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2000/1/12 [Health/Disease/General] UID:17216 Activity:nil 100%like:17169
        \_ They might be Giants are the most (leagally) downloaded mp3's
2000/1/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:17217 Activity:high
1/11    What was the matter with Soda yesterday?  'Twas quite laggy.
        \_ The whole net seemed laggy to me.
        \_ I was playing q3arena-x11 on soda.  Sorry.  Won't happen again.
        \_ traceroute showed the route going through UCLA.
2000/1/12 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:17218 Activity:very high
1/11    Thanks for those who replied last time. I did renegotiate and got $80K,
        but I have to start tomorrow instead of Monday(oh well, a shorter
        vacasoin than I hoped). I just went through orientasoin today.
        They also said they would pay for my Silaris Certificasion which is
        only worth like $300(?) I don't think I will bother with that. Is it
        worth my time? (BTW, my staff manager is really hot)
        \_ what was this a followup to? renegotiate what?
        \_ what was this a followup to? renegotiate what? or more importantly,
           FROM what, to 80k?
           PS: if you can pass it, and they are willing to PAY for it, then
           hell yes solaris certification is worth 2 hours of your time.
           You might want to look into a typing accuracy class while you're
           at it though
        \_ You're welcome.  I agree with the above.  Go get your free Solaris
           cert.  I again agree with the above, learn to type/spell/whatever
           your problem is.  --replied last time
2000/1/12 [Uncategorized] UID:17219 Activity:nil
1/12    Disassembled wooden bed (not very old, maple, Belgian made,
        undamaged as far as I know) for sale.  I want it the #@$%^ out of
        my living room.  $50/obo, as is, no warranty not even merchantability
        or fitness for any particular purpose, if it breaks you get to keep
        both pieces.  You pick it up from my house on Southside.  E-mail
        brg@csua if interested.
2000/1/12-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:17220 Activity:insanely high
1/12     What is up with men nowadays?  I was browsing the 'adult' room
         at Video Maniacs and saw a peculiar fascination many purported
         hetero males have with anal sex.  What is the real story?  Do
         most men crave anally penetrating a girl even if they can have
         access to the traditional orifice(s)?  I do not get why this
         spot especially would be the subject of so many adult videos.
        \_ I think what you want to look for is the bend over boyfriend
           series.  -aspo
        \_ you should be specific about "you saw lots of anal videos
           on the shelves", vs "all the guys were drooling over that
           PS: it's the whole "forbidden in 3 states" thing.
       \_ No different from any other 'forbidden' form of sex in a stuffy
          puritanical country.  If it was commonplace and not thought of as
          evil or twisted it wouldn't be such a big deal.  There's no special
          fascination peculiar to men.  Plenty of women like or even prefer
          it.  Just another taboo and not that special.  So how is it you get
          so close to the adult section that you can read the titles the men
          are looking at?  Little known fact: more porn is rented by women
          than by men nationwide.  While I'm at it, how do you know those are
          hetero males?  What's the real story with people like you?
                        \-i would be curious where the stat about more women
                        than men renting ho movies comes from --psb
           \_ Not to mention all those straight men ito recieving anal sex.
              People other than lesibans buy strap-ons too you know.
              \_ Unfortunately, most of the strapons are too damn big for
                 my comfort, so wifey doesnt get to play.
                 \_ what part of most don't you understand?
                    \_ Idiot. To anyone but the totally clueless, it
                       should be obvious I meant "All the ones ive seen
                        are too large, but I'm sure there are smaller out
                        there, so it wouldnt be appropriate to say 'all'
                        without qualification"
           \_ I'd like to see a source for that "more porn" statistic.
              Because it has a tough time standing up to me never seeing
              a woman in the adult section, but quite a few men.
              \_ You live in the Bay Area, Land of the Under Sexed Geek.  The
                 rest of the country is different and has the standard 52/48
                 female/male ratio in the general population.
              \_ Also depends on definition of "porn." If you include Brad
                 Pitt sans shirt in that category, then yea, maybe. Otherwise,
                 you'd have to provide a pretty damn reliable source.
           \_ That's on the assumption that original poster was female. I
              somehow doubt it.
        \_ hypocritically puritianical, I might add  -- swings
        \_ The stats come from the rental movie industry not your personal
           observations.  Anyway, that's beside the point.  The whole thing
           is a troll.  I want to know how the original poster can tell what
           movies men are renting and what the "main thrust" (heh) of each is,
           so to speak.  Troll, troll, troll.  -smells a troll
           \_ The rental industry wants to increase/protect itself, not
              provide accurate statistics. Which do you think is more
              beneficial, and avoids hordes of feminazis descending:
                a) porn is  mostly rented by a bunch of horney men
                b) porn is mostly rented by women
          \_ Who here has dated a woman who preferred anal sex? Or even
             liked it? I have dated dozens of women and only one liked it
             at all.
                \_ half of the women I've dated liked anal sex.
                \_ I have.  She not only preferred it but we rarely had
                   'normal' sex.  Anal sex every day.  Her choice.
                    \_ Was she a transsexual?
                        \_ No.  She was a born as female, lived as female, and
                           entirely genetically female.  What's so hard to
                           understand about a normal woman who likes anal sex?
                    \_ Damn. Can I have her phone number?
                        \_ She's married now.  I think she lives in SoCal
                           somewhere.  Haven't had any contact in years.
                           \_ I get it.  She wanted to marry virgin.
                                 mostly a virgin.
                              \_ If you rarely have normal sex, you are only
                                 mostly a virgin.  This comment does not
                                 concern you, anal sex boy.  -\
                                        \_ Mostly a virgin is like somewhat
                                \_ Neither of you get it.  We had sex every
                                   day.  Often several times.  Every single
                                   day we had anal sex.  About every fourth
                                   day we had 'normal' intercourse.  She was
                                   nothing like a virgin.  Maybe the way that
                                   Madonna, the entertainment figure, is like
                                   a virgin.  She just liked anal sex.  It's
                                   very simple.  Don't over psycho babble it.
                                   \_ This from someone who has a CSUA
                                      account.  Either it's a mutant from
                                      Mars or this person is lying through
                                      their teeth.
2000/1/12 [Uncategorized] UID:17221 Activity:nil
1/11    It isn't nice to blow away the whole motd and then replace it with
        your random selfish stupid question.  I restored it minus your
        question intentionally.  Have a nice day.
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