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2000/2/4-5 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:17427 Activity:low
2/3     Anybody what kind of CD-ROM a Ultra 5 comes with?  I'm trying to
        configure xmcd and it complains about the CD drive being non SCSI-II
        compliant.  Anybody got xmcd working on ultra 5s?  Thanks.
        \_ Dude! Ultra5s are IDE based (the crappiest machines SUN has ever
        \_ It works fine for me, ignoring the SCSI-II error and taking the
           audio directly out of the CD drive's headphone jack.  -nweaver
                \_ Oops, realized this is for me on an ultra10 -nweaver
        \_ Shit, I could not get my ultra-10 to work properly with workman
           but did with xmcd (and am happier too, but still wondering why).
2000/2/4-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:17428 Activity:moderate
2/3     For people who know Perl intimately:
        Does anyone know why system("echo hello world |& tee hello.log 2>&1");
        does not work?
        \_ Not perl, sh: you meant "echo hello world 2>&1 | tee hello.log".
        \_ Use perl's internal pipe mechanism, it'll work faster.
        \_ the problem is you dont understand that the 'system' function
            invokes its argument with /bin/sh, not csh. -ERic
                \_ That's not even csh, it's some strange hybrid
                        \_ It's /bin/msh.  Don't recognize it?
2000/2/4 [Uncategorized] UID:17429 Activity:nil
2/3     I don't like Japanese XXX erotica because the girls are ugly and
        they don't show pussy.
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