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2000/2/8 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17456 Activity:very high
2/7     How come it takes NT several times longer than Win95 or DOS to copy
        a lot of small files to a floppy diskette?  Copying a few big files
        doesn't have this problem.  Thx.  -- yuen
        \_ does xcopy solve your problem?
           \_ I thought it would, but for some reason no.  Both xcopy and copy
              on NT are very slow when copying a lot of small files like 20KB
              each.  -- yuen
              each to a diskette.  -- yuen
        \_ pkzip
           \_ Doesn't help either.  Unzipping to A: on NT takes very long too.
              I'm using v2.50 for 95/NT.  I can copy the .ZIP file itself to
              the diskette which would be fast, but that's not what I need
              to do.  -- yuen
        \_ Because NT sucks.  No, seriously, no idea.  I've been using both
           NT and 95/98 since day one and never had this problem with NT.
           Try another machine or a new floppy or a new floppy drive.
        \_ I just tried it.  30 .txt files totaling 619 KB write to floppy.
           1:08 on Win98SE, 1:13 on NTSP6. *shrug* Probably something to do
           with your particular system (floppy drive like the man said)
           \_ It must be something wrong with my system then.  It takes more
              than 5 min on mine!  Thanks.  BTW I'm using SP5.  -- yuen
                \_ MS doesn't admit to any floppy driver changes from SP5 ->
                   SP6(a/b) so that's probably not it.  The extra 5 seconds
                   the other person took for NT isn't a good sign for NT but
                   only one run on one machine isn't a perfect test and 5 secs
                   isn't enough to really notice anyway.  5 minutes sounds like
                   NT may have the VERIFY option turned on.  Try turning it off
                   and try again.  Also turn off BREAK.  -floppy drive guy
                   \_ VERIFY is already off, and "BREAK /?" says the BREAK
                      command has no effect under NT.  -- yuen
        \_ i would look at NTFS vs FAT - paolo.
                \_ ignore paolo.  he knows nothing about anything, yet jumps
                   at any chance to display his ignorance.
        \_ Testing on the same machine or is it possible the NT machine just
                has a crappy floppy drive?
2000/2/8 [Computer/Networking] UID:17457 Activity:nil
2/8     I am moving to Mountain View (650 area code) this week.  Anyone has any
        recommendations or pointers for any decent local ISP costing less than
        $20/month?  Thanks.
        \_ And you're moving to Mountain View. Idiot.
        \_ Try slipnet or firstworld, I like them. I'm using their DSL though.
        \_ Try Excite Free World.  It's free.  Connection speed is reasonably
           good.  - MV resident.
2000/2/8 [Computer/HW] UID:17458 Activity:nil
2/7     someone was looking for the difference betwn 8,16,24,32 bits color
        setting on pc?  this might helps...
2000/2/8-9 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:17459 Activity:high
2/8     Tell Oprah Winfrey that she should RIDE BIKE:
         \_ I've never been hurt by a car or pedestrian.  I've been hit by
           careless stupid selfish morons on bikes.  No one over 16 should be
           allowed to use a bike outside a sporting arena or other private
        \_ troll deleted.
           property.  [non-troll, true reply restored, fuck you] [twice]
           \_ Even if that's your true opinion, you're still a troll, dumfuk.
                \_ It isn't a troll if it's my true opinion, idiot.  And it
                   isn't opinion.  It is a fact that I've never been hurt by
                   a motor vehicle or pedestrian under any circumstances.  I
                   have been hit _twice_ by clueless careless selfish stupid
                   fuck bike riding morons.  Thank you for your worthless
                   input.  Now go RIDE BIKE! USE LINUX! and die.
         \_ Stupid whiney biker fucks.
            \_ I don't mind bikers, but they're all suicidal and don't
               quite understand the whole the whole thing about a ton of
               metal vs. a few dozen pounds of wire and flesh not always
               necessarily working out in their favor.  -John

emacs user was here
        \_  ED!  ED IS THE ANSWER!  -psb #8 fan
2000/2/8-9 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:17460 Activity:high
2/8     SSLeay/OpenSSL question. I downloaded and built OpenSSL but
        when I read the legal stuff, it sounds like its not legal for
        me to use it unless I tell RSA or someone and pay for a license.
        Does anyone know what I need to do if I intend to use it for
        non-commerical purposes?
        \_ Just use it. They're not going to bust you. really. sheesh.
        \_ You have to use the RSAREF library or wait for the patent to expire
           in the US.
           \_ Am I correct in assuming that this library is the one
              located in the rsaref directory in the OpenSSL sources?
              OpenSSL seems to build it by default, so if its legal to
              use this library, why do they have all the warnings?
                \_ because it's only legal to use without a license for
                   non-commercial use as narrowly defined in their docs
           \_ hasn't this stupid patent expired a million times already.
              or am i getting that mixed up with some other encryption
              \_ I believe it expires in September of this year.
                 \_ September 20. We should have a party or something.
                        \_ Uh yeah, whatever.  As if the patent has stopped
                           _anyone_ from 'illegally' using it at home or for
                           other personal use.
                           \_ *I* can use it sure, but plenty of others can't
                              because they are for ex. companies and sueable.
                              The patent's expiration will help Internet
                              security by making it easier to distribute
                              things like IPsec.
                                \_ If they want it, they can fucking *pay*
                                   for it.  I shed no tears for corpo maggots
                                   whining about not having the free use of
                                   other's technology to improve their own
                                   corpo maggot share value.
2000/2/8 [Uncategorized] UID:17461 Activity:nil
2/8     How come the gov doesn't interfer with Internic's Dot Com monopoly?
2000/2/8-9 [Computer/Networking] UID:17462 Activity:kinda low
2/8     Question about Cisco Local Director. I can re-route based on
        host IP. But can it be reconfigured to re-route based on Cookie
        session, POST data, and such?
        \_ No.
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