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2000/2/17 [Industry/Jobs] UID:17530 Activity:high
2/16    What are good ways to judge whether a candidate would work well
        for your company or not?  Technical questions/expertise?  Initiative?
        Communication skills?  Getting along with coworkers?
        \_ How can you tell by the ring whether a woman is taken or not?
        \_ technical skills, and co-worker integration.
           The others can tell you whether they like him.
           Hire someone who HAS A CLUE (obviously not yourself) to evaluate
           their technical skills.
                \_ nobody said the original poster was hiring.  Probably
                   just curious how others evaluate.
                   \_ that does not jibe with the wording of the question.
                      And dont delete my reply, schmuck.
                \_ I think that one's ability to communicate during an
                   interview is *very* important. Throw a tough technical
                   question at the interviewee, not to see if they can get
                   the perfect answer, but to make sure that they understand
                   complex questions etc... After that: personality & tech.
2000/2/17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:17531 Activity:high
2/16    Perl Question: Under perl5 does local() do anything or do you have
        to use my()?
        \_ "When in doubt, use my. When not in doubt, think twice, and
            then use my." local() has very limited applications and can
            almost always be replaced by my.
                \_ Certain variables cannot be my'd. Basically, think of
                   local as "assigning a temporary value", and my as
                   "creating a private variable." See perlsub, like the
                   poster below suggests. -brg
        \_ Use local for dynamic scope, my for lexical.
           \_ And use perlsub(1) for a detailed explanation of exactly
              what this means.
                   \_ Thanks this had the explanation I needed. Basically,
                      in perl5 I need my() whereever I used to use local().
                \_ Go back to CS 60a/61a if you don't know what this means.
                   Do not pass 164, do not collect diploma.
        \_ Go read you idiot.
           \_ This is a language issue, moron.  CPAN distributes packages.
              \_ Yes, RTFM before wasting people's time.  CPAN has, among
                 other things, the entire perl manpage in convenient
                 html form.  Idiot.
                 \_ It's only a waste of a person's time if that person
                    chooses to respond. And even then, that person may not
                    find it a waste. How much time did you waste to respond
                    \_ You must be a fellow tweaker.  --tweaker
                       \_ I admit it. I tweak a lot.
2000/2/17-18 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:17532 Activity:very high
2/17    If I background a process in Perl (system "echo hi&";) and I want
        to see the process id of that process, what variable do I access?
        \_ system ("ps | grep").  system doesn't return process ID's.  -tom
        \_ Perhaps a better idea is to do it yourself instead of calling
           system; calling fork _will_ return a process ID that you can use.
           Implementing the "backgrounding" is an exercise for the reader; you
           can find useful pointers in Stevens. -brg

vi user was here
\_ :w
   \_ alias pico vi; alias emacs vi; alias ed vi
     \_ what's the point of the M before the ZZ? Seems useless.
   \_ OpenApple-S OpenApple-Q
   \_ Control-D  (some of us use cat to edit the motd)
                                 \_ meow.
                                    \_ Nooo kitty that's my pot pie!
2000/2/17 [Computer] UID:17533 Activity:nil
2/17    Ah, the newest brand of "Computer Science" Major:
        (that's what it says on the page)
        \_ and why do you doubt that?
2000/2/17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:17534 Activity:nil
2/16    This is a test. Am wondering when /etc/motd gets updated ...
        \_ When you run 'mtd'
                \_ Wrong. You need to run /csua/bin/motd to update motd.
2000/2/17-21 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17535 Activity:moderate
2/17    Is there any program compatiable with elm (in terms of mailbox files)
        and similar to it?  I ask because elm's development has ceased and
        the version I have is not Y2K compliant.
        \_ mailprog -f yourmailfile
           don't forget to back it up
        \_ so is mutt the ultimate power mail prog or should I bother to
           look at pine?
           \_ mutt failed to annoy me. -- ilyas
        \_ mutt is a good mix of simplicity and power.  It handles attachments
           better than any of the other text readers.  -tom
        \_ mutt, elm, pine, etc... hardly the ultimate anything.
           nmh/procmail is the way tp go for power users.
        \_ elm development stopped? They just released 2.5 a month or two
               \_ page maintained by Syd Weinstein, "FORMER elm co-ordinator"
               [DAMN FUCKING ed users, here's the url again:]
        \_ I suggest mutt. It's got bindings much like elm's, alias support,
           better MIME support, supports POP and IMAP, and it's definitely
           under development. It tends to be faster at opening big mailboxes
           than elm, in my experience. Type "mutt" at your soda prompt, or
           point your browser at -brg
           (Disclaimer: I have worked on mutt.)
           (I don't get why someone would delete this post...)
        \_ the CURRENT, STILL under development 2.5.3 version of elm
           can be gotten from
                CF: comp.mail.elm
2000/2/17-18 [Health/Disease/General, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:17536 Activity:low
2/18  hahaha.
        \_ And this is funny because....?  I suggest adding this to the
           "Things I Find Funny" section of your resume.  You'll go far.
2000/2/17 [Industry/Startup] UID:17537 Activity:nil
2/17    XUMA infosession tonight at the Faculty Club, 7 PM.  XUMA is "a
        pre-IPO e-commerce solutions company located in San Francisco."
        Joe Cha, CEO and co-founder will be speaking and taking questions.
2000/2/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs] UID:17538 Activity:nil 57%like:18115
2/17    Position available at Abeona, see /csua/pub/jobs/Abeona for details
2000/2/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:17539 Activity:very high
2/17    So what is the point of this?
        -rwxr-xr-x  1 tom  contrib  36 Dec  4  1997 /csua/bin/fortune
        echo "Go stick your head in a pig."
                \_ the better question is, what is the point of the
                   traditional "fortune" program.  -tom
                   \_ Mild amusement until the quotes start repeating?  Not
                      everything must have purely functional value.
                      \_ Gawd.  It's a good joke.  Don't MOTD this topic
                         also. -not tom
        \_ It's a nod to Hitchhikers.  Check out the CSUA encyclopedia for
                \_ Kurt Vonnegut wrote this right?  What's he up to these days?
                   \_ yes.  he also wrote the text to that "sunscreen
                      song" from last year. -geordan
                 \_ Bad troll, no donut.
                     \_ sorry, but am truly clueless.
                        \_ No, KV did not write this.  Douglas Adams.
                 \_ KV is recovering from the fire in his apartment last month.
                    \_ Was he freebasing?
                        \_ No.
        \_  GO STICK YOUR HEAD IN A PIG!!!
2000/2/17-21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:17540 Activity:low
2/17    What's the best way to learn ASP? What do I need to download?
        \_ ASP is *really* hard.  I suggest a class.
           \_ kidding right? just use javascript/vbscript, wrox books
               need IIS 4.0, nt server.. etc.
                \_ Any idea what NT Server costs?  You mean you're going to
                   use a pirated copy?  You can't mean that.
                   \_ guess I'm spoiled at work. have NT server
                        \_ Download option pack, latest service pack, install
                           IIS, buy ASP book for dummies.
        \_ forget it, that is only stuff people with klew like tjb and do
                \_ tjb does ASP?!  How can I catch up to the bleeding edge?!
        \_ ASP can be run with MS Personal Web Server.  It's mess to
         locate on their site (think it's part of an option pack) but it's
         free. The Wrox Beginning ASP book by Brian Francis seems pretty
         good. - cathyg
2000/2/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW] UID:17541 Activity:moderate
2/17    Looks like someone from Trilogy is going through all of the CSUA
        web pages looking for people's resume.
        \_ Isn't that why they're there online?
         \_ Some of the recruiters are even smart enough to realize the
            resumes might be out of date.  -oj
                \_ Don't leave a resume online without a date on it or better
                   yet, keep your online resume updated.  Not their fault.
        \_ Smart recruiters are rarer than ethical politicians.
2000/2/17-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW] UID:17542 Activity:nil 53%like:16541
2/17    Octane Software is hiring, more details at /csua/pub/jobs/Octane
2000/2/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:17543 Activity:nil
02/17   7-9 CollegeHire && GoldMan Sachs infosession; in Wozniak Lounge
        in Soda hall (4th floor)
2000/2/17 [Uncategorized] UID:17544 Activity:nil
2/17    tit fucking!
        \_ Got pics?
2000/2/17 [Uncategorized] UID:17545 Activity:nil
2/17    Weak attempt at pseudo troll deleted.  Maybe next time.
        \_ All obvious wanna be trolling deleted.
        \_ Apparently people aren't ready for this yet.
2021/06/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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