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2000/1/5-7 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:17161 Activity:high
1/4     UT or Q3A?
        \_ I've played both and prefer UT. just seems more polished, and it's
           fun. but Q3A is a good game too.
        \_ UT if you aren't a fanatic.  Q3A if you say things like frame rate
        \_ Kingpin
         \_ Fuck fuck fucking FUUUUCK you motherfucking fuck fucker.
          \_ Fuck off and die motherfucker! -kingpin
        \_ Neither.  Twitch deathmatch games are weak.  At least play Tribes
           or something that pretends to have some sort of teamwork and
           strategy if you must play a twitch game.
           \_ CTF.  Domination.  Assault.  UT all the way.
                \_ "Eh"
                \_ CTF is still completely tactical, there's no strategy at
                   all.  -tom
        \_ Play Counter-Strike mod for Half-Life.  It rocks.  It's free.
2000/1/5-6 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:17162 Activity:high
1/4     Is there a way to alter keyboard settings from console under
        CDE on SunOS/Solaris (i.e. repeat rate and delay, as in "mode con:" in
        \_ "man kbd"?
           \_ That doesn't appear to answer the above.
                \_ you have to modify the X startup line in the Xservers
                   file to include the -ar1 and -ar2 options.  It's really
                   fucking annoying.  -tom
                   \_ Yea, I figured that much, but I don't have root
                      access, and CDE appears to ignore ~/.xserverrc when
                      when I log in from the CDE login screen
        \_ Install RedHat!
                \_ No!  Debian!
                        \_ You both suck!  SUSE!
                        \_ Speaking of Debian, I have noticed that all keys
                           work the way they should work in all programs
                           out of box.
           \_ Not my box
2000/1/5-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17163 Activity:low
1.5     I read that there's an OBDC driver for Perl called win32::obdc .
        However, I have vague knowledge on the subject after doing a
        little research on it.  My impression is that it's exclusively
        used for the windows operating system; however, the FAQ on it alo
        comes off as implying that it's available for Unix/Linux systems
        as well.  I know that OBDC has an interface to Oracle and a few
        other databases; my work's database seems to be stored on a
        FreeBSD Unix system (I could be wrong).  Anyway, my boss was
        talking about attempting to use Java for it's OBDC interface
        because it's supposdly pretty fast.  This leads me to further
        believe that the OBDC system works for Unix/Linux.  Yet according
        to the FAQ on the win32::obdc module, the OBDC drivers seem only
        to exist for the windows operating system.  Either way, I'm
        really confused regarding the issue.  - keithyw
        \_ All the win32:: stuff is windows only.  Unix perl modules have been
           written that can talk everything except ODBC.  There's freetds which
           is currently at version 0.50 which can maybe do some simple queries
           but I haven't used it and the authors say the odbc parts are little
           more than a skeleton of features.  You need a windows side client
           for real odbc, or the unix side can almost certainly talk in your
           unix database's "natural" language be it Oracle, Sybase, or
           whatever.  Others may have better answers.  I've already scoured
           the net for my own unix/odbc needs and freetds was the best I
           found.  Hopefully someone else knows better.  -reiffin
        \_ Not sure if this answers your q's, but... It does not matter
           which OS your DB resides in (WinNT, Unix, OS/390, etc.), if the
           if there is an ODBC driver for your DB, you can talk to it. Most
           drivers that conform to the ODBC API exist for Windows, but there
           are ODBC drivers for Unix for Oracle and DB/2 (and probably others).
           \_ Free and mostly functional odbc drivers for unix?  URL?? Please!
            \_ they exist.  they are not free.  no url handy.
                \_ Cheap is ok too.  Got a name so I can find it myself?  Even
                   a "sounds like XYZ" will do.
2000/1/5-6 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:17164 Activity:kinda low
1/5     Anyone have any information on high-availability clustering
        for Solaris?  I'm aware of Sun Clustering and Veritas
        Firstwatch -- any comments on these?  Any other options?
        Pointers to where I should look for more info?  Thanks.  -brianm
        \_actually, VERITAS FirstWatch is more of an HA/Failover solution.
          you should look into VERITAS VCS for true clustering.  -- joeking
          \_ HA/Failover is also an option.  I'm just looking for any
             and all information that I can find.
             \_ok, I take it back.  VCS isn't really true clustering.
               it's another failover solution.  however, this year will
               see the release of vrts cfs & cvm, and possibly a bundled
               cluster edition. -- joeking
                \_ Mmmmm, first version software, yum!  I love eating bugs!
                   They're so crunchy!  Mmmmmm!
                   \_cvm has been shipping for several years....
2000/1/5-7 [Industry/Startup] UID:17165 Activity:high
1/5     Thinking about joining a startup. Do you think now is a good time
        to jump to startups, since many companies are overvalued already?
        \_ Not all startups are the same.  It's not like "I'm in a startup",
           end of story.  It's like "I'm in a startup with a good idea, a lot
           of money, run by semi-clueful people, and I have rights to enough
           options to retire if they successfully go public" vs. "I'm in yet
           another dead startup".  The latter is the norm.  Let us know if you
           find the former.  -working in latter
           \_ this sodan has the right idea.  IMHO everyone in CS should take
              a corporate, a startup, and an academic job (or be a grad
              student) to begin to understand how to assess their long-term
              career goals.  Somewhere along the line you'll also understand
              what a loser corporate/startup/academic job is, as well as the
              really cool ones.
                \_ Did academic, did semi-corporate, doing startup now.  The
                   academic thing was ok but _very_ low paying and not very
                   challenging.  I totally slack off like that and end up
                   doing nothing that way.  Bad.  Semi-corporate (mid sized
                   internet company) was terrible.  This company in particular
                   had painfully bad management who did their best to screw up
                   the entire company.  I bailed right before they finally
                   succeeded.  Problem with being in a startup is you're too
                   close to get a really good feeling for how the rest of the
                   world thinks of what you're doing.  I think my current
                   company is totally worthless yet I can see that the market
                   is very likely to shoot our stock into the heavens when we
                   IPO.  Perhaps because I know too much.  Or maybe all
                   startups are this messed up so it doesn't matter.  See you
                   on the other side of retirement!!
                        \_ CoSine sucks
                           \_ CoSine?
           \_ be a grad student, intern summers. startup on side.
                \_ shut up nweaver
                \_ you can't seriously do a 'startup on side'.  Startups take
                   _more_ work, not less than a corporate job.
2000/1/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:17166 Activity:nil
1/5     A friend of mine at work wanted an URL to place a job offer for
        some java dev and I could only tell him /csua/jobs.  Is there
        something online for those w/out csua membership?
2000/1/5-6 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:17167 Activity:nil
1/5     I received an email that was supposed to contain an attachment, but
        no matter which mail program I use (pine, zmail, outlook, netscape),
        all I get is the encoded text in the body of the mesg. I've tried
        manually decoding it with mimencode -u, to no success. Suggestions?
        \_ Ask them to resend it.
        \_ Oh my God!  That's the "attach.kak" virus!  It's only pretending
           that you can't view it!  You've been virused!
        \_ Try /usr/local/bin/munpack
2000/1/5-7 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:17168 Activity:low
1/4     X-like game 1, or X-like game 2?
        \_ X-like games are weak.  Play Y-like game.
                \_ You clearly missed the point.
                   \_ What was the point?
2000/1/5-7 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:17169 Activity:moderate 100%like:17216
        has anyone tried this?
        \_ Does it strike anyone as odd that MS doesn't mind giving away $400
           to Slashdot-reading linux yokels?  Or are they buying your credit
           card & social security number?
        \_ The application I got from Office Depot after reading this has
           printed on the reverse: "I agree to repay MSN the full
           Reimbursement Amount if my MSN Internet Access membership is
           terminated or cancelled before the end of the period associated
           with my purchase credit." This came in a packet that had "MSN
           Internet Rebate P.C. Oregon and California" stamped on the
           front. I might still try it, though. What do I have to lose,
           and I was going to buy that particular item anyhow. --dim
           \_ What if membership is terminated by MS, either intentionally
              or by mistake?  Do you still have to pay the Reimbursement
              Amount?  (Don't laugh.  I started a cell phone service with
              GTE Wireless via Future Communications.  One day my service was
              terminated by GTE by mistake, and Future Comm. charged me $300
              penalty because the agreement doesn't specify the reason of
        \_ And check this out ("provided that if you are a resident of
           California or Oregon you will not be required to repay the
           credit amount"):
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