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2000/1/18-19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:17262 Activity:moderate
1/17    Where can I find perl in Japanese? I'd also like to know where
        I can get hold of character recognition software for Japanese/
        Chinese characters? -fab@csua
        \_ You misunderstand the nature of perl.  There's nothing inherintly
           american or japanese or anything else about it.  Perl relies on the
           underlying OS for almost everything.  What are you trying to do that
           requires "perl in Japanese"?
           \_ Maybe he wants error messages in Japanese?
              \_ If you want to display messages in Japanese, use
                 ( and
        has manual
                 for (in Japanese).
        \_ perl in XXX: if it ain't there, it either doesn't
           exist or is so pre-pre-pre-alpha that you don't want to go near
           it. The only usable implementations of optical character
           recognition for Asian languages are commercial.
        \_ Character recognition is an interesting AI problem.  If you are not
           in a rush and want to learn something (along with me), drop me
           a note, and I ll see what I can do. -- ilyas
                \_ aren't you just going to mumble something about stars
                   and evolution?
        \_ There is some free java program that allows users to mouse in
           kanji characters. "jdict"? Go find that, and steal the algorithm.
           But personally, I think doing it in perl is stupid.
          \_ handwriting recognition is not the same as character recognition
             since you can take advantage of stroke generation information.
2000/1/18-19 [Computer/SW/Security, Finance/Investment] UID:17263 Activity:high
1/18    Is E*TRADE FDIC insured?  Thx.
        \_ They are a brokerage not a bank. They have SIPC and backup private
           insurance. Read their web site. (BTW do you really want an account
           with E*TRADE? I haven't had an account there but heard their
           customer service is impossible. You might find this useful:
           \_ Very useful site.  Thanks.
           \_ I have an account with them. I've only had to ask one question
              but got a response within 24hrs. But that's just once, so take
              it as you will.
           \_I have had nothing but trouble w/ Etrade. It is hard to
             connect with them during the day, it takes days for them to
             respond to emails, and you have to wait >>>1h to talk to a
             customer service rep when you call. I prefer Datek, even
             though they offer fewer services.
        \_ E*TRADE is completely incompetent. They are awful. --aaron
           \_ How about
                \_ schwab has pretty good service.  Problem is their
                        commission costs for trades are pricey
        \_ Why do people use/need customer support that much?  I would
                think that once you get things setup, you don't need
                that much customer support
        \_ try doing a brokerage transfer.  -tom
2000/1/18-19 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:17264 Activity:high
        This reporter doesn't seem to know the difference between Apple and
        \_ Funny, I didn't get that impression.  However, the bit about
           antivirus programs automagically grabbing suspicious code and
           uploading it to the antivirus company is a little
           worrisome.  -geordan
           \_ Neither did I.  The dude was talking about Macs being mostly
              immune to macro viruses, and Macs being more susceptible to
              naughty Java applets, which are cross-platform
              \_ Motd entry 1/18.  This luser doesn't seem to know how to
                 read English! BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
                 \_ And you.
2000/1/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:17265 Activity:high
1/18    Today on the USA Network, the story of Mary Kay LeTourneau at 8pm.
        35 year old mother of 4. (boinks) 13 year old boy. Where was she when
        *I* was 13!
        \_ Molesting some other child?
2000/1/18-19 [Consumer/Audio] UID:17266 Activity:insanely high
1/18    I'm sure this has been done before, but will someone please post a
        a URL for a sight that has Avg. Salary type data for IT jobs in
        the East Bay.
        \_ Hmm, when you find this site, make sure they have categories for
           non-native English speakers.
            \_  Why?  which part of the above did you NOT understand?
               \_ "sight" vs. "site" -- get a clue
                  \_ Non-native English speakers tend to spell better
                     than native English speakers.  I think it's because
                     they learn to read and write before they learn to
                        \_ This only applies to stupid native speakers.
                  \_ you know what they say about people who have a little
                     bit of a problem speaking English -- they know at least
                     one more language than you do
                     \_ I'd rather my employees speak/read/write correct
                        English than speak a few bits of many worthless
                        languages.  And they may say that but it isn't true.
                        Most people are just illiterate.
                     \_ Except for us native-English-speakers who are bilingual.
                     \_ Maybe they are illiterate in several languages. --dim
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> has one, sorta reliable, interesting nonetheless. there
           are lotsa sites, but hard to find one w/ focus on East Bay --samli
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