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2000/1/2-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:17147 Activity:very high
01/01   Galaxy Quest: GO SEE THIS MOVIE!  Best movie I've seen since Matrix
        and Men in Black before that.
        \_ You got to be kidding.  Galaxy Quest sucks!  Dumb humor.  Lame plot.
                \_ Ok, if you're a hard core trekky and you take yourself far
                   too seriously, then you'll think it sucks.  Normal people
                   will like it.  Trekkies will be shamed properly, hopefully.
                        \_ You do need to know some star trek and sci-fi
                           fandom references to get the most out the film.
                           \_ I'm not a big fan but I enjoyed GQ.
        \_ Best movie yet all year!
        \_ GQ was unbelievably funny.  -John
        \_ "American Beauty" is a hella funny dark comedy.  That's worth
           a viewing if you haven't seen it yet!
        \_ being john malkovich > fight club >> american beauty  -tom
           \_ all three are definitely worth seeing though.
                \_ American Beauty is definitely better than most of the
                   Hollywood schlock, but it's not really a dark comedy
                   and it's contrived in parts.  -tom
        \_ Swimming with Sharks, - 1997(?) Kevin Spacey, was one of the
           best romantic comedies I've seen.
           \_ Romantic comedy?  Um... it wasn't exactly a date movie.
              Good, though.
              \_ I took a girl once to see Cronenberg's "Crash"
                 she liked it - paolo
                 \_ I watched crash with an ex-gf right after we broke up.
                    \_ Why waste your time talking to your ex?  That's a movie
                       you should have seen with a new girl, not burned with
                       an old one.
                    \_ Muhahahahah. muhahahahah. - paolo
                    \_ Movies to you are an excuse to touch girls?
                        \_ Movies are a good way to get laid easy.  It only
                           costs a few bucks, you don't have to talk to her
                           and if it's a chick flick, you're in.  Just don't
                           screw it up by ragging on the film.
                           \_ I'm afraid of your taste in women.
                                \_ Who said anything about "women"?  I said
                                   "a good way to get laid easy".  And cheaper
                                   than your mother.
                                   \_ ok, I'm afraid of your taste in 12 year
                                        \_ Hardly.  You're living in some weird
                                   \_ all of those are unkonowns to me
                                           idealistic puritanical fantasy
                                           world where women don't want sex, no
                                           one gets a quick lay, and only up-
                                           standing moral people such as your-
                                           self are having sex in committed
                                           monogamous relationships.  The real
                                           world is full of perfectly normal
                                           adults, male and female, having
                                           consenting sex with people they dont
                                           really know or care about.  I'm
                                           sorry if the rest of the us don't
                                           meet your high moral standards, but
                                           it's legal and it happens all the
                                           time.  Ready to leave the ivory
                                           tower, yet?
                                           \_ noone said women don't like sex.
                                              I'm just afraid of anyone who
                                              dates chicks that enjoy "chick
                                              flicks"  (unless of course
                                              by chick flick you mean anything
                                              that doesn't involve lots of
                   \_ Wake up!  No, you wake up!  No, YOU wake up!
                                              guns and explosives and no plot
                                              in which case you are just
                                              pathetic, or Fuzzy.  Wait
                                              just pathetic works for that
                                              case too.)
                                                \_ No guns, no violence, no
                                                   hot babes = chick flick.
                You miss the point.  I live in a world where the girl _/
                sees a guy flick, and as long as she doesn't screw it
                up by ragging on the film, she's "in".  I'm sorry you
                are forced to submit to chick flicks.  Really.
                \_ Yeah, yeah, whatever.  Wake up.  I'm not talking about
                   CSUA chix.  I'm talking women in the real world.
                        \_ CSUA chicks don't date.
           \_ My goodness, someone else knows this movie. Yes, a brilliant
              one with Spacey, (and Frank Whaley) but much darker than
              American Beauty. 1995 -bz
              \_ yes, babob.  it's me.
        \_ Supernova: 2 weeks advanced advertising, no previews, unknown plot,
           unknown actors.  It's a winner!  January 14th!!!
                \_ Isn't this the lame space movie they've been showing
                   previews of since thanksgiving?  (Medical ship rescues a
                   guy who brings abord something that's going to kill them all.)
                        \_ No.  That was called "Eclipse" or something like
                           that.  Different lame space movie.  Same genre.
                                \_ Actually, you're an idiot.  Yes, that's
                                   the lame space movie that they've been
                                   advertising.  It looks terrible.  But it
                                   doesn't have unknown actors: James Spader,
                                   Angela Basset, Lou Diamond Phillips, Vincent
                                   D'Onofrio, and Robin Tunney.  How that cast
                                   could end up in something that looks like
                                   such schlock, I have no idea.
                                   \_ all of those are unknowns to me
                                   \_ Hey fuck you.  They didn't give the
                                      actors list in the ads, such as they
                                      were, lasting all of 15 second's.  Go
                                      fuck yourself.
                                        \_ You're an idiot for picking a
                                           "winner" for no reason.
                                           \_ Heard of "sarcasm"?  It's right
                                              in between "gullible" and "moron"
                                              in most dictionaries.
                                              \_ your dictionary doesn't know
                                                 how to alphabetize
                                                  \_ Sure does.  I just
                                                     checked.  Go check yours.
                                        \_ That's what is for
                                           Use the net luke.
                                           \_ The 15 second ads were enough of
                                              a hint.  I wasn't that curious.
2000/1/2-5 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:17148 Activity:nil
01/02   tcsh 6.09 (plus histcycle patch) installed as ntcsh; bugs to mconst.
2000/1/2-4 [Computer/Networking] UID:17149 Activity:high
01/02   Bearfacts is showing blank schedule for next semester. Anyone here
        know what's going on? (Their "unsupported until 8am 01/03" does
        not entail "fucked until 8am 01/03")
        \_ Duh, try again on 1/3, like that said.  That's whats going on.
        \_ cunt.
        \_ IS&T servers suffered a massive denial of service attack starting
        \_ IS&T servers suffered a massive distributed DoS attack starting
                12/31 that was orchestrated by a completely evil hacker named
                "Associate Vice Chancellor McCredie".  It is expected to take
                most of next week to recover from his shutdown of all critical
                \_ Berkeley doesn't have any critical systems.

[pointless, context free .AU dns info purged]
        origin =
        mail addr =
        serial = 1999123100
        refresh = 21600 (6 hours)
        retry   = 3600 (1 hour)
        expire  = 14400000 (166 days 16 hours)
        minimum ttl = 259200 (3 days)
au      nameserver =
au      nameserver =
au      nameserver = http://vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU
au      nameserver = <DEAD>ns1.Berkeley.EDU<DEAD>
au      nameserver = http://ns2.Berkeley.EDU
au      nameserver = http://ns.UU.NET
au      nameserver =   internet address =   internet address =       internet address =       internet address =
http://vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU internet address =
<DEAD>ns1.Berkeley.EDU<DEAD>        internet address =
<DEAD>ns1.Berkeley.EDU<DEAD>        internet address =
http://ns2.Berkeley.EDU        internet address =
http://ns2.Berkeley.EDU        internet address =
http://ns.UU.NET       internet address =       internet address =
                   \_ au        nameserver = http://VANGOGH.CS.BERKELEY.EDU
                      au        nameserver = http://NS2.BERKELEY.EDU
                      au        nameserver =
                      au        nameserver =
                      au        nameserver = http://NS.EU.NET
                      au        nameserver = <DEAD>NS1.BERKELEY.EDU<DEAD>
                      au        nameserver = http://NS.UU.NET
                        \_ You're trying to make a point? Make it.
                        \_ who cares about Austrailia?  They are worse than
                           Canada for christ's sake.
                        \_ Berkeley doesn't have any critical systems.
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