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2000/2/13 [Reference/Tax] UID:17498 Activity:nil
2/11    Any advice on tax advisors?  How much do they charge?  Any
        \_ Doug Axelrod.  In the City.  I think he charges
           around $80/hr.
2000/2/13 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17499 Activity:nil
2/11    At my work, this guy forgot the administrator password on his
        Windows NT laptop. I know nothing about Windows, besides what
        I just read about on the Net. How do I recover the administrator
        password for him?
2000/2/13 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:17500 Activity:nil
2.11    Name my band:  We don't like our current name, "The Flying Jesuses"
        somebody suggest something.
        \_ RIDE BIKE!
        \_ The Trevor Buckinghams
        \_ The Flying Jesi.
        \_ Kchang and the Asian Chics
        \_ ED! ED! ED is the STANDARD!s
        \_ The motds
        \_ RDRAM 1000s
        \_ if you were ever willing to have a name like that your band must be
           so ass it isn't worth a waste of a good name.
           \_ Hey, that's a pretty good one.
           \_ judge for yourself. ~paolo/public_html/superman.mp3
              and come to the show on lower sproul Mar 3rd, 12 noon.
2000/2/13-15 [Computer/SW/Unix, Finance/Investment] UID:17501 Activity:high
2/13    Brokerage gave me several times more money than I deposited.  While
        I'm telling them about it, what can the brokerage do if I neglect
        to tell them (not checking account status for a year for example,
        and not realizing it.)
        \_ try it and see
        \_ Use it to buy some hot stocks and pocket the earnings.
        \_ even if you didn't tell them about it, someone out there would
           be missing that money that they tried to put into their account
           so this mistake wouldn't go unnoticed for too long
        \_ Generally what has happened in the past is they figure it out and
           pull the money from your account.  If the money is gone, you owe
           them the money and they will pursue you for it.  They have the law
           on their side on this one.  I suggest leaving it there for now
           unless it was so much money it would be worth cashing out and
           fleeing the country.
                \_ I wonder what they'll do if the money is invested
                        in a hot stock, it goes up a decent amount.
                        Will they take out only what was put in?  Or will
        \_ Cool!! Which brokerage was it?
        \_ Call 60 Minutes re: your situation
                        they take any gains which were achieved by using
                        that money?
                        \_ Just the money put in minus the interest, not the
                           value you increased it by.  This is an interesting
                           hypothetical but I wouldn't do it.
        \_ My account had $4000 too much in it once. I left it in there
           and about two weeks later they fixed the error and sent me a
           letter explaining that they were withdrawing money and why. --dim
        \_ A similar thing happened to me.  I didnt realize it until 3
           months later, since I never check my statements (as long as
           its close, i dont care).  I still have the money. Closed the
           account with them 6 years after.  I purchased a used Lexus
           with it about 8 years ago while still in college.
                                     \_ Man, I feel for you. Fuck off.
        \_ You should not tell them about it, just let them discover it
           themselves.  The last time I told payroll about double income
           deposited, they deducted twice the amount.  Till this day
           I could not recover my 401k portion - lost in some bureaucratic
           \_ That's what the ping of death is for! Are we there yet?
                 Are we there yet? Are we there yet?Are we there yet?

emacs user was here
\_ not this again...
cat user was here
sed user was here
yermom was here
angband user was here
2000/2/13-14 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:17502 Activity:very high 75%like:17509
02/13   Rest in peace, Charles Schultz.
        \_ Yes for the man but not for his cartoon.  It was stale years ago.
                \_ Not as stale as comments like yours.
                        \_ Oh!  Ouch!  That smarts!  Uhm, whatever.  When you
                           have something to say worth the bits it takes to
                           say it, go right ahead.  Keep the grade school
                           noise on the play ground.  -tired of stale comics
                \_ I can't imagine what my childhood would have been like
                   without Peanuts and my Snoopy doll, and people like you
                   who take potshots at the man responsible for all of it
                   counfound me to no end.
                   \_ Unlike some here, I didn't learn to read from the comics.
                      If you _read_ what I said without the tear running down
                      your face and the snuffling blocking oxygen to your tiny
                      brain, you'd see I was not attacking the man at all, just
                      his stale cartoon.  If I was taking a potshot at him,
                      you'd sure as hell know it.  There'd be no doubt about
                      it.   -still tired of stale comics
                   \_ The fact that he didn't know when to quit doesn't in
                      any way diminish his earlier work.  And it's not like
                      his later work was bad, it was just... the exact same
                      thing, over again.  Though I hated seeing "The Far Side"
                      go, I had profound respect for Gary Larson for quitting
                      because "He ran out of ideas"  I think Dilbert has pretty
                      much gotten stale too, though the TV show is quite
                      lively and amusing.  Maybe to liven up the strip,
                      Scott should go _actually_ work in indsutry for a few
                      years again.
                      \_ Don't give a fuck about your bruised ego, just
                         shut the fuck up.
                         \_ Wow!  Talk about non sequitor (not the cartoon)...
                         \_ The man is dead and all this fuck can talk about
                            is him/herself.
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