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2000/1/4 [Uncategorized] UID:17153 Activity:nil 76%like:17157
1/3     Do most/any ISP's allow you to set up Streaming Video?
        recommendations for those that do?  Quality, support and ease of
        set up is more important than cost. -crebbs
2000/1/4 [Uncategorized] UID:17154 Activity:nil
1/5     Restored.  Better luck next time, idiot.  I'd think that by now you'd
        have figured it out but I guess not.
2000/1/4-5 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:17155 Activity:moderate
1/5     What's a bsd dist that will intall on a 386-25Mhz, 4MB ram, 120 MB HD
        machine. (This is just meant to be an educational endeavour, not a
        dev box- i.e. a box a young'un can mess around with unix on). - paolo
        \_ Dos 6.22!!!
        \_ EdBSD!!!
                \_ Is that standard?
                   \_ Operating system.
        \_ You can get a pretty minimal NetBSD on there. -ERic
        \_ I once tried SCO Unix 3.2.0 on a 386SX-16 4MB with a Hercules
           display and it ran fine.  The OS wasn't free though.
        \_ mconst got freebsd to install on a system like that once.
        \_ I bet you could install netbsd's base.tgz on that, at least.    -brg
        \_ I've installed OS/2 on less....
           \_ But have you installed less on OS/2?
                \_ It sort of ran.  I installed one thing on it.  You decide.
2000/1/4-5 [Reference/Military] UID:17156 Activity:moderate
1/4     society didn't end, now I'm pissed, time to go postal with
        my new assault weapons I got before the ban. who wants to die 1st?
        \_ME! (but i must warn you, i'm a much better shot than you are).
        \_ If you were a real gun owner, you wouldn't call your weapon an
           'assault rifle'.
           \_ Why?
           \_ "assault weapon" is a term used by gun grabbers to describe
               semiautomatic rifles that look 'evil.'
               \_ Actually I am, i just wanted to irk the liberals here.
           \_ He didn't say his weapons were guns.
               \_ you are one scarey, scarey guy.
        \_ Go on down to and take on Thresh.  See if those "twitch
           reflexes" do him any good in person.
           \_ I doubt the rocket-blast-at-my-feet-to-jump-better thing works
              well in person.  Sometimes a geek is just a geek.
2000/1/4 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:17157 Activity:nil 76%like:17153
1/3     Do most/any ISP's allow you to set up Streaming Video?
        recommendations for ISP's that do (bonus if they also have PHP)
        Quality, support and ease of set up is more important than cost.
        \_ Co-lo.  Buy bandwidth, setup unix box.
2000/1/4-5 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:17158 Activity:moderate
1/4     Anyone have one of those MS optical mice / get one for Christmas?
        How is it?  I'm considering getting one but I'm not sure about
        it's dropability and feel.
        \_ Optical mice suck. Stay away from them.
           \_ you realize this mouse is a little different from the optical
              mice which require reflective mouse pads?
        \_ Jeeez. trade it in for a "real" one, eg logitech.
           Do not fund the evil empire.
           \_ Just cuz they are the evil empire and they make some lousy
              software doesn't mean everything they produce is bad. I still
              think the original Microsoft Nautral Keyboard is the best out
              \_ Yah, what he said.  Your stoopid.
        \_ Dont support the evil empire. Get a Logitech one
          \_ Don't support the evil empire.  Don't buy AOE II.
            \_ Support Ensemble Studios, freed from Microsoft.  Buy AOE II.
              \_ seriously? URL?
        \_ No, sorry.  (the closest thing to a real answer so far)
2000/1/4-5 [Industry/Startup, Finance/Investment] UID:17159 Activity:high
1/4     I want to do business with a financial services firm that's pretty
        new.  Is there a way to check if they're legit and won't take my
        money and run?  The company is not publically traded, it's a small
        LLC (limited liability company).  Anyway to check on such a firm?
        Thanks a lot.
        \_ Is it FDIC insured?
           \_ It's not FDIC insured.  I'm dealing with a hedge fund, and
              I'm not sure if the SEC is involved.
        \_ If they deal with securities, i.e. stocks and bonds, and they
           are not regulated by the SEC, then its NOT LEGIT
              \_ How do you come to know them? If you cant easily find
                 information about them, i'd be very wary.
                 Are they in Money or Fortune magazine?
                 Are you investing in the hedge fund or something else?
                 If the former, do they offer you such a big
                 "guaranteed" return that a more conventional (known)
                 firm cant help you?
                 Dont they give you a prospectus? brochure at least?
        \_ Check on the people who run it. Their history, background,
           experience.  Even check the BBB or the equivalent.
           Who licenses these firms? SEC?
        \_ Do a Dun and Bradstreet lookup.
2000/1/4-5 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:17160 Activity:moderate
1/4     Are there any portscanning tools installed here on soda?  Got a
        home Linux box I'd like to hit from outside to check.
        \_ go to <DEAD><DEAD>, download portscan.c, and run it from the
           linux box.  you don't need to run it from an outside computer
           unless you're testing firewall rules.
           \_ I think the person is testing fw rules.  So yeah they need to
              hit from outside.
        \_ Post IP to Hax0r NewZ!1 that y0r b0x iz uncr/-\kibel!11
                \- for the record, this will set off alarms. i am not saying
                there isnt a legit reason to do this or that you will get
                in trouble, but someone will notice and there may be followup.
                it's not a bad idea to clear these kinds of things with root.
                \_ Big Bro is watching.
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