAD> they don't charge you to
        have certificates issued to you or anyone else.
        \_ Thanks!  I already requested a form online.  My online broker
           E*trade charges $5 (one more reason to switch)

killroy was here.  emacs user nuked.

emacs user was down here too
2000/2/28 [Uncategorized] UID:17649 Activity:high
2/28    emarkp + ilyas = psb clone?
        \_ no.  psb is intelligent.
           \_ Aaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahahahahahaha!
              \_ And this is funny instead of childish because...? -emarkp
                \_ Time for you to just "go away"
                   \_ Perhaps it's time for you to just go away.  -emarkp
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