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2000/1/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:17250 Activity:moderate
1/16    Transmeta is coming out of hiding on Wednesday 1/19 with a press
        conference and announcements on their web site (according to
        \_ is this when they announce that half the IT community is
           actually blood-sucking, night-walking VAMPIRES who have taken
           on IT jobs as effective cover for their long-existing society
           of ill-repute?
           \_ read as, "Hi, I'm clueless!"
              \_ Wait, you're in IT _and_ you can read?!
           \_ WTF?  Was this some ancient cut'n'paste from a 2 y/o motd?
              \_ you suck
                \_ Yes I do suck.  I suck quite well.  You'll never know the
                   pleasure of my top notch suckage.
           \_ Damn! we're busted!  -IT Vampire
2000/1/17-19 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:17251 Activity:high
1/17    anyone know any good frequencies in berkeley besides
        460.175, 488.250, 460.250, 460.050, and 460.025?  Or what freq. the
        UC police use?  Or task force?  --sky
        \_ Scanning?  How dull.  Please.
           \_ y34h!^(! sK4nNiNg iS f0r Lu$eRz(*!^!  r34l sTuDz h4Ck LyNuCkz.
                \_ Scanning is like reading other people's email.  Dull.
                   Hacking linux is something less than 1% of linux users are
                   actually doing.  The bulk are loading RPMs written by
                   others and calling themselves hackers.
                   \_ Listening to police frequencies is dull.  Sitting
                      in prison is even more dull.  QED         --sky
                        \_ Dude you ar leik sutch the s00per kriminal that u
                           have a skannar to av0id da fuZZ yet you don't even
                           fucking know what freqs they use and need to ask on
                           the motd?  U R S0 KEWEL!!!!!@!@!@11
                           \_  I never tripped on police until being arrested
                               a few days ago.  After seeing how sucky it
                               is to be stuck in Santa Rita, I decided to take
                               things a bit more seriously.  And this was the
                               same night I was visiting a friend in Santa
                               Rita who got busted when the house
                               he was at was raided by oakland police, the
                               Alameda DA, and the FBI.  I have the BPD freq's
                               but I need the freq's for task as they are
                               the d00ds that roll up on you when you get
                               raided.  And as there are lots of other paranoid
                               freaks on soda, I thought someone should know.
                               So kindly shut the fuck up before
                               I send over some very large ex cons to your
                               house to rearrange your furnature.  -- not sky
                                \_ D00d yur leik s0 k00l getin bustid bi da
                                   EF Bee EYE!!11 leik u tript on da man!  U
                                   B K00l wit da Br0z!11  In short, you're a
                                   fucking poser and a loser and no one wants
                                   to hear how many cons took your geek ass in
                                   prison.  And oh yeah, did I forget to
                                   mention how impressed I am that a Cal alum
                                   or student managed to get arrested?  BFD.
                                   That takes real brains in a town where you
                                   can smoke a joint in public in the pre-med
                                   marijuana days and no one blinked.  Go
                                   snuggle up with your con lover buddies and
                                   get the fuck off the motd. -- also not sky
                                   \_ Heh.  If you are so sure I am a poser,
                                      why dont you post your name in the motd?
                                      whats wrong?  Afraid if you signed your
                                      name everyone would laugh at
                                      your false male bravado?  I suspect you
                                      are tom, in which case you will be
                                      forgiven because you are cursed with
                                      perpetual PMS, but if you are not, all I
                                      can say is you better back the fuck up
                                      before you get smacked the fuck up,
                                      - sky

                                        \_ Mostly, I would guess it's because
                                           the guy doesn't want to go to the
                                           trouble of writing a kill-file or
                                           mail filter to screen your
                                           stoopid-ass prepubescent messages
                                           straight into /dev/null.  dumbfuck.
                                        \_ I sign my posts.  But you are a
                                           fucking loser.  -tom
                                        \_ Idiot.  *I* wasn't the one stomping
                                           around claiming to be a homey in
                                           need of a scanner so I don't go back
                                           to being the anal love child of the
                                           bay area prison system.  You're a
                                           loser and a poser and for only the
                                           second time in my life I agree 100%
                                           with Tom.  "I am sky da home boy wit
                                           da poh-leese skannah and I ahm gunna
                                           smack y00 da fuck up da hed!" Child,
                                           grow up.  It's dull and stupid and
                                           there's nothing "kewel" about going
                                           to prison, getting raped in prison
                                           or "smack the fuck up, bitch".  I
                                           only a silly scared child when I
                                           read your drivel.  --not as kewel a
                                           homeboy as sky the mighty wit da
                                           poh-leese skannah
              \_ Oh *please*.  Linux is *so* last week.  *Nobody* who's
                 *anybody* does *that* anymore.
                 \_ yah. we're all running palmOS on crusoe devices.
                        \_ Oh *please*. PalmOS is so *yesterday*.  *Nobody*
                           who's *anybody* does *that* anymore.
2000/1/17-19 [Finance/CC] UID:17252 Activity:high
1/16    Comment on 1-800-US-SEARCH. I paid $39.95 to search for someone.
        They came back, and said "The person you requested could not be
        found. Thank you for using 1-800-US-SEARCH!". I got a $39.95 bill
        in my credit card the next month. One word of advice:
        don't use these fucking lame ass search services.
        \_ Duh.  Contest it.
        \_ Duh - they did the search, it didn't pan out.  Unless they
           guarantee success, what's your complaint, really?
           \_ The complaint is that he got taken for a $40 ride.
           \_ Not a valid reason to dispute charges with visa.
                \_ It's cheaper for the search company to refund the 40 dollars
                   than to mess with Visa.  Visa is big and brutish and likes
                   its customers.
                \_ Sure it is.  You can dispute anything.  In fact, in this
                   case he should since they didn't even both reporting what
                   form of search they used, how close they may have gotten,
                   etc.  I'll bet a complaint to Visa will turn up a much more
                   detailed report from the search company.
        \_ If they dont refund your money, then call up your credit card
           company and complain. At NO POINT pay the disputed portion of
           your credit card bill. By the way, you can find anyone, there
           is no such thing as "could not be found", unless you supply
           totally wrong information. And, if they are a berkeley alum,
           you can definitely find them. Who do you want to find? What
           information do you possess?
           \_ He was looking for the Easter bunny.
        \_ email "7 on your side" - the guy is an ass
2000/1/17 [Uncategorized] UID:17253 Activity:nil
2000-01-17      ED!  ED!  ED is the STANDARD!  Date Format.
2000/1/17 [Uncategorized] UID:17254 Activity:nil
1/17    cp motd.backup /etc/motd.public
2000/1/17-19 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:17255 Activity:moderate
1/17    As revealed first on the motd, transmeta's hype turns out to be little
        more than just that.  In only 2 days you'll see how the hype machine
        has turned greater-than-MS vapor into "We rethought the microprocessor
        to create a whole new world of mobility".  Crusoe is going to be nice
        but not truly ground breaking.  Another babystep in the high tech world
        over hyped, over sold, and under powered.  You saw it here, first, not
        slashdot, not zdtv, not cnn.
        \_ OH Y3AH!!!?!??!????  1 B3L13VE 1N L1NUS!!!1!!!  L1NUX RUL3Z, U
           DR00L!!!!1!!!  U R A D00DYH3AD!!!1!!  U SAW 1T H3R3 F1RST!!1!!
                \- does the name come from "meta transistor"? also, anyone
                know if "super secret microunity" is still in business? --psb
                   \_ microlunacy is dead, and has been for several years.
                      was/is there a son of microlunacy?
                        \_ There is no Son of Microlunacy.  There is only ZUUL.
        \_ Beware the dark side, it lurks everywhere!
2000/1/17-19 [Uncategorized] UID:17256 Activity:kinda low
1/17    What's the big deal about Confederate flags? I go to Virginia's steak
        house, Texas bars, etc and they have that flag everywhere. Big deal.
        \_ "You ain't from around here, are you, boy?"
        \_ Let's just call a troll a troll and be done with it.
2000/1/17-19 [Computer/Networking] UID:17257 Activity:moderate
1/17    Is there a free ISP that doesn't require you to click on something
        every so often?  I don't mind looking at banners, but it's annoying
        to have to click on something every 20 or 30 minutes.
        \_Better yet, anyone know how to defeat the ads in one of the free
          \_ Yes.  Dial-in directly using Dial-up Networking (for win95/98),
             instead through the apps the ISP provided.  It works for netzero.
             \_ ouch. how evil!
                \_ Must click advertising scams are evil.  Ads in general are
                   \_ actually, i'm an evil pir8te, so i shouldn't be so
                      hypocritical. nevermind.
2000/1/17-19 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:17258 Activity:kinda low
1/17    soda 17: w
        w: kvm_getprocs: Cannot allocate memory: Cannot allocate memory
        \_ Not enough Clue, You must mine more clue.
                \_ Yeah, if I had more Clue, then I would've magically been
                   able to allocate more memory on soda for this.  Gosh,
                   thanks!  U R D CL00MAST0R!!!11
2000/1/17-20 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17259 Activity:nil
1/17    Sr Unix Sysadmin job available at Active Software.
        See /csua/pub/jobs/Activesoftware for details.
2000/1/17-19 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:17260 Activity:nil
1/17    Best (read: cheap+fast+reputable) place online to buy a thinkpad?
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>, CompUSA's consumer Internet shop, gave a friend no
           problems ordering last week.
2000/1/17-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:17261 Activity:nil
1/17    /csua/pub/housing/northside.claret.sp2000
        Rooms right across from Soda Hall (no, NOT Etcheverry, and NOT
        Cloyne); urgent opening
2018/12/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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