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2000/2/15 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17514 Activity:kinda low
2/14    Wierd ps output on soda:

        $ /bin/ps auwxx | grep xxxx
        xxxx  yyyyy 0.0 0.2 864  540  Rd  ww   4:30PM 0:00.31 -bash (bash)
        xxxx  zzzzz 0.0 0.2 864  540  Rd  ww  31Dec69 0:00.00 -bash (bash)
        xxxx  aaaaa 0.0 0.2 864  540  Rd  ww  16Aug95 0:00.00 -bash (bash)

        Whats's the deal with the date's?
        \_ Y2K BUG!!!!  EEEEEK!
2000/2/15 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:17515 Activity:moderate
2/14    I am going to be running RedHat instead of windoze from now on.
        Is there a program or a checklist for RedHat that will let me
        configure my box to make it as secure as possible against
        hackers and net attacks?
        \_ no foot longs.
        \_  Yeah, turn off everything in inetd.conf, and also turn off
            everything that starts up networking daemons.  You should
            be able to use linuxconf to do this, though I use the
            runlist editor in the control panel.  --PeterM
        \_ And then make sure linuxconf is turned off and firewall/filter
           everything you don't specifically need on.  Update kernel every
           3 days.
        \_ I suggest you a better solution: cd to /usr/doc/HOWTO and read
           Security-HOWTO document. Security involves much more than just
           closing various tcp or udp ports.
        \_ Turn off your PC and unplug from the outlet.
        \_ install latest stable kernel
           configure named.conf to only listen on
                \_ Why run named at all?  On most home machines it's just a
                        waste of RAM...
           configure xdm/Xservers to -nolisten tcp
           configure xdm/xdm-config w/ DisplayManager.requestPort:     none
           that will nearly shut everything off
        \_ Most home users can probably turn off inetd entirely and use ssh
           for incoming connections.  That, combined with keeping an eye on
           and installing system updates is probably all most users will need
           to do in terms of security.  -tom
2000/2/15 [Uncategorized] UID:17516 Activity:nil
2/14    What are good vector-based drawing programs out there (preferably
        for unix).  I'm trying to find something that's good for drawing
        simple diagrams for graduate research papers.
2000/2/15 [Uncategorized] UID:17517 Activity:nil
2/15    Day after VD : thoroughly disturbing story
        \_ Damn you.  Now my legs have this creepy, itchy feeling.
2000/2/15 [Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:17518 Activity:nil
2/14    What is a typical salary range for a unix system administrator
        (Linux and Solaris) with 2 years experience but doesn't want
        to work in south bay?
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