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2000/1/20 [Uncategorized] UID:17271 Activity:high
1/19    Poll: Average number of years spent at a company (excluding
        \_ < 1 year             0
           1-2 years            2
           2-3 years            1
           4-6 years            1
           7+                   0
        \_ < 1 year             1
           1-2 years            3
                \_ Only for lame jobs or lame people (hi jsl & cmlee!)
                   \_ What about people that recently started work at a new
                      job, fuckhead?
                        \_ "average number of years" obviously means for all
                            the jobs you've had, twink.  -tom
           1-2 years            5
           2-3 years            2
           4-6 years            2
           7+                   10
                                \_ seriously?
                                        \_ no.
2000/1/20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:17272 Activity:insanely high
1/19    The Defense of Marriage Act, or the Knight Initiative, proposes to
        amend the California constitution to ban same-sex Yes
        - turin                                                         /
                        What a stunning argument for your position!  __/
        \_ And for all you non bigots out there go to
           and download the petition to legalize same sex marriages in CA,
           fill it out, and mail it in.  Or you can get it from
           /csua/tmp/petition.pdf  -aspo
            \_ Unlikely that such a petition could pass since it would require a
               change in the CA constitution (the Family code) which already
               limits marriages to be man + woman.  Prop 22 is aimed at
               preventing same-sex marriages performed somewhere else to be
               recognized here.
               \_ your point?  It is a petition to get a prop on the ballot.
                  Nothing more.  That is how things work in this state. -aspo
                 to his or her own opinions and prejudices) obviosly you are
                  \_ Constitutional changes require a 3/4 majority (or is it
                     2/3) instead of simple majority.
            \_ how is that being a bigot? - turin
                (amend: bigot: : a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted
                 to opinions that dont agree with mine) obviosly you are
                a bigot. Am I a bigot because I believe gravity keeps me
                on earth just as I believe marriage is meant for male/female?
                Sounds like you want to change something that wasn't meant
                for you that you have no right to.
                \_ the really unbelieveable thing is that this isn't
                   a troll.  -tom
                   \_ The really unbelievable thing is that you are incapable of
                      seeing another point of view and yet likely call yourself
                \_ 50 years ago people thought marriage was something that
                   should only happen between a man and a woman of the same
                   race.  Interracial marriages were outlawed in many states.
                   And yet if I were to claim they sohuld be outlawed now
                   I would justifiably be called a bigot.  The only difference
                   between being a bigot in your case is that it is more
                   socially acceptable to be bigotted against homosexuals
                   right now.  Why don't you stop trying to discriminate
                   against homosexuals and go back to dooshing for the lord.
                   \_ As if it were the same thing.
                   \_ i am glad to see whites marrying blacks/chinese- turin
                      \_ analogy.  turin.  bigot.
                      \_ All you whiteys are marrying the asian babes, and I
                         can't get any dates!!! Go to HELL!!! - Hoyt Sze
                  \_ Damn, the infamous Hoyt Sze!  Is that really you man?
                     I totally agree.  Nothing's worse than observing
                     fine Asian women married to completely dorky pale idiots.
                      \_ It's just that we don't have such little bitty
                         thingies, and we don't drive lowered Mazdas, and
                         we can drink without turning beet red.
                                                -Studly tanned genius
                           \_ gaijin fool! lowered HONDAS are the TRUE way
                              of studliness
                           p.s. turin, you're a bigot b/c you are not tolerant
                           of things that deviate from what is considered
                           "normal" and therefore "right."  It has nothing
                           to do with God.  It's just a sexual preference,
                           just as other animals exhibit.
                           \_ and eating your mate after you have sex with
                              them is just a sexual preference.
                  \_ aspo, you immediately call me a bigot, perhaps you
                    are discriminating against heterosexuals? Anywayz, marriage
                    is a sacred/holy act that represents the Union between
                    a man and a woman that is a type  of the Union God wants
                    with mankind, which is basically a picture of the result
                    which of union of Christ and the Church as a groom and a
                    bride. If God thinks homosexuality is an abomination of
                    obviously marriage is sanctioned by God only for a man and
                    and a woman. That's what marriage is, and you want to
                        \_ Marriage is not restricted to christians.  If
                    modify it to suit your own wants. So how can you claim
                    something that is not meant for you? perhaps you are the
                    one stealing something that doesn't belong to youf- turin
                        \_ The government has already claimed marriage and
                           modified it to suit it's own purposes.  If you
                           really believe that you need to defend the
                           sanctity and holiness of marriage, you need to
                           get the government completely uninvolved.
                        \_ Marriage is not restricted to christians.
                           \_ No, but funny how just about every other
                              religion also agrees on the little detail of
                              marriage = 1 man, 1 woman.
                              (well, sometimes, higher numbers on one
                               side or another, but still...)
                           you demand that the nature of marriage conforms
                           to a christian ideal, you are enforcing the
                           restrictions of your religion on others who do
                           not practice it.  It's hard for me to imagine
                           that anyone would condone such a thing, but
                           humans have an amazing ability to fall short
                           of even my expectations.  -niloc
                    \_  if you think that the legal definition of marriage
                        (for everyone, not just people who believe in your
                        god) must be the same as the one that your god has
                        defined, then you are a bigot.  qed.  -lila
                    \_ He's not claiming anything from your God.  Do you have
                       any idea what same sex marriage debate is about other
                       than what you've been told by your pastor/cult leader?
                       Get a clue.  -scotsman
                        \_ but he's claiming something of God for himself-turin
                           \_ You assume that he's gay and looking to get
                              married.  Again I say "Get a clue." -scotsman
                             \_ i just posted my reason for voting yes, aspo
                                assumes I am a bigot, discriminating, but the
                                real reason that marriage doesn't belong to
                                gays who want to marry, regardless if aspo is
                                is one or not - turin
                                \_ This post has failed the basic grammar
                                   check.  You may speak to scotsman when
                                   you have more clue. -scotsmanmotdgrokker
                    \_ Can you tell the difference between saying "I don't
                       agree with something that doesn't affect me, so you
                       can't do it" what you are saying about gay marriage)
                       and "I'm going to do something that doesn't affect you
                       but that you don't agree with"?  That is not
                       discriminating against "heterosexuals" (if by
                       heterosexuals you mean religiously intolerant bigots)
                       in any way shape or from.  Guess what, we don't live
                       in a theocracy.  God's will has nothing to do with our
                       legal system.  Or at least it shouldn't have anything
                       to do with it.  -aspo
                        \_ ever read the Bill of Rights? Godgiven rights?
                        \_ The Bill of Rights says nothing about God.  The
                           closest it comes is in the First Amendment:
                           "Congress shall make no law respecting an
                           establishment of religion "  -tom
                           \_ which means the whole idea of 'legal marriage'
                              is against the constitution anyway.
                                \_ uh, no.  The legal definition of marriage
                                   (that is, not turin's) involves the
                                   definition of a family and the disbursment
                                   of related benefits.  There's nothing
                                   religious about it.  -tom
                           \_ did you ever happen to notice that not everyone
                              in this country is christian?
                                \_ what does being Christian have to do with
                                  the Bill of Rights?
                                   \_ What does being christian have to do
                                      with tax laws, insurance policy, or
                                      inheritance right? -scotsman
                                      \_ nothing, what's your point?-turin
                                         \_ sigh.  see above re: knowing what
                                            same sex marriage debate is about.
                        \_ mumble mumble separation of church and state
                        \_ vote whatever you want, we are in a democracy but
                          I don't call people names - turin
                          \_ i'd rather people call me names than legally
                             require that i live under the rules of a god
                             that i don't believe in and disagree with.  -lila
                \_ "A prayer in a public school!  God has no place within
                these walls, just like facts have no place within organized
                religion." - The Simpsons
        \_ Listen, you have a large number of God-lovin' Americans out
           there who will NOT accept "same-sex marriage".  They will, however,
           after much persuasion accept "same-sex domestic partnership"
           as a separate category.  The issue then becomes making the rights
           of the partnership the same as the rights in marriage (make it
           into another checkbox on the 1040).  Then after 40 years of
           old-fashioned people DYING people will merge the two categories
           into one checkbox of "married" or one checkbox of "married or
           same-sex domestic partnership".
           \_ oh we are going to treat you like second class citezens for a
              while but don't worry aobut it.  See after you die it might
              just happen that that will go away.  What bullshit.
              \_ Yeah, God-lovin' and old-fashioned Americans sure suck
                 don't they?  Unfortunately, they are why there is no
                 same-sex marriage, and there are a hell of a lot of them.
                \_ axiom 1.  -tom
        \_ This thread has failed the Turin test.
           (Sorry, someone had to say it)  -geordan
                \_ "One nation, under God, indivisible"
                \_ you're an idiot, tpc.
                   particularly since "under God" was added to the pledge
                   in the 1950s.  -tom
                                \_ you and your facts. twink. - tpc
                        \_ "In God We Trust"
                                \_ That was added to the 2 cent coin in 1864,
                                and to all forms of cash in 1955.  Try again
                                \_ "All Others Pay Cash"
           \_ Interesting. I didnt know they read the motd in Italy, let
              alone made a test on it.
        \_ The t.u.r.i.n. <=> k.c.h.a.n.g. Theorem. - chucky
        \_ I guess it's true than when you become conservative enough,
           you start seeming liberal.  If the majority of people want
           same sex marriage to be recognized by the state, then it
           will be.  As I've said before on wall, I would exclude
           marriage from any legal mention whatsoever as it is religion
           based, and doesn't belong on the books.  -ax
                \_ the majority of people are too stupid to make an
                   intelligent decision about which brand of socks to buy,
                   let alone about complex and subtle issues like those
                   which get voted on in initiatives.  -tom
                   \_ Hence Plato's opinion that democracy is the second worst
                      form of government (after tyranny).  We need a philosopher
                      king. -- ilyas
                      \_ What is your postal address, I have a one way plane
                         ticket to mauritania for you.
2000/1/20-21 [Reference/Law/Court, Computer/SW] UID:17273 Activity:moderate
1/19  Is it really true that
        amazon has patented the use of cookie in online ordering?  I thought
        they are not even the first one to use it.  Can I patent eating
        food through my mouth?
        \_ Anyone who thinks amazon patented cookies has either not read the
           patent (very likely), understands nothing about patent law (highly
           likely), or is a complete moron.  Choose any two of the above.  The
           fact that the court has prevented amazon competitors from using
           amazon's patented one-click technology makes it clear that the
           court feels amazon is likely to win it's case in a trial.  I trust
           the opinion of the court on this matter more than I trust the
           opinion of the uninformed slashdot masses who would all be super
           geniuses if they knew 1/10th of what they think they know about the
           world or anything in it.
        \_ They patented "One-Click Shopping" which uses cookies.  And if you
           worded it right, you could probably convince the morons in the
           patent office to issue a patent for eating with your mouth.
           \_ Quick!  Patent the "9 items or less" line and sue every
              supermarket chain in the country!
           \_ patent office workers are underpaid and overworked
              and if you were knowledgable enough to approve good technology
              patents you wouldn't be working there
              \_ Wasn't Albert Einstein a patent clerk? --dim
                 \_ Exactly.  That's why he quitted, and that's why he didn't
                    bother patenting his Theory of Relativity.  (If he worded
                    it right, he could've even patented a theorem, right?)
                    \_ Wrong. The one rare thing patent law is explicit about
                       is that you can't patent laws of nature. If he BUILT
                       something using the principle, however.... -alexf
                       \_ But you can patent DNA sequences! That sounds
                          like it's in conflict with the above statment.
                          \_ That's an ongoing debate. Check specifics
                             with someone who knows more than I do. -alexf
                       \_ Which reminds me of this: computer programs were
                          thought of as algorithms, which were math, which was
                          laws of nature.  How was computer programs excluded
                          from this law and became patentable?
                          \_ Software is now considered an implementation and
                             not an algorthym.  If you look up the exact
                             definition of algorythm you'll find pretty much
                             zero software falls under that definition.  In
                             very simple terms, the law considers software to
                             be no different than hardware in terms of patent-
                             ability.  Software is an expression of the idea,
                             the same way hardware is.  You build it with bits
                             instead of widgets.  Consult a patent lawyer if
                             you want a full legal explanation.  IANAL.
                          \_ I think there's been some debate about whether or
                             not software should be patentable, or just
                             copyrighted-- but the original reasoning of
                             software patents had to do with the analogy that
                             a computer given the software of a word
                             processor was bascially similar to the invention
                             of a typewriter.
                             \_ What's the difference between patent and
                                \_ Copyright protects things that can be copied
                                   (text, images, music, etc.)  Patents protect
                          \_ Hell, you're composed of atoms--basically your
                             ideas are just random fluctuations of nature.  How
                             can you patent anything?
2000/1/20-22 [Recreation/Travel/LasVegas] UID:17274 Activity:nil
1/9 cool, Boohoo!
        \_ hey it's got another cal alumnus.
2000/1/20 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay, Reference/Religion] UID:17275 Activity:low
1/19    A related question to the homo marrieages/Christian thread below.
        A while back there was a contraversial play where Jesus had sex
        with all 12 of his disciples. You know, during the last supper.
        It was a big gay orgy. Anybody remember the name of the play?
        \_ I remember there was a big discussion about Jesus and John
           as lovers.
2000/1/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:17276 Activity:very high
1/20    Filesystem  512-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity  Mounted on
        /dev/da0e      2540480  2332740     4502   100%    /var/mail
           \_ no, add more disks to support our huge mail quotas!
        \_ I propose we squish more people and delete their home (e.g. kchang)
                \_ I propose to have a mail quotas smaller than 8mb. If
                   soda does not have enough disk space, why have such huge
                   mail quotas in first place?.
                   As far as I can see none of the users below is above their
                   quota. I don't see a reson why they should be squished
                        -anonymous coward
        5443134  scharpen
        5004733  ying
        4951795  egwall
        4939696  joy
        4862243  ivy
        4841636  blyon
        4825914  yule
        4822396  andrea
        4800332  kane
        4786558  innami
        4737733  clarie
        4704368  hankwong
        4688583  jean
        4646727  blojo
        4603297  mackn
        4499982  lleong
        4459360  anjie
        4413419  duyphun
        4400330  jones
        4321963  ramses
        5443134  scharpen      4737733  clarie
        5004733  ying          4704368  hankwong
        4951795  egwall        4688583  jean
        4939696  joy           4646727  blojo
        4862243  ivy           4603297  mackn
        4841636  blyon         4499982  lleong
        4825914  yule          4459360  anjie
        4822396  andrea        4413419  duyphun
                           hundreds of hours of works.  -tom
           \_ Fascinating.  8.5% of the users consume 50% of the space.  15%
              consume about 70%.  This is fine of course unless the spool runs
              out of space.
        4800332  kane          4400330  jones
        4786558  innami        4321963  ramses
        \_ End the Bolt Action domination of the mail spool!
        \_ How about these folks?  kchang isn't even in the running.  Do you
           people really need 4-5 MB in your mailspool?
                \_ it's really stupid to quibble about 5MB when 18GB disks
                   cost $300.  -tom
                   \_ Fine, so donate $300 to CSUA and shut up.
                        \_ the CSUA gets a budget every year, this is a fine
                           thing to spend money on.  And I have donated quite
                           a bit of money to the CSUA over time, not to mention
                           hundreds of hours of work.  -tom
                           \_ The point is, a free resource always leads to a
                              shortage.  Sure, you've put resources into soda,
                              and look at your spool usage--you're actually
                              being responsible with it.  I'd bet that that
                              majority of hte names there haven't given squat to
                              soda.  (surprised to see blojo up there)
                                \_ an 18GB disk for mail would allow an
                                   average spool size of 7MB (2600 passwd
                                   entries).  Considering that there's not
                                   a single mail spool larger than that now,
                                   we're looking at years and years before
                                   even actively irresponsible usage could
                                   fill it.  -tom
                                   \_ Great.  So why don't we just purchase the
                                      disk and be done with it.  Anyone?
           \_ Fascinating.  8.5% of the population consume 50% of the wealth.
              15% consume about wealth.  This is fine of course unless the spool
              runs out of space.
           \_ Fascinating.  8.5% of the population consume 50% of the space.
              15% consume about 50% of the space.  This is fine of course unless
              the spool runs out of space.
              \_ Space consumption always has a skewed distribution.
        \_ Can't we just have a quota system with slightly smaller mail-spool
           limits? Most people would be fine with it...
        \_ I propose we adjust all mail user agents and delivery agents to
           put the users' mail spools in their home directories, so that we
           dont have this double mail spool/disk usage problem.  -ERic
           \_ Just make a link from /var/mail/foo to ~foo/mbox or such? -- yuen
           \_ they do this where I work, and it leads to more dropped mail
              and related problems because of the relative instability of
              home mounts to the mail server, common home file overfills,
              \_ soda's home directories arent remote-mounted.
                \_ I think mail-in-home-dir is a reasonable setup but it
                   doesn't really help the problem of inadequate disk space.
                   In fact it's worse because people filling up their home
                   directories with coding projects will hoze mail.  -tom
2000/1/20 [Uncategorized] UID:17277 Activity:kinda low
1/19    Are there any contract agencies that specialize in providing
        advanced Win32 programming resources?
        \_ "resources"?
                \_ as in people, the most precious asset of a company.
                   \_ go away, evil people-as-commodities person!
2000/1/20-22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:17278 Activity:moderate
1/20    Where is a good place to find Regular Expression and Regular
        Substitution package for Java?
        \_ -vann
        \_ Just use perl.
        \_ java.text
        \_ GNU has one and oroinc is the best ( ?). It's Perl5
                regex in Java.
2000/1/20 [Recreation/Activities] UID:17279 Activity:moderate
1/20    How's Lake Tahoe snow right now?
        \_ No snow in the lake.  Still water.
2000/1/20-21 [Science/Space, Computer/SW/Editors/IDE] UID:17280 Activity:kinda low
1/20    Total lunar eclipse tonight.
        The partial eclipse begins at 07:01 PM; totality at 8:05 pm.
2000/1/20 [Finance/Investment] UID:17281 Activity:nil 70%like:17282
1/20    So do people consider it okay to alter motd posts?  That is, not delete
        them but change the text of some else's post?
        \_ depends on the entertainment value.
        \_ people do it, but I don't think its right
2000/1/20 [Finance/Investment] UID:17282 Activity:nil 70%like:17281
1/20    So do people onsphider it okay to alter motd pot?  That is, not delete
        them butt change the text of some else's pot?
        \_ depends on the entertainment value.
        \_ people do yermom, but I don't think its right
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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