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Berkeley CSUA MOTD
2000/1/19-20 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:17267 Activity:kinda low
1/18    Wanted 2 programmers to help develop web based apps:  Between the
        two, will need PERL, CGI, SQL, Yacc(or Bison), Javascript, HTML.
        Full time or Part time (20 hours minimum).  At least two weeks(tm)
        with possibilities of more if appropriate.  Work on-site (downTown
        Oakland)  or off-site. (510) 271-4142 ask for Garo, Alan or Ephram.
        \_ sign posts like this
           \_ sign posts in general.
        \_ What kind of SQL?
           \_ If you have to ask, you don't know.
2000/1/19 [Reference/Celebration] UID:17268 Activity:nil
1/19    Everyone wish a happy birthday to Kirk "Mr. FS_MAGIC" McKusick,
        without whom we wouldn't have this cool OS.
        \_ Mr. FS_MAGIC?
                \_ grep FS_MAGIC /usr/include/ufs/ffs/fs.h
2000/1/19 [Recreation/Food] UID:17269 Activity:high
1/18    "Don't fuk wit da sky or he be drillin yew wit da mack 10 and hi'
         gang o' homeys wit da poh-leese skannah!"  --sky da big homey
        \_ Hey don't mess with him or he'll sick his Korean frat brothers and
           their guns on you.  And don't forget the loser girlfriend who stuck
           with this triple loser for years trying to ween him off the
           \_ Actually, I will sick a 6'6" skin head from Hayward on you.
              Not that I subscribe to their philosophy, but lets just say he
              owes me a favor or two.  If you want to get your ass beat and
              your car stolen, please, sign your posts.  Really.  You fucking
              pussies.  I could give a fuck.  -sky
                \_ You're so cute.  Really.  Like a little boy stomping his
                   feet on the ground after his very first double scoop
                   chocolate-chocolate chip fell out of his ice cream cone at
                   the county fair.  Charming, really.  Hugs and kisses,
                   little boy.  -thinks you're silly but cute
                   \_ no thanks, safari -sky
2000/1/19-20 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:17270 Activity:very high
1/19    The Transmeta Crusoe runs at 1 watt of power (20 milliwatts idle).
        What is the range of power consumption for mobile processors out
        there now?
        \_ It seems that the whole world is trying to get onto
           yet another AMD/Cyrix/etc    1
           \_ somthing changed, but I can get on the site now
        \_ It seems that the whole world is trying to get onto
           yet another AMD/Cyrix/etc    2
           the motd
        \_ motd poll:  what do you think of the future of transmeta?
           yet another AMD/Cyrix/etc    3
           another StrongARM            1
           bought by intel/amd          1
           the next Intel!              0
           bought by intel/amd          0
           dont care                    1
           hotter and sexier than tom   2
           hey what about Motorola      ?
           \_ hotter than tom?  does tom run under 1W and 20mW idle?
                \_ Indurain had a resting pulse rate of 28  -tom
           hotter and sexier than yer mom 1
           hotter and sexier than sky   1
           fad                          1
           pure hype                    1
           most likely to break VA Linux's IPO record   1
           \_ Is there anyone who really considers their own mom hot and
              \_ No, just *yer*mom.  My mom is elderly and gray-haired, and
                 stays at home knitting lace doilies.
              \_ Of course.  Don't you read the "real stories" on
        \_ I believe that most modern chips run at 10 watt/cm^2 or somewhere
           in that ballpark.
           \_ The hot K6's used to run at 40 W at 100% utilization, the
              .25 um processors about a quarter that, the mobile 650 MHz
              Pentium 3 uses 21.5 W
        \_ Note that this is the 3120 chip which is designed for handheld.  I
           think the StrongArm runs at about 1 watt too.  The new Pentium III
           with PowerStep runs at about 6 watts when on batteries, and 11 watts
           when plugged into the wall.  (
           \_ WOW! now THAT's (microsoft style) Innovation!
              They just invented the non-user-controllable turbo-switch!
              \_ You can control it.  Plug in/Not plug in.  See?  Innovation.
              \_ The idea is to give more power when you're using the laptop
                 connected to the wall, but conserve battery life when you're on
                 the road.  This allows laptops that are used more like mobile
                 desktops to have performance closer to desktops.
                 \_ and if I WANT to burn battery life on the road?
           \_ The G3 is around 5.7 W, i believe.
           \_ The G3 kicks ass...fuck Intel   -- swings
              \_ Maybe when you're inside the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion
                 Field (tm).  In the real world it's nothing special.
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