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2000/1/15-17 [Consumer/Shipping] UID:17244 Activity:kinda low
1/14    When I open a PO box at say Mail Boxes Etc or some other private
        mailbox place, am I required to open it under my name?  Do they
        check ID?  I want to get mail from overseas into the US anonymously.
        This is not a troll.  Thanks.
        \_ I may know someone who might be able to assist you... -sky
        \_ Ok, so if it isn't a troll, I'm still trying to figure out what
           you might want delivered anonymously to the US from over seas.
           And no, even if you successfully put a fake name on it, the
           standard routine is to sit a cop there waiting for you to show
           up to get your goodies and then arrest you on the spot.  Someone
           has to show up in person to get the stuff, yes?
        \_ yeah, they can even mail you a confirmation notice to the
           address you claim to prove that you really live there, in fact
           all incoming mail can ONLY be addressed to you or somebody
           for whom you have provided proof of residence, it's really
           scary. I also get packages from overseas anonymously.
           \_ The two solutions involve a) obtaining a very temporary address
              just for the confirmation notice (i.e. immediately after someone
              moves out of the house, use their addr) and b) fake id. Consult
              standard literature on the latter. Variations left as an
              exercise to the reader. Max penalty circa 3 years federal.
              Have fun.
        \_ the lengths some people will go to, to get swedish pr0n
           \_ Or Danish teenage ones?
2000/1/15-17 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17245 Activity:nil
1/14    How do you decode and splice together those multipart binary files
        you find on newsgroups?
        \_ uudecode or munpack, and then cat them together?
        \_ Depends on OS.  Using windows your client should do it.  If not, go
           get FreeAgent or some other functional client.  Using trn, check out
           the :e option in the man pages.  Yes, you might have to RTFM.
        \_ tin newsreader has built-in commands to do it -- easy!
2000/1/15-17 [Uncategorized] UID:17246 Activity:nil
1/15    Listen to Radio XCF.   mpg123 <DEAD>scheme.XCF.Berkeley.EDU:8000<DEAD>
        every evening.
        \_ Learn not to clip, XCF dweebs.
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