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2000/1/11-13 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:17210 Activity:very high
1/10    How do you keep more than one person from having a file open at
        the same time?  (separate but related question...) What is the
        easiest way to do version control on a unix box?
        \_ CVS.
        \_ Single-user: RCS/SCCS, Multi-user: CVS
           \_ RCS and/or SCCS dont "break" if you have multiple users.
              It just gets very inconvenient if you expect more than one person
              to be working on a particular at the same time.
              to be working on a particular file at the same time.
        \_ If you want to be hard core: cp, diff and compress.
        \_ ClearCase
           \_ I use ClearCase at work.  It's a broken piece of shit.
              (Though the UI is pretty nice, I have to admit).  -- ilyas
              \_ It's the GUI that is the broken piece of shit. All the
                 command-line utils are completely functional.
                   -- spent several months writing tools that interface with
                      it, never had any problems.
                  \_ It also costs a gazillion dollars or something. -- ilyas
                        \_ BFD.  I have a gazillion dollars in my pocket.
                           \_ Then what are you doing choosing a version control
                              tool!?  Go on permanent vacation.
                                \_ Because a gazillion dollars won't buy you a
                                   cup of coffee.  Anyway, I'm using RCS which
                                   works just fine for my needs.
                                  \_ what fucking country are YOU in, asshole?
                                        \_ The United States of America.  Last
                                           I checked, we didn't have 'gazillion'
                                           as a currency unit.
                                           \_ The U.S. also doesn't have a
                                              million as a currency unit, if
                                              you want to start splitting hairs.
                                              \_ A million is a word that is
                                                 symbolic of 1000000 units of
                                                 something.  A gazillion could
                                                 fit in my pocket and won't buy
                                                 you a cup of coffee and no I
                                                 don't feel like splitting hairs.
                        \_ There's no such thing as a gazillion dollars!
        \_ Perforce is pretty good too.
        \_ lock the file with an exclusive lock.  see flock(2)
2000/1/11 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:17211 Activity:high
1/10    Why don't we use SSH Ver.2?  (I think there was an explanation
        somewhere but i can't find it)
        \_ No one supports SSH 2.
        \_ SSH2 costs too much
          \_ Exactly. SSH1 is freeware while SSH2 is available for purchase
2000/1/11 [Computer/SW] UID:17212 Activity:nil
1/10    once again: if you work for OrCAD or Cadence, fuck you.  Your software
        sucks, and better software could have been written by a kid on an
        apple ][e.  I hope someone starts writing good sofware in competition
        and buries this shitty excuse for a software company.
2000/1/11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Reference/Tax] UID:17213 Activity:kinda low
1/10    You can't hide Hillary's crimes.  As soon as she's out of the WH and
        doesn't have my tax dollars to illegally spend on herself it'll all
        come out and then we'll finally get the truth.
        \_ Clinton will have her killed off like the hundreds of others he has.
2000/1/11 [Uncategorized] UID:17214 Activity:kinda low
1/10    Watch "Freaks & Geeks" tonight at 8 p.m. on channel 4  -- swings
        \_more /etc/motd.public
          \_ ^more^less !
        \_ Whoa!  Turned it on just now and those kids remind me of how several
           of you act today!  They've totally nailed the geek boy of today!
2000/1/11-13 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17215 Activity:high
1/10    I'm a non-tech major but would like to be a sys admin. Are there
        local classes (e.g. @CSU, Santa Clara, etc) that I can take to
        perform basic, entry-level sys admin tasks?
        \_ never took any but found it better to learn by doing;
           install linux or fbsd or nt or solaris on a home pc and play.
        \_ You'll be unhappy if you're doing this just for the money.
                \_ This is such a bullshit response. You'll be just as
                unhappy working some scut job for $30K. working as a sys
                admin may bore you, but twice the cash will make the rest
                of your life that much better
                \_ Ask Tom.
                        \_ Isn't this true of many a worker-bee?
                           \_ Yup.  Frankly, the "you'll be unhappy working
                              only for money" thing is a bit hackneyed.  How
                              happy are you going to be at 70 with no cash and
                              a pile of medical bills?  Maybe the illegal they
                              have at the home will roll you over once a week
                              if you're nice to her and haven't shit on your-
                              self too much.
                   \_ You can be a BOFH, but I'm sure they don't teach that
                      in any sysadmin "class".
                        \_ Nice in theory.  In the RW you get fired.  Why you'd
                           want this in the first place is a mystery.
                           \_ I'd like to have a BOFH more than I'd like to
                              have the nimrod in IS who thought that my
                              problem could be solved by upgrading to the
                              latest version of Eudora for my (Solaris!)
                              desktop.  I'd get just as much help from the
                              BOFH, but I'd be more entertained.
                                \_ Why would you want either?  It's like trying
                                   to choose between getting run over by a red
                                   or a blue SUV.
                                   \_ In my world, there are no BOFHs, nimrods,
                                      or SUVs (red, blue, or otherwise);
                                      everyone rides bike, uses Linux, and does
                                      their own admin (unless you're part of
                                      the 3l33t overclass; then the admins are
                                      h0t ch1x!!1! who also happen to have
                                      more UNIX clue than any currently living
                                      human.  I, of course, lead the
                                        \_ Enjoyed your nap?  Now back to work,
                \_ Well, that depends, you can oftentimes make little (or even
                   not-so-little) projects for yourself to liven up the daily
                   routine. Other than that I don't think there's any way that
                   sysadminning can't be boring.
                        \_ I get paid to surf.  But I get paid a lot more than
                           the other people at work with jobs even more boring
                           and tedious.  -sysadmin
        \_ sure.  tom will teach you how to properly swap a backup tape.
                \_ AND INITIAL THE TAPE LOGS, DAMN IT!
        \_ UC Santa Cruz Extension offers a bunch of evening programs for
           this sort of thing.
                \_ Gotta retrain all those secretaries from the typing pool to
                   install win95.
                \_ I would suggest learning the UNIX basics from a friend,
                   then take the UNIX Sys Admin Architecture and other more
                   advanced classes later.
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