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2000/2/5-6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17430 Activity:low
2/4     In C, how do I tell how much memory/CPU time used/stats/etc another
        process is using? Do I have to be a root process?
        \_ In unix it's OS dependent but usually found somewhere under
           the /proc filesystem.
                \_ /proc is for pansies
        \_ First off, the C language doesn't facilitate such things.
           What you want to know is machine-dependant.
        \_ On UNIX, install top; on NT, use Ctrl-Shift-Esc; on Win95/98,
           go get the "kernel powertoys" at the ms site.
           \_ BTW, where is Ctrl-Shift-ESC on NT documented?  I use the key
              sequence everyday, but I don't even remember where I found it
                \_ It's in the MS docs such as they are.  I've seen it.
2000/2/5-8 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:17431 Activity:high
2/4     Another CVS question, how do I do reservered checkouts (like ClearCase)
        on a file. I want to mark a file as in use so that no one else can
        edit it, thus avoiding the stupid merges.
        \_ that defeats the purpose of CVS. You can use RCS.
                \_ CVS/RCS/SCCS, etc are for idiots.  Just code it right the
                   first time.  RCS type systems encourage bad programming.
                        \_ Ha ha ha.  That was funny.
                           \_ No.  As trolls go, it's barely at "newbie sodan"
                                \_ Good enough to get you two to reply plus me
                                   makes three.
                                   \_ There's always room in the motd for
                                      "you fucking suck" entries.
                                   \_ four!
                                        \_ Me too!  Five!
           \_ No it doesn't.  It just means for a while only one person can edit
              a single file.  It doesn't mean that one person only can edit
              *all* of the files in the tree for the entire length of the
                \_ CVS is weak.  Real hackers don't need it.
                   \_ I don't feel one way or the other about CVS, but the
                      stupid fools at work keep stepping on each other toes,
                      and I would just like to avoid that.
        \_ this seems like a sensible thing to ask for, but it implies really
           weird things. If homeslice already has a working copy of the files
           and homeboy locks a file, your request would imply that cvs
           would have to go into the checked out working directory of homeslice
           and change, for example, make his checked out file read-only.
           Anyways, what you're asking for is not very useful. There's a lot
           more hassle involved in dealing with some asshole locking a file
           overnight than there is with merging. Merging works. Use it.
           Don't be lame. -ali.
           \_ Actually, I hate merging. I have wasted hours merging code and
              fixing mistakes of other fools. If I could lock a file with a
              reserved checkout like in ClearCase then I wouldn't have to waste
                \_ Exactly.  Merging, CVS, etc, is bullshit.  Real programmers
                   don't need that.  Real programmers dont work with idiots
                   either.  The best code I've ever seen was written by one
                   man with a vision, not a pooled team of jerkoffs in cubes.
                   \_ What's good enough for the people who bring you
                      FreeBSD is good enough for you, buddy.
                        \_ Fuck freebsd!  Microsoft doesn't use CVS and they
                           built the largest, easiest to use, fastest, most
                           secure, easiest to administer, and stable OS ever
                           made and they didn't need CVS.
                           \_ six!
        \_ ED! ED! ED IS THE STANDARD! 80 column formatting tool.
              time merging. I'm beginning to apperciate ClearCase for its
              versioned directories (and symlinks) and the reserved checkouts.
        \_ CVS now supports this with "cvs edit" and "cvs watch", but you
           have to compile specially or set something in CVSROOT.
           Proper management avoids conflicts. Should two people really
           be working on the same piece of code at once. Conflicts due
           to whitespace are really annoying, though.
           \_ Don't be dense.  File locking is a useful feature (which is
              surely why it was added).  "management" is a heaviweight
        \_ try cvs admin -lock or something like that
threadkiller was here.
2000/2/5 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/Theory] UID:17432 Activity:nil
2/3     /tmp/tjb-resume.pdf
        \_ Isn't anyone going to do anything??  Scratch one up for the
           bad guys...Somebody should anonymously be slipping a transcript
           of that tirade of his under the door of the math department.
           Why is it the world that assholes like this always win?
               -- angry anon
           \_ Actually, we should find out how danh got the resume and
              see if he was breaking any laws in posting it.  It looks
              like a scan or fax.  Which means he probably had a
              physical copy.  He also could have had at least the
              consideration to destroy the home address and phone
              number from the posted file.  That alone could be
              considered illegal.
                \_ When you make a resume and submit it, you're doing so under
                   the assumption that an entire organization of people and
                   possibly multiple (contracting firm and the place they send
                   you) are going to look at it, enter it in mass databases,
                   etc.  You _want_ lots of people to see your resume.  It
                   isn't confidential information.
                   \_ Thanks for overwriting my comments.  Yes you expect people
                      who may be considering hiring you to read the resume.  You
                      do *not* in general expect to see it posted to a
                      general-access website.  I wouldn't put my home phone,
                      cell phone  and address on a website, but I would put an
                      email address.  I think tjb could take danh to court.
                        \_ blah blah blah. its the motd. no one intentionally
                           overwrote your whine.  tjb can't prove any harm and
                           courts are expensive.  once you release your resume
                           you have every expectation that it _will_ become
                           public info.  youre a fool otherwise.  tough shit.
                           \_ Please show me where I stated that the overwriting
                              was intentional. Or, what, only you can complain
                              about incompetence?
                              It's disturbing that you equate illegal with tjb's
                              abilities to pay for court proceedings.  Just
                              because tjb was a jerk doesn't mean that gives
                              anyone license to stalk him.
                              \_ whine whine blah blah whine whine.  It's the
                                 motd.  things get overwritten.  whine blah
                                 blah, bleah.  Hardly worth mentioning no
                                 matter how it happened. whine blah whine.
                              \_ Posting a resume isn't stalking.  Name one
                                 law actually broken.  If sharing information
                                 about people was illegal, credit bureaus
                                 couldn't exist or make so much money selling
                                 your reports to credit card companies.
                                 \_ But posting the home address/phone number
                                    along with deprecating remarks and
                                    suggestions to harass tjb (all of that here
                                    on the motd) is stalking.
                                        \_ Under what imaginary law?
                                     \_ So tjb can call the cops if he wants.
                                        Good luck with that.  No it isn't
                                        stalking.  At worst it shows bad taste
                                        on dan's part.  If he really feels
                                        like doing something, he should go
                                        get some student conduct board on dan.
                                        Again, good luck.  /tmp on a limited
                                        access computer is hardly public,
                                        anyway.  Can you say, "Over sensitive",
                                        "Mountain/molehile", or "Wah! Mommy!"?
                                        \_ Look again you moron.  The file in
                                           /tmp is a symlink to danh's webpage.
                                           That's most definitely public.
                                           \_ Yeah, dan's soda web pages are
                                              getting millions of hits a day.
                                              Like I said, waah waah waah. Go
                                              bitch to someone who might care,
                                              like your mother.
                                                \_ ep-sample is no more
        \_ since when is it illegal to scan in someone's resume?
           maybe i want to hire him.  I think tjb qualifies
                \_ You needed a new asshole?
        \_ How can you have GSA appointment when youre an undergrad? by
           definition he has to be an *undergraduate* teaching assistant.
           Unless the math department is now handing out graduate
           appointments to sophmores...
           \_ Happens all the time.  Occasionally they call them "UGSIs"
              but they do everything the same except they don't get
              a tuition credit (at Cal)
        \_ d00d, m4d B4S1C sK1LLz!!1!!
        \_ Is this just me or not? I just looked at it. IMHO, I am much much
           more impressed by most of the resumes of various people posted on
           <DEAD>soda.csua/~membername<DEAD> tjb's resume looks like an
           average nerd type resume, the kind that usually go to grad school
           after graduating. I didn't see much accomplishments (aside from
           just getting good dull grades) in there. And those grades aren't the
           greatest ones I have seen before.
           \_ Anyone want to run a check on the 'first person in history
              of university' to TA math as an undergrad claim? I'm having
              a rather hard time believing that.
              \_ maybe he's right about the math 55 claim, since
                 i bet most serious math students don't bother
                 taking math 55 unless they are CS majors
              \_ my friend TA'd math 16a,b as an undergrad, and had
                 all the same responsibilities as a normal GSI.  it
                 is quite common.  the math department has somewhat of
                 a labor shortage and honestly does not give a shit about
                 undergraduate education(yes, i have evidence to back
                 this up, and no, i'm not saying there aren't some
                 great individual teachers in the department.)  the pay
                 sucks, the workload is high, and they'll hire anyone who knows
                 calculus and will put up with the bullshit.
                        -mathmajor alumnus
           \_ it's not supposed to impress you.  there are several
              strange things, for instance, he made double the $$$ delivering
              asian food to the suburbs (??) than he did programming
              computers.  plus he has MAD BREAKIN' SKILLS.  I haven't
              seen anyone breakdance since I rented Krush Groove 10 years
              ago.  I would love to know under what name
              he practices his turntablism (for lack of a less stupider
              sounding name) skills, DJ TJB just doesn't fill me with
              awe.  Trevor are you reading this?
                -csua member posting anonymously,
                 just to avoid moronic flames from this asshole
                \_ what's so wrong with the type of person who goes to
                        grad school after graduating?
                        \_ May be he meant that academic success is not
                           all that matters in one's life or even on the
          \_ What's worse? A moron? or the moron who goes thru the
             trouble of posting a moron resume and posting to the motd
             about it? Okay, so danh is not a moron, but still, makes
             ya wonder about these CSUAers -- do they "got life"?
                \_ i am a moron today, but I had a lot of fun figuring out
                   how to make a pdf finally - danh
                        \_ Making a pdf was fun?
                   \_ Since it's scanned, wouldn't a jpg or even gif
                      have been smaller?
                \_ In framemaker, it is a simple "save as" routine.
                \_ shut the fuck up, cmlee.  -tom
                \_ obsessing over small details is not a moron trait;
                   it is a geek trait.  Bragging on your resume about your
                   mad breakin' skills or whatever and listing a food
                   delivery job as work experience is a moron trait.  And
                   fucking with people who have a presence in every corner
                   of the industry you someday plan to work in is
                   DEFINITELY a moron trait.    -illuminatus
                   \_ This is the part I like.  All tech resumes pass over
                      my desk before anyone else sees them.  Only the ones
                      that don't go in my trash can have a chance.  This
                      includes people referred by current employees (as if
                      anyone would refer this guy).   I post the worst ones
                      outside my office for everyone to laugh at instead of
                      the typical array of Dilbert comics.
                        --patiently waiting for tjb's resume to post on door
                        \_ what company do you work for?  it's assholes
                           like you, not tjb, who make people leave computers
                           , prefering a pay cut to totally defective pricks
                           as co-workers.
                                -scientist making 1/5 your salary who doesnt
                                                work with pricks
                                \_ I'm an asshole for what exactly?  Posting
                                   the funny resumes or throwing out the 100s
                                   of bad ones I get every week?  whine blah
                                   bleah whatever.  I doubt you make enough
                                   to make 1/5th my salary.  But I'll pay
                                   you $5 for each car you properly wash.  That
                                   should easily double your salary.  But don't
                                   come near me.  I don't have time to waste on
                                   ivory tower whiners like you.  Just wash the
                                   vehicles and go away.
                                   \_ I agree with the scientist that you
                                      are an anal sphincter, and lacks
                                      basic social courtesy.  Not only
                                      are you an asshole, by attacking
                                      tjb, you are also a hypocrite
                                      since you are no better than him.
                                        \_ Still waiting to hear exactly what
                                           my crime(s) are/is.  Until then,
                                           you're easily dismissed as the
                                           whiney spewing potty mouthed child
                                           you seem to be.
2000/2/5 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:17433 Activity:nil
2/3     I don't get this.  Why is it that certain programs that use 8-bit
        color require that you have an 8 bit display rather than 24 or 32.
        It seems to make sense that if your system is capable of displaying
        24 or 32 bit color then it should certainly be able to run programs
        that use 8-bit color.  From Max:

        Max requires colormapped graphics.  Your XServer is probably setup
        for true color (e.g. 16-bit or 24-bit mode).  To run Max, reconfigure
        your X server for 8 bit colormapped graphics.
        \_ 16 and 24 bit modes are not colormapped.  8 bit almost always is.
        \_ Lazy programmers
        \_ Some graphics cards with some X servers can provide 8-bit and
           24-bit visuals at the same time.  -tom
2000/2/5 [Uncategorized] UID:17434 Activity:nil
2/4     <DEAD><DEAD>
2000/2/5-8 [Uncategorized] UID:17435 Activity:nil
2/4     IEEE is sponsoring an event aimed towards students intending to
        pursue careers in engineering.  Students from all majors are
        invited to attend and the talks will be non-technical.  It will be
        on Feb 15th.  Pizza will be served and expensive prizes will be
        raffled but you need to register. We are at 204A/286 Cory.
2000/2/5 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:17436 Activity:very high 73%like:17438
2/5     Why does the AMD k6-3 450 cost almost 3x as much as the
        400 mhz version?
        \_ Because cutting edge morons will pay 3x to get a chip that's only
           about 3% faster.  "Dude, leik i g0t another .3 FPS in Quake4 !!1"
                \_ get a fucking clue.  the K6-3 450 is not cutting edge. -tom
                        \_ Sure it is.  What's not cutting edge about it?
                        \_ you mean other than the fact that you can buy
                           chips which are twice as fast?  -tom
        \_ Because they can charge it.  The die size on the K6-3 is
           about twice that of the K6-2, so unless they can charge
           much more than previous chips, they'll lose money on each
           chip.  Since they have much smaller yield at 450 than at
           400 that means the 450's are effectively much more
           expensive to manufacture.
2000/2/5 [Uncategorized] UID:17437 Activity:nil
2/5     be the first person on your block to get the american express blue.
2000/2/5-7 [Computer/HW/CPU, Politics] UID:17438 Activity:moderate 73%like:17436
2/5     Why does the AMD K6-3 450 cost almost 3x as much as the
        AMD K6-3 400 mhz version?  (I mean it, both are K6-3):
        \_ 1.  Because yields are lower on the 450
           2a. Because the 400 is priced to "lose" money
           2b. Because it maximizes profit (see "Intel Pentium 3")
        \_ Who cares?  It's dead.  Dead, dead, dead.
        \_ Who cares?  It's dead.  Dead, dead, dead.  Dead, Jim, dead.
           \_ What exactly is the difference between a K6-2 and a -3?  -John
           \_ unless you don't feel like paying $600 for a CPU.
                \_ You can pay less and get more.
                \_ You some sort of throw back?  You'd have us all using
                   8088s and 6502s?  Those are cheap and slow too.
2000/2/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:17439 Activity:nil
2/5     Ma Cappella and Pa Cappella make Capellini with Canapes. 5pm tonite!
2000/2/5 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:17440 Activity:nil
2/5     Free Money!  Open a new E*Trade account through
        and you get a $150 credit to your account.  You need $1000 to
        open an account and you have to keep the account open for at
        least 6 months.  You don't actually have to buy stock, though
        so you can keep your money in a money market account which has
        almost no risk.  For details see
        The recent issue of US News also mentions this.  -emin
2018/11/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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