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2000/2/24 [Uncategorized] UID:17605 Activity:nil
        \_ right! that's what I'm talking about! Flame on!  There are some
           other typos there for you to get agitated about also.
2000/2/24 [Uncategorized] UID:17606 Activity:insanely high
10/23/99   Say I can afford a driver, but my license has been suspended.
           How can i register my car since i can't get insurance (no
           \_ Gee, if you dont have a license, what business have you got
              registering a car?
              \_ um, he said he could afford a driver.  can you read?

deleter guy: fu
  \_ Like the motd was useful after having been run through whatever
     program that was.
  \_ :*
2000/2/24 [Consumer/PDA, Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:17607 Activity:insanely high
2/23    What are the cons to getting a Handjob?
        \_ Probably a lot more disgusting than the car and the cdr
        \_ the four week wait?
          \_ anyone get a hairy palm IIIc yet? --oj
          \_ anyone get a hairy palm IIIc yet?
        \_ Doesn't feel as good as oral sex or intercourse.
        \_ chafing.
        \_ None, really.  It's just the first step on the short road to having
           her anyway you want.  Don't be so short sighted.
        \_sometimes it is the only way he can make you come.  Especially
        if he finishes and pulls out in under ten minutes.....
2000/2/24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/Networking] UID:17608 Activity:very high 70%like:17615
2/23    To all the CS graduates, how much do you like your job? What exactly
        are you working on? Would you recommend CS?     -sophomore declaring
        \_ I love my job.  I mostly do distributed system programming.
           The only way I can recommend CS as a major is if you've tried
           at least one CS class and *REALLY* enjoyed the work -- if
           you're thinking of declaring CS strictly for the money, you'll
           probably be pretty unhappy. -mice
           \_ Agreed.  If you're doing CS for the money, you're doing it
              for the wrong reason.  You won't make the kind of money you
              hear about ("overnight millionaires") unless you truly have
              a passion for it.  A passion that drives you to learn more and
              more and more until you truly have much Fu.  Moral:  Do what
              excites you.  --sowings
              \_ gee, really?  I heard some guy in a diner tell me that
                 his daughter was finishing her masters in CS and southern
                 connecticut state university so she could work in
                 "sillycone valley", where they pick you up in a limmo
                 at the airport, give you a private cook, and pay you several
                 hundred thousand a year automatically.  "That's how
                 they are out in California," he told me.  Shit.  Sign
                 me up.
                        -lives a long way from silicon valley
                        \_ Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight -Dr. Evil
                           \_ no, really, i really heard a guy said that,
                              and i'm pretty sure the poor guy belived it.
                              \_ Not questioning whether or not he said it
                                 but he's just not evil enough.  He's the
                                 margarine of evil.  -Dr. Evil
                 \_ are feeling okay there?  you seem a little piqued.
                \_ you were confused. He was actually referring to
                   "Silicone Valley", where all that happens if you have
                   nice tits, and you show them to the right people.
                   Which in Grammy-speak, means "everyone".
           \_ hey, I declared Chem Engineering 'for the money' and wound up
              doing computer/networking work for more! -ERic
                 \_ I was MSME and I wound up working at Cisco. I didn't
                    get into networking for the money though, it was just
                    more interesting than Mat. Sci.. The money hasn't been
                    bad though. I'm not sure I would have liked CS at Cal,
                    since I found that the undergrad CS classes don't really
                    teach you CS.
                     \_ uh-huh...
                        \_ I took some of the 1xx classes and a couple of
                           of the 2xx (grad) classes at Cal along with several
                           2xx (grad) classes at Stanford and found that
                           the *real* stuff is taught only in the grad coures.
              \_ Sure, but you like computers, ERic.  I have taken classes
                 with CS majors who declared how much they hated computers
                 (and not the right-after-something-won't-compile "i hate
                 computers") and thought they (computers) would be the
                 downfall of modern civilization, but they figured they'd
                 make some money off them while they could.  I feel a PHB
                 in someone's future.  I wonder if I'll even want to be in
                 the computer industry in 5 years when all of the current
                 CS ugrads who are in it for the money graduate and come
                 looking for jobs.  <sob>
                        \_ CS ugrads who are in it only for the money are
                           nothing new - they've been around for many years
                           \_ Maybe so, but there has been a much greater
                              influx of them recently.  --sowings
                              \_ Agreed, but this is nothing that can't be
                                 remedied with a couple of shotguns. -dans
                                 \_ .45
2000/2/24-26 [Recreation/Celebrity/BritneySpears] UID:17609 Activity:high
2/24    Britney Spears didn't win. IS THERE NO GOD?
        \_ THereis, but apparently he perfers mexicans.
        \_ So what was Jennifer Lopez wearing last night. I heard she wasn't.
                \_ You mean God prefers LATINO/LATINA artists, you
                politically incorrect piece of shit     -ricky martin #1 fan
                   \_ PC-ism started as a joke years ago.  Somehow the left
                      which lacks any sense of humor thought it was real and
                      took the next step down the censorship and thought
                      control path.  "PC" was once an insult.  Now you insult
                      for not being PC.  The world is a strange place.  Excuse
                      me while I go purge myself of all impurities of thought
                      that have not yet been approve by the looney left.
                \_ Jennifer Lopez is hot
                        \_ Forget PC, it's just plain incorrect.  Ricky Martin
                                isn't from Mexico, he's from Menudo.
                \_ Jennifer Hopez is hot
        \_ So what was Jennifer Hopez wearing last night. I heard she wasn't.
        \_ She didn't?  Then why was she on stage accepting the award for best
           new artist?
           \_ best "nude" artist?
           \_ Sigh. Yet another guy who can't tell the difference
              between B.S. and C.Ag. Then again, is there really any
                \_ Why would anyone care?  It's all bubble gum noise anyway.
        \_ Any pics?
        \_ YES my good man: check out under entertainment.
           there's an article on santana's sweep, and photos...
           my goodness....=)
        \_ why didn't Mandy Moore win?!
        \_ Everything in here is wrong except the bits about
           "thereis", "goodness....=", and "tell".
        \_ bitch, just shut the fuck up!
        \_ more pics, second paragraph:
2000/2/24-26 [Uncategorized] UID:17610 Activity:low
2/24    What's the cheapest (reasonably reliable) place to buy components and
        systems?  Ive been using Hitech, but I just wanted to see what others
        are using.
        \_ Everything in here is wrong except the bits about
           "reliable", "been", and "reasonably".
2000/2/24-26 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:17611 Activity:high
2/24    Four Q's concerning travel to Canada:
        1) Approximately how long does it take to travel from the South Bay to
           the Canadian?
                \_ Which Canadian?  There are a few already in the South Bay
                  so it shouldn't take too long.
                \_ Anywhere from 1-2 hours to 1 year, depending on mode of
                   transportation and which part of the 3000-mile long border
                   you want to get to.
        2) Any recommended airlines for a one-way flight from western Canada,
           like Toronto, back to the South Bay?
           \_ check United Airlines/Air Canada, they have a direct flight from
              SJ to Toronto.
        3) Do I need any special permits or whatsoever to drive in Canada with
           a rental car from the South Bay?  If so, what?
        4) What car rentals from the South Bay allow returns in Canada?
        \_ 2) Isn't Toronto in eastern Canada?  -- yuen
           \_ perhaps he means Vancouver?  that's a long drive otherwise.
        \_ Everything in here is wrong except the bits about
           "concerning", "special", and "four".
        \_ you don't need a special permit to drive a car registered in
           America in Canada, don't even bother changing your currency over
           to the inferior Canadian dollar; you're an American, damnit!! and
           can force them to accecpt the good old American greenback
           \_ sure, in principle, but some places will try to rip you off by
              taking US money dollar-for-dollar against Canadian prices.  Check
              if your credit card automatically exchanges currency. -ex-canuck
                \_ You can drive there fast, cause we PAVED THE BITCH.  -John
2000/2/24-26 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:17612 Activity:kinda low
2/24    Honda Insight: sliced bread or "dough!"? -nick
        \_ Everything in here is wrong except the bits about
           "dough", "sliced", and "insight:".
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