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2000/1/10-12 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:17199 Activity:high
1/9     What does the flaw on the New York quarter look like that's supposedly
        worth $2000?
        \_ Round, silvery colored, has a president's face on one side.
        \_ The New York quarter isn't out yet, is it?  There were a number of
           Pennsylvania quarters that were minted with the back side rotated
           180 degrees from the way US coins normally are.  (I.e., the front
           and back sides were the same direction, not reversed.)  I've heard
           that the government minted a whole bunch more of those to drive
           down the value.
          \_ It looks like Hillary Clinton.  She's the only flaw in NY right now.
            [You can delete anti Clinton comments all day but you can't hide the
            truth about that lying two bit sack of shit.  But then again, as a
            Hillary follower, censorship is your middle name and a perfactly
            appropriate way to deal with those who tell the truth about your
            lying thieving hero of slime.  Restored.]
        \_ [even longer Troll-bait deleted]
          \_ [Troll-bait deleted]
            \_ Rudolph Guliani is as every bit a lying sack of shit as
               Hillary is.  But Guliani seems to fit the senate norm much
               better than Hillary does (he's a mean spirited asshole) so
               \_ mean-spirited vs. self-righteous.  tough choice.
        \_ [Troll-bait deleted]
               he'll make the better senator
                \_ I never said I liked Rudi.  But at least he isn't a carpet
                   bagger piece of Arkansas white trash.
                   \_ Not everyone from Arkansas is a carpet bagger (and,
                      in fact, carpet baggers were from the NORTH), nor are
                      they by definition white trash.  --sowings
                        \_ The Clintons are, by definition, white trash.
                           Your denial of carpet bagging based on geography
                           and compass pointing leaves me baffled.  The trash
                           is a carpet bagger.  The source and targets have
                           zero to do with it.
From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:
        \_ That's nice.  I'm glad you can quote a 1913 dictionary entry.  When
           you've joined this century, let everyone know.
           \_ uh, it still is the same century.
           \_ no self-respecting troll would want a bite of that ho.
           \_ What did Hillary lie about?
                \_ TravelGate, FileGate, Rose Law Firm billing records for
                   starters.  Have you been in the U.S. for the last 7 years?
        \_ After HRC gets done with them, the flaw will be her wrinkled ugly
           face smirking at the suckers who voted for her.
2000/1/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:17200 Activity:nil 52%like:17194
1/7     Female wants to keep her last name.  Male wants her to take his,
        hyphenation unacceptable.  Marriage this summer.  What do you do?
        [Actually, this isn't happening to me but two close friends of mine.
        The female has been engaging in subtle lobbying whenever liberal
        me is around; but the male keeps deflecting.]
        \_ If you two are getting married and not planning to have kids,
           why do either of you have to change your name?  If you do decide
           to have kids then there is the issue of their last names.  As
           one of my female friends once told me, "The woman bears the child
           for nine months; she should get to choose their last name."
           Having said that, if neither of you is willing to compromise
           on such a minor topic, then marriage might not be appropriate.
           Good luck. -emin
        \_ Have no last name. Be like Cher, Madonna, Prince (formerly).
           I'm changing my name so I'm a one-named-wonder.  A.U.B.I.E.
        \_ If you can't agree on something this simple, don't get married.
           You're not ready.  Incompatible people getting married because "we
           love each other" or "it was just time" is why the divorce rate is
           so high.  Do yourself a favor and think long and hard about this.
           How many other things have you not worked out yet?  Are you the same
           religion?  Do you both want kids?  Have you agreed to raise them in
           the same reloigion or non-religiously?  You can't choose both.  And
           what about jobs?  Have you discussed what you'll do if one of you
           gets a killer job somewhere else?  Is the other willing to give up
           their job and follow?  You're not ready for marriage.  Why do you
           need to ask this on the motd?  You trolling or just too young to get
           married?  -happily married, no unresolved issues
           \_ Ditto.  -another happily married, no unresolved issues
        \_ Male needs to remove head from ass.
                \_ Idiot.  It's a deeper issue than that.
                        \_ no it's not.
                                \_ "Yes it is, no it isn't, yes it is, no, it
                                    isn't, nyah! nyah! nyah!"  As others have
                                    already pointed out, it's deeper than that.
                                    You can't prove otherwise.
        \_ Break up.
           \_ Seconded. If she isn't willing to take his name, she'll be
              a bitch of a wife. Dump her now.
              Besides, what do you do if you have kids? She'll feel pretty
              stupid when peole dont think she's the mother because they
              have different last names. You WILL insist the children have
              your name, I hope.
              Note: yes, I am married. Wife went through this, as part of
              'familial separation anxiety'. She got over it.
              \_ Really, if you can't work this out then you shouldn't get
                 married.  And you shouldn't need to ask on the motd.
        \_ Use dashed name, maiden name as middle name, official nee postfix,
           or some other mix.
                \_ Wrong.  They have deeper problems than her name.
        \_ Declare last name to be empty string and enjoy watching databases
           die from dumb bugs on a regular basis
                \- flip for it and cheat.
        \_ kick guy in balls.  hard.  repeatedly.  then break up.
           \_ and go find the lesbo friend that obviously suits you.
           \_ Wrong.  This is a couple's issue, not the fault of either.  It's
              the fault/problem of both.  Please tell me you have no serious
              relationship plans for at least the next 10 years until you
              grow up and learn some tiny bit about life.
              \_ You're wrong.  It's obviously the guy's fault since he was
                 lame enough to ask the motd.
                 \_ The wording made me think it was a girl asking the
                    original question.  Unlikely on soda, but...
                 \_ No.  That's the part where we have to ask, "Is this a troll
                    or is he just an idiot?"  One stupidity does not make him
                    wrong on other issues.  This is a problem for many couples
                    today and the motd has nothing to do with it either way.
                    If this isn't a troll then they have real problems and
                    probably other questions that they need to work out before
                    they get married.  Saying he's automatically wrong because
                    he was lame enough to ask on the motd is stupid.  Nothing
                    is obvious.
        \_ Can you make and use a new lastname?  If Ricky Martin marries
           Mariah Carey, then Marrey or Cartin.
                \_ Legally changing your last name is possible but a huge pain
                   in the ass.  You have to go to court, change all sorts of
                   documents, get a million government and credit folks and
                   others to acknowledge it, blah, blah, blah.  You're better
                   off just killing yourself.  It's less painful.
                   \_ Uh.. what do you think many women do every time they
                      get married?  That's a legal name change, bub.
                        \_ BZZZT!  They still have to file papers, etc.  They
                           don't just start using the new last name and have it
                           magically be their new legal name.  Where do you
                           kids get this stuff from?  And why do you go off
                           about things you know nothing about when others who
                           do know have already told you otherwise?  Do you
                           try this in lecture, too?  Tried telling your
                           physics prof that gravity doesn't really work?
                                --been there, filed papers post-marriage
                   \_ actually legally changing your name in CA is quite
                      simple.  (Harder in the rest of the country though)
                        \_ BZZZT!  See answer further down.
                   \_ The government does not have the right to tell you
                      what you call yourself. You can use whatever name
                      you want without restriction unless it is for
                      fraudulent purposes.
                        \_ BZZZZT!  There's the name you use and put on random
                           documents and there's "legally changing your name".
                           Your passport must have your "legal" name on it.
                           This is the full name on your birth certificate
                           unless you've *legally* changed it.  YOU ARE WRONG!
                           GO TO THE END OF THE LINE!  Your passport can have
                           "aka" names listed on it but the primary name which
                           is required is your legal name, not what you call
                           yourself and sign other documents with.  Yes, in
                           fact, the government can prevent you from changing
                           your legal name and makes it reasonably difficult to
                           do so.  Good thing you're in EE/CS and not law
                           \_ however for California residents things are
                              easier.  (Not for a passport no, that is a
                              federal document.)  You can get a driver's
                              license, for instance, with any name you want.
                              Consider how powerful a form of ID that is.
                                \_ Yup.  But it won't get you back into the
                                   country after aliens kidnap you and leave
                                   you in Singapore.
                                   \_ I didn't ask for the Anal Probe.
                                        \_ From the Singapore Gov. or the
2000/1/10-11 [Consumer/Audio] UID:17201 Activity:high
1/9     I have a few mp3s that have advertising attached to the end
        (or to the beginning).  Is there anything that can snip off parts of
        an mp3, don't need anything too complicated, just the front or end.
                \_ a registered copy of the QuickTime player allows
                   cut 'n paste editing of any media type supported
                   by QuickTime (.mp3 is supported with 4.0). -jwang
        \_ mp3 to wav.  Wav to mp3.
           \_ Definately the easiest way to go if you have wav software that
              came with your sound card.
        \_ I have a friend who's managed to do it with mpg123 and dd, but
           it's a bit complicated.
        \_ REALLY crude, but has worked for me:
           1) Chop off first 1K or so of the file (presumably at least
              enough to get all header info) into a separate file
           2) Figure out the K/sec [should be visible from your player], and
              just manually chop off respective chunks of the file from top
              and bottom.
           3) Reattach header.
           Strangely [?] enough, this seems to work without visible side
        \_ Buy the music you cheapskate.
           \_ Your assumption is that this is non-free music. If it has
              advertising, my assumption is it is free.
              \_ If there's advertising and you chop it off, it's likely a
                 violation of the free agreement.
                 \_ True enough.
                        \_ So buy the music you cheapskate!  This person is no
                           better than a software pirate doing "wAReZ!!11".
                           \_ There are music you can't buy in stores cuz
                              they were never manufactured onto CD/LP/tape.
                              This particular one may or may not be one of
                              these. Have you ever thought that the artist
                              earns money through the advertisements?
                                \_ And by removing the ads you're nothing but a
                                   gn00 waREz!!1 ]<1d.
        \_ #1 defender of capitalism in amerika, because I love raping the 3rd
 world, oh look at me I'm such the capitalist, exploitation?  Mercantilism? No
 it's just progress.
                \_ Huh?  What does you stealing music have to do with the 3rd
                   world?  Does your theft improve conditions in other
                   nations?  --still trying to figure this one out
2000/1/10-11 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:17202 Activity:moderate
1/9    I want to buy the following item on the net but I have no idea
        what the hell the damn thing is called: it's a long, tube like
        object (often decorated to look like a cat or some such animal)
        that you put at the bottom of the door to stop a draft. Any hints
        on a site or even a name for the damn thing? -trying to buy cute shit
        \_ ED! ED! ED is the STANDARD!  Draft eliminator thingie.
        \_ I call it a "towel".
        \_ I think you want cute weather stripping
        \_ They call it a draft eliminator.  For a Garfield one, see:
                \_ I thought going to Europe and not inhaling was the draft
                   \_ That's the draft avoider.
       \_ Thank you, public motd. Once again, you have proved to be
      an invaluable source of wisdom mixed with subtle humor. -bought cute shit
2000/1/10-11 [Consumer/Camera] UID:17203 Activity:very high
1/10    Recommendations for a good place to get a camera within the 2-digit
        price range? (don't bother with "cheapskate" comments)
        \_ How about a spelling comment?
        \_ Target. I bought a Fuji APS camera there for about $80
           (two digits) and it works great. It even has zoom.
        \_ The minolta Stylus is good, near 100, weatherproof.  APS can
           result in smaller camera size, but film costs are higher and
           the quality is slightly inferior. -jor
           \_ But chicks dig 'em!  I've never had more "oooh, that's so
              *CUTE*!" comments on a camera than when I borrowed an (APS)
              Canon ELPH for a few days.  I'm sure the ELPH costs more
              than double-digit, though.
                \- er, in the two digit range, what is the most $ you can save,
                about $10? the real question is what model to get not where to
                get it. just pick some once you pick the model --psb
                \_ They say the same about your penis when they see it the
                   first time?
        \_ or  If you don't like
           mail-ordering, Costco has good prices too if you have membershipp
           and don't mind chhoosing from only a few models.
2000/1/10-13 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:17204 Activity:nil 53%like:18222
1/10    mutt upgraded to 1.1.1; bugs to brg.
        Also see /usr/local/doc/mutt/ChangeLog.
2000/1/10-11 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17205 Activity:nil
1/9     Does anyone know whether Win95 and 98 have problems with each other's
        master browse lists?  I connected one of each via a crossover cable
        so my grandfather could share his printer, and while the Win98 box
        thinks the 95 machine is master browser and sees it just fine, Win95
        sees neither itself nor the 98 box.  Both have all the requisite
        M$ NBT bits installed, and both have the print & file sharing
        settings at browse master->automatic, LM broadcast->yes.  I tried
        several variations on this and couldn't even get the 95 PC to show
        up in its own network neighborhood.  Any hints?  -John
        \_ ObBIKE!/LINUX!
        \_ Install win95 service packs.  There's a huge pile of networking
           bug fixes in there.  A 95 machine w/out patches is lucky if it can
           ping localhost much less connect to anything else.
                \_ Thank you.  -John
2000/1/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:17206 Activity:nil
1/10    So AOL takesover Time-Warner even though Time-Warner makes 4 times
        as much money per year as AOL does, has a better business model,
        and is more than a one-trick pony. I'm convinced that today's
        investors are on crack to even value AOL that much more than
        Time-Warner to begin with. --dim
        \_ AOL is more than a one-trick pony.  It's a one-trick pony dragging
           along the carcass of Netscape.
           \_ But that's a bigass carcas, so they had to get Sun to
              help, too.
2000/1/10 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17207 Activity:very high
1/10    My gf (Poli-Sci major) is interested at sys admin or NT admin.
        What should be her first step? Taking a MCSE class, or a sys adm
        class? Which job is in higher demand, sys adm (UNIX) or NT adm?
        \_ she should get a new boyfriend who is tall enough to teach
           her to sysadmin.  you're obviously not worthy.
        \_ She should go back wherever the fuck she came from.  I don't need
           another humanities major who can't get a real job that pays money
           using the degree he/she graduated with trying to make BIG BUCK$,
           D00D!!!1! as a sysadmin.  When I pick up the phone, it'd be nice
           to talk to someone with clue, rather than some IS drone who went
           to "sysadmin class" and thinks that all problems stem from bad
           installs of Netscape or Eudora, and that all problems can be
           solved by installing the latest MS patch.
2000/1/10 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:17208 Activity:high
1/10    SunOS 5.X has a banner that displays when you log in.  Where is it?
        so that i may change/delete it.  (It is not in issue or
        as it is on a linux box).
                \-/etc/issue probably is what you mean. it depends what you
                mean by "when you log in". you can also use tcp-banners.--psb
                 \_ No, I SAID it is NOT in issue (if i put stuff in
                    /etc/issue that stuff pops up TOO (under the solaris
2000/1/10 [Uncategorized] UID:17209 Activity:nil
1/10    I thought there was a blurb somewhere explaining why we are you
        using SSH Ver.1 instead of Ver.2.  Please point me to said blurb
        or explain again (as i am too slow to remember).
2018/11/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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