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2000/1/29 [Uncategorized] UID:17367 Activity:low
1/28    How do I save movie (using flash) that I got on a e-card?
        \_ Save the ecard.
2000/1/29 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:17368 Activity:low
1/28    How can I increase the number of /dev/tty* so that I can have a lot
        of users logged into my machine? Thanks.
        \_ What OS bozo?  Different Unixes, different answers.
        \_ Under FreeBSD, recompile your kernel with more ptys (change
           the "pseudo-device pty 16" line in your config file), and then
           run, say, "/dev/MAKEDEV pty0 pty1 pty2 pty3" to create the new
           files in /dev.
        \_ Solaris 2.x -> 7: See the FAQ on
           Solaris 8 (not that you have it yet): do nothing, they're
                created as needed
        \_ You can't.  Win95 doesn't have ttys.
2000/1/29 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:17369 Activity:moderate
1/28    I'm running RedHat 6.  I install netscape version 7 and set
        MOZILLA_HOME appropriatly, but whenever I try to browse a
        page with Java I get a Bus Error and Netscape crashes.  I
        also tried setting CLASSPATH to point to all .jar files,
        but it still didn't work.  Netscape's site doesn't offer any
        suggestions which work.  Can anyone suggest how to get Netscape
        to work or suggest another decent browser which works with Java?
        \_ Netscape version 7 won't be supported until 2005.
          \_ Most likely this is due to a font path problem.  Make sure
             that the 75dpi font directory is in your font path
             (in XF86Config) -tom
        \_ Netscape 4.7 also has the same problem under all my FreeBSD 3.4R
           installations.  4.6 doesn't seem to.  Go figure.  -John
        \_ Netscape still sucks because it's the same shitty code from 1996.
           Hint: Netscape doesn't make a browser anymore and hasn't for years.
2000/1/29 [Computer/Networking] UID:17370 Activity:high
1/28    Is there a utility to find out which process is using/listening
        on certain ports?
        \_ What OS bozo?  Different Unixes, different answers.
        \_ Yes.
        \_ fuser 80/tcp (obviously you can specify any port number you want,
           man fuser.)
        \_ lsof on some machines, fuser on others, pfiles on yet others,
           and none of the above on still more
        \_ netstat and prayer.
2000/1/29-30 [Politics, Academia/StanfUrd] UID:17371 Activity:nil
1/29    National Collegiate Acapella competition happening tonight at
        Wheeler Hall, 7PM.  A few Cal groups and a few Stanford groups
        will be competing.  The last time the Men's Octet competed, they
        got to the national final round at Carnegie Hall and won it all
        the way.  The Cal Jazz Choir will be hosting the event.  Please
        come if you like this sort of entertainment.  $5 students, $10
        general  --reeser
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