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2000/2/9-10 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:17463 Activity:insanely high
2/8     After the recent attacks against the big boys of
        dot com how does a guy prevent further Denial of service (DoS)
        from happening to his own cos. - curious
        \_ You don't.  You can filter some of the crap but never be totally
           safe from it with current protocols and technology.
           \_ why not just change the filter properties?
                \_ Which devices do you own that can filter 1 gigabit per
                   second without crashing while still letting the good
                   traffic through?  And what if the DoS consists of properly
                   formed http calls?  What are you going to filter?
                   \_ so i guess you need to call an upstream isp to put
                      in the proper filters?
                        \_ Idiot!
                        \_ Argh!  TROLL!
                           \_ well, isn't that what they did to stop
                              the attack?
                                \_ Yeah, they turned on the "filter_DoS_packets"
                                   rule in the routers.  Some new guy had
                                   turned it off and no one noticed.
                                   \_ so i guess you don't know then, huh?
                                        \_ I think when they upgraded to dos
                                           version 2.11, everything was ok.
             \_ what are you going to filter, when the DoS looks EXACTLY like
                lots of normal traffic packets?  Is the 'Slashdot Effect'
                a malicious attack, or just your site suddenly becoming very
                popular.  Either way, your site is basically down.
                \_ are you sure DoS packets look exactly like normal packets?
                        \_ Of course not.  They have the DoS flag set.
                           \_ so i guess you don't know then, huh?
                                \_ The dos upgrade to v2.11 fixed it.
        \_ A possibility would be to make your company site a moving target.
           Have sevearal locations/IP's you can use. When one IP gets hit with
           the big DoS, change your DNS entry ( you set your TTL low ahead
           of time, right?), and move your site to the new IP.
                \_ That'll work, uh... never.  DoS kiddies just get the new
                   IP the same as everyone else.  Welcome to the internet.
                        \_ ACK!  I've been trolled!
        \_ if you have to ask, you don't know
           \_ thanx for stating the obvious
        \_ Unplug net cable.
        \_ If companies with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake can't
           prevent it, what the hell makes you think you can?
                \_ Because I read a zdnet article about how to stop it.
                     \_ it's so ironic, that zdnet was attacked and shutdown
                        for 2 hours this morning.
        \_ Very little.  Try not to be a tempting target.  The way the big
           sites were attacked recently was by distributed clients running
           on many windows boxes infected with a remotely activated virus.
           There wasn't any obvious TCP stack bug problem with the servers
           or anything, they just got overwhelmed by tons of valid-looking
           hits.  Short of weird heuristics, there's very little you can
           do about this.
        \_ What about authenticated IP? -- network newbie
           \_ Won't stop traffic floods, which is what they're getting
              hit with.
           \_ First define authenticated IP, then figure out how much your
                business will lose by cutting off all the random web users
                who don't use it.
        \_ Why don't we all start attacking and bring down
           the Evil Empire(TM)?
2000/2/9-11 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:17464 Activity:nil
2/8     A recruiting friend of mine at Campus Insiders is seeking a Student
        Rep for Internet Start-ups.  The Student Rep would serve as a liaison
        between selected start-ups and the UC Berkeley EE/CS students.  You
        can contact her directly at (415)377-0377 or
2000/2/9-10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:17465 Activity:moderate
2/8     Hey, anyone with XML skills interested in working for an internet
        startup in Tokyo?
        \_ I don't know XML or any Japanese but I like the blue dot thing.
           What are my chances?
                \_ blue dot thing?
                        \_ Go find some Japanese porn.
                                \_ That's not Japanese porn.  That's someone
                                   in need of serious therapy.
                                   \_ But check out  <DEAD>www.CSUA.Berkeley<DEAD>
                                      .EDU/~keithyw/illustrations.htm.  Not
        \_ If I know HTML, does that mean I know a little bit of XML?
                \_ Not really.
2000/2/9-10 [Recreation/Humor] UID:17466 Activity:high
2/8     What's a term that describes a word that can be spelled backward
        and still be the same?
           \_ palindrome
        \_ much more interesting: what is a word whose sound EVOKES
           what it means indirectly. (very different from sounding like
           what it represents). I think cacophony is a good example. -ali
           \_ why is it much more interesting? jeeze!
           \_ "MOTD" is another good example.
           \_ Perhaps you want "onomatopoeia"?  -- kahogan
                \_ No but I know it sounded like that.   (hah!)
              \_ of course, someone who doesn't know what onomatopoeia had
                 to respond to the question. look at the parenthetical note.
                \_ (hah!)  of course someone who doesn't have a sense of humor
                   or an English degree had to respond to the question.  (hah!)
                   \_ the "MOTD" response was a joke to make a point: "MOTD"
                      doesn't really sound like anything, and the motd really
                      doesn't amount to anything.  probably everyone realized
                      it was a joke but you.  don't you feel stupid now?
                      \_ If you have to explain your joke oyu are the stupid
                         one.  If you feel the need to explain it even when
                         noone said "I don't get it" you are even stupider.
                         \_ This is supposed to be funny, right?
2000/2/9-10 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:17467 Activity:very high
2/9     Is there any moving company besides U-Haul that I can rent enclosed
        trailer for in-town moving?  U-Haul says their enclosed trailers are
        for one-way moving only, and only open trailers are available for
        in-town moving.  Thanks.
        \_ try the yellow pages under "moving" or "rental"
        \_ there's probably someone better than u-haul to go to, but
           the person you talked to at u-haul was lying or an idiot;  they
           do have in-town rentals of enclosed trucks available in berkeley.
           \_ I did call the Berkeley center at 2100 San Pablo Ave.  Strange.
              By the way, if I rent the trailer from Berkeley, tow it for 100
              miles round-trip, and then return it to Berkeley, does it count
              as in-town at $14.95/day?
                \_ Of course it does.  Because you're smart and not telling
                   them it's for out of town.  Return it to the same place.
                   \_ What an idiot!  Today I called the Berkeley center again,
                      trailer for in-town moving.  Thanks for pointint it out.
                      and this time the guy said I could get an enclosed
                      trailer for in-town moving.  Thanks for pointing it out.
        \_ Doherty's in El Cerrito on San Pablo Ave.  By the DMV.
        \_ WTF are you talking about?  I just rented an enclosed U-haul
           trailer for my move from berkeley to richmond.  No problem at
           all, aside from the usual trailer wirin issues.  -ERic
           \_ The guy who answered my call yesterday lied.
2000/2/9-10 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:17468 Activity:low
2/9     I would like to start using PGP for communications.  Problem is that
        the machine at work won't let me install freeware PGP for WinNT (I'm not
        an admin nor do I play one on TV).  I thought there was an impl in PERL
        somewhere but can't find anything about it.  Does anyone have a list of
        PGP impls handy?  And if so could you share?
        \_ PGP?  For what?  You think the NSA and Evil HAx0rz are listening in
           to your love letters to your SO?
2000/2/9-11 [Uncategorized] UID:17469 Activity:nil
2/9     What is a cgi-wrapper?
        \_ cgiwrap or suexec
2000/2/9-10 [Industry/Startup] UID:17470 Activity:high
2/9     Is it possible for sys adm to get stock options?
        \_ It's possible for any employee to get stock options.  You think
           only coders get stock?  Hell, our receptionist gets stock.  The
           intern we hired gets stock.  Geeze.  Everyone gets stock.
                \_ Hourly employees may find it harder to get stock since the
                   Dept. of Labor ruled that they should get stock-and-a-half
                   for overtime as well as time-and-a-half.
        \_ At Cisco our lab admins and sys admins get decent pay and health
           stock options. They also get to play with all the cool new stuff
           and get to take the old not so useful for work stuff home. If you
           treat them nice, sometimes they will even give a humble engineer
           an old router, a switch or a few workstations.
                \_ Coders are usually too stupid to treat sysadmins nice.  I
                   suspect it's due more to lack of basic social skills rather
                   than arrogance but this remains only a theory.
                   \_ Have a cookie.
                        \_ I'll just keep all the toys and lock down your
                           workstation instead, thanks.
                           \_ Silence techno-janitor!  Back to scrubbing the
                                \_ Eat me.  I make more than you and don't work
                                   more than an hour a week for it.
                                   \_ No you don't, my green-skinned friend.
                                      The only reason you make more than a
                                      normal janitor is because your job is
                                      even less appealing.  Now go clean up a
                                      mess somewhere.
                                        \_ /bin/rm -rf ~coderidiot  Now go take
                                           a shower.
                                           \_ Yes, yes.  Try that BOFH
                                              bullshit at a real company, and
                                              see how long you ll last.
                                              Now clean faster, boy!
2000/2/9-10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:17472 Activity:very high
2/9     Why does it seem like there are a disproportionate number of sys adms
        in csua?
        \_ Informal poll of cs related jobs:

        CSUA Code Monkey:  2
        CSUA Programmer:   1
        CSUA Sys Admin:    1
        CSUA Code Monkey:  3
        CSUA monkey who does not code: 1
        CSUA Sys Admin:    2
        \_ The sysadmins have more free time to goof off on wall/motd.  Coders
           are always under pressure to make the next deadline, fix the next
           \_ Uh, aren't we generalizing just a tad? -- CSUA Coder
                \_ No.
                    \_ Idiot.
                        \_ sysadmin.
                           \_ That hurts!
                                \_ Shut up all of you.  Babbling fools.
2000/2/9 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:17473 Activity:nil
2/8     Oprah bike troll purged.
        \_ the web page has been moved to a "killed" directory.  -tom
2000/2/9-10 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17474 Activity:nil
2/9     Is there a free NFS client out there for WinNT or Win2k?
        \_ It's probably easier to just serve the NFS drives with samba
           as well.  --dbushong
2000/2/9-10 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17475 Activity:kinda low
2/9     Is there a NFS client for windows NT or 2000 that is free or
        free for the department?
        \_ No.  Use samba.
2018/11/13 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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