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2000/1/25 [Uncategorized] UID:17316 Activity:kinda low
1/25    FS : M18A1 Claymore. Give your friends a real bang
        \_ that the one with the ball-bearing shrapnel or the one with
           the pre-scored iron plat
           the pre-scored iron plate
        \_ uh
2000/1/25 [Reference/Tax] UID:17317 Activity:low
1/24    Financial reminder: Don't forget to contribute to 401ks, IRAs, etc.
        \_ Too late for 401k's, months left for IRA's.
          \_ Too late for fiscal year 1999 for taxes, you mean.
        \_ Personal-wellness reminder:  Don't forget to brush your teeth!
                                        \_ And don't forget to wipe your ass!
        \_ If you don't qualify for Traditional IRA, Roth is great.
           You get to grow your money tax free, and have no penalty and
           pay taxes on the money you contribute.  If you contribute
           $2000 and the value increases to $2500, you can withdraw
           $2000 tax and penalty free.  Special rules apply to withdrawing
           the earnings part ($500).
        \_ Health & safety reminder:  Look both ways before crossing, etc.
2000/1/25-6/24 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17318 Activity:kinda low
6/24    Windows is an evolution from A> to C>
        \_ You know that joke is older than your first computer, don't you?
         \_ but my first computer was pre msdos
           \_ Then maybe you've just been waiting for dos 2.0 to come out
              while the floppy disk was grinding just before the time/date
              prompt popped up with the 1980 default in place.
        \_ so, is X-Windows an evolution from / to X ?
        \_ oh boy you are so clever.  did you come up with that yourself?
           oh you couldn't even manage to do that much?  umm, go away.
2000/1/25-26 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:17319 Activity:nil
1/24    Anybody know of a way to deal with mail encoded in ms-tnef format
        on FreeBSD systems like soda?  I heard of a program called fentun,
        but it seems to run only on Linux and Windows.  Thanks.
        \_ Then why not Linux emulation under FreeBSD?
2000/1/25-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:17320 Activity:low
1/24    Does anyone know what's up with the CSUA room?  The key isn't in
        the combonation lock, so I can't get in.  Help please?
        \_ Mail politburo
         \_ Someone stole it. -politburo
                \_ The politburo must wield the bat to secure it's return.
2000/1/25-26 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:17321 Activity:high
1/24    You can almost always tell an emacs user has edited the motd.  I
        think that's cute.
        \_ how? -an emacs user
           \_ must be the #motd.public# files lying around. or is it
              motd.public~ ?
                \_ Nope.  Good guess though.  It's more subtle than that.
                   Know thy emacs.
                   \_ ~/.saves* ? tab/space switches? no terminating 0x0A?
                        \_ Oooh.. sooooo close.
        \_ ED!  ED!  ED is the STANDARD!  Text Editor.
        \_ And the answer is: emacs users tend (thus I say 'almost always') to
           control-n past the end of file and then save.  Tom and some anon
           person came closest.  Contest over.  Thank you for participating.
           Pick up prizes on the way out.
           \_ See ~yuen/.emacs2 if you don't want Ctrl-N to append new lines
              to the end of a file.  -- yuen
                \- see ~psb/buffer-motion.el for joe well's code for next line.
                some other useful stuff in there. --psb
2000/1/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:17322 Activity:nil
1/24    Someone mentioned a room being available in the north side, is
        it still available? -tien
        \_ Yes. Follow instructions in
2000/1/25-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17323 Activity:high
1/24    HI TREVOR! WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE! -his loyal MOTD fans
        \_ This Trevor guy is something that should go on /. along with all
           of Paolo's tjb posting archives.  Then again, I wouldn't want to
           have this IP slashdotted.
           \_ Speaking of slashdot. Do you really think soda can be slashdoted?
                I wonder if we all just loged out of soda and loged into
      , would it just burn and die?
           \_ Yeah.  Think of it: "CS guy acts like total asshole!"  That'd
              sure be a big news flash.
        \_ someone should storm his discussion section with a camera and post
           his face so that all we CSUAers know what he looks like.
           \_ Would be much more fun if everyone showed up
                \_ This is your idea of fun?  What next?  Kook baiting on
                   \_ Hey, what's your problem? A week's not complete if
                      you haven't gotten yelled at by Pastor Glen
                        \_ I was thinking more of the students walking by.
2000/1/25-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:17324 Activity:moderate
1/24    Why does it say "Co-Ed Naked Computing" on the top of MOTD?
        \_ Ask ali.
           \_ actually, I put that there.  -not ali
                \_ If you don't know what ali has to do with it, you
                   know nothing about Co-Ed Naked Computing in the CSUA.
                   \_ Duh, obviously.  "If you have to ask, you don't know!"
                      Oooh, aaaah... how mysterious!!!
2000/1/25-27 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/OtherSchools] UID:17325 Activity:high
1/24    And you thought Cal reshalls were bad:
        \_ not that anyone reads this thread anymore, but one of the other
        "great pieces of legislation" that McGrath introduced was a bill
        requiring grade-school teachers to carry handguns on campus...
           \_ What's wrong with that?  I think *everyone* should be required
              to own and maintain a firearm.
        \_ Cal reshalls are totally liberal and open.  Even other UC's have
                more restrictive dorms.  Go to a religious schools and UC
                dorms seem incredibly permissive ("You can have members of
                the opposite sex in your room?  Wow...")
                \_ coed bathrooms.  nuff said.
                   \_ Try the USCA co-ops if you want to learn what the true
                      meaning of "permissive" is all about.  Cal dorms are
                      super nazi control freaks in comparison.  In fact, you
                      really can't fairly compare.  Different worlds.
                      \_ Exactly.  Co-ed bathing.  Co-ed rooms (though I saw
                         that go bad one semester).
                        \_ What happened?
                                \_ The obvious: they broke up, hated each
                                   other but had to finish out the semester
                                   because there was no where else to go.
                                        -ex house manager
                         \_ Define "co-ed bathing" por favor.
                                \_ Members of opposite sex engaging in sexual
                                   foreplay/intercourse in hottub/shower/tub.
                                   \_ Happens in Cal dorms too.  Even *gasp*
                                         \_ are you on crack?
                                      \_ Uhm, no, not like the co-ops.  I doubt
                                         any dormy has ever seen a hungry post-
                                         sex couple emerge from their cave or
                                         the hot tub, etc, and walk naked into
                                         the kitchen to get food and return to
                                         fuck some more.  There's more sex in
                                         the smallest co-op houses every night
                                         than the entire dorm system.  You
                                         really shouldn't try to put "dorm" &
                                         "co-op" in the same sentence.
                                                --seen it in co-ops
                                         \_ well damn. I should have been
                                            in the co-ops.
                                            \_ MUHAHAHAHAHA!! (evil laughter)
                                      \_ Speak for yourself.
                                                -Done it in bot places
                                        \_ Not on a co-op quantity scale. We've
                                           had honest Presidents too.  Not on
                                           a large scale, unfortunately.
                                      \_ Foothill?  Rape doesn't count.
           \_ UC Santa Cruz has the most liberal on-campus dorms by far. --dim
              \_ if you ignore the fact they close off the campus at 8pm
              \_ How so?
                 \_ Co-ed everything. Underage drinking. Rampant drug use.
                    Tolerance to noise. Preceptors and RAs who turn a blind
                    eye to (or participate in!) parties and smoke-outs. I've
                    heard it's more strict now that they had some "problems",
                    though. I can't confirm. Cal seemed Fascist in
                    comparison. We always had to be secretive here. --dim
                    \_ Back when I did that kind of thing, I used to smoke
                       pot with my RA all the time -- what's the big deal?
                        \_ I wasn't smoking out in the Cal dorms but saw plenty
                           of it.  What's the title for the student they put in
                           charge of the whole building?  She was using the
                           freshman boys like they were going outta style.
                            \_ Hall Coordinators.  And I was an RA, and I
                               drank with my Residents, but I only dated
                               Residents from other areas.  You don't shit
                               where you eat.
                                \_ Speak for yourself!
                                \_ HC.  That's it.  Holly.  She was hot.
                                                         Any pics? _/
                       \_ The deal is that at UCSC nobody cared. At UCB
                          the door had to be closed. There was always an
                          element of secrecy. I remember people having to
                          dump their beer down the drain in the shower. I
                          also recall an RA losing his job because he was
                          caught drinking with the students. At UCSC, it
                          didn't matter. No one cared and anything went.
                          It was similar to the co-ops. --dim (former USCA)
                          \_ Oh, hell, UCB's best policy was the I-don't-see-
                             policy.  Prepped me for life in the CIA.^H^H^H^H
                          \_ Until someone's daddy files a law suit against
                             UCSC.  We were spending house money on acid at
                             my co-op.
2000/1/25 [Uncategorized] UID:17326 Activity:nil
1/24    Snip.
2000/1/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:17327 Activity:high
1/25    Want to make $60 an hour handing out and posting fliers on campus?
        A web company recruiter needs someone to post fliers Wed, and hand
        out fliers for 3 hours at the career fair on Thurs (11-2).  It works
        out to about $10/hr.  Email if interested.
        \_ $60/hr or $10/hr?  How'd you get 60?  10 * 3?
                \_ How about learning to read - Post on Wed. + 3 hours at fair
                   $60 implies they expect 3 hours of posting fliers, which is
                   \_ Why don't you learn to read? The first sentence says
                      '$60 an hour'.
                        \_ I have nothing to do with this thread, but I'd
                           like to point out that someone just added the
                           words "an hour".
                           \_ I'd also like to point out that the same
                              person who added "an hour" also probably
                              added the complaint.  It's pathetic.
                                \_ Probably?  How would you know?  A bit too
                                   cynical even for the motd.
2019/01/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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