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2000/2/27 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:17639 Activity:very high
2/26    Car recs? <=25k, economy primary, single person, thanks. -nick
        \_ RIDE BIKE!
        \_ is this nick weaver or nick kralevich? anyway, for $31K, you
           can get Honda S2000.
           \_ No, this is the other nick. Since when is 30mpg "good"?
              Jeeze. By now all cars should be made of fiber glass
              run on diesel or fuel cells and be getting 120mpg. Why
              hatchback would be nice. 30 mpg is squat! I want 80mpg :)
              does a Volkswagen Golf weigh 2950 pounds?!?!?! Why
              does CA ban diesel engines, but allow SUVs???? -nick
        \_ you dont say ANYTHING about style. It's all about style.
           There are lots of cars under $20K which give killer gas milage,
           etc, etc. Pick oneyou like. A '94 mitsu mirage lasted for me,
           and gets over 30 miles a gallon. (1.8 liter, manual).
           Plus front wheel drive kicks ass.
           \_ thanks! don't care about "style" as in "de moda", but
        \_ Buy 5-year old car, more bang for buck, plus still new enuf
              hatchback would be nice. 30 mpg is squat! I want 80mpg :) -nick
        \_ the new volkswagen offerings are lots of bang for the $$$,
           imho.  check out the golf/jetta variants with the 1.8L turbo...
           Avoid Mazda, Ford.
           \_ The request was for economy. i always heard turbos
              double your maintainance costs, and half your engine life.
              Not very economical.
        \_ Buy 4 or 5-year old car, more bang for buck, plus still new enuf
           to not be a total pain, but expect to pay $2K for immediate
           fixings. RECYCLEs car, SAVES gas, environment etc.
           Japanese: Nissan,Toyota (avoid Honda prices higher)
           Avoid used Mazda, Ford, SGI.
           How much is EV1?
           \_ in what way does it save gas? Newer cars will have
              better (i.e. lower) emissions profiles, right? And
              probably better fuel economy, as well. Unless I get
              a volkswagen GTI.  hehe. -nick
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2/26    And Yea, verily, the motd was purified.
2000/2/27 [Transportation/Car] UID:17641 Activity:high
god damnit i hate hearing ppl who know nothing about cars rant about cars
\_ I suppose you think current designs are good enough? A change as
   simple as converting to diesel would easily give 60-70mpg with no
   compromises (other than using the more smelly diesel)
        \_ Is diesel harder on the environment in any way?  -ignorant
           \_ Currently, higher NO2 emissions, due to high sulfur content
              in diesel mixtures. However, that's just a matter of
              developing a better mixture. Synthetic diesels are much
              better. Also, diesel requires less refining than gasoline,
              so (should be) much cheaper when economies of scale kick in.
\_ so shuddap yerself
\_ This is because they don't RIDE BIKE! enough. This is my theory and I am
   sticking to it.
        \_ This makes no sense what-so-ever.  If they RIDE BIKE! more, then
           they would know more about cars, or they would rant less about
           cars?  Either way, it makes no sense.  Please go to your academic
           advisor and withdraw from school immediately.  You're dragging
           down the curve.

\_ If I want to give someone some stocks as a surprise gift, how do I go
   about it?   Do I need to ask my broker (online broker) to issue me
   stock certificates in the gift recipient's name, and then send those
   to them?  Can they just then send the stock certificates to their
   broker, and have it deposited in their account?  Thanks.
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