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2000/1/1 [Science/GlobalWarming, Science/Physics] UID:17139 Activity:high
12/31   Was the Y2K bug that big of a deal? Looks like its effects are
        small and sporadic, so far. Would it have made that much of a
        difference in terms of power/phones shutting off, etc, if people
        didn't try to make everything compliant?
        \_ It isn't over yet, fool.  The U.S. hasn't rolled into Y2k yet! How
           can you be so naive?  The Rapture is coming!
           \_ Wrong. Guam was one of the first to enter 2000.
                \_ Guam is a tiny speck of nothing territory.  It isn't a part
                   of the United _States_.  We _own_ it.  They also don't have
                   any nuclear power plants.  So young, so foolish.
        \_ "Better safe than sorry" -- more true today than at any time in
           human history.
2000/1/1 [Uncategorized] UID:17140 Activity:nil
01/01   interesting.  In two separate TV stations, they tried to withdraw
        money from an ATM.  In both cases, it didn't work, and they had to
        leave the air before they could resolve the problem.
2000/1/1 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:17141 Activity:high
01/01   Paramount's ASP page on next week's voyager says it airs in 1900
        \_ So what?  Are we going to be smothered in an endless stream of
           pointless reports of meaningless y2k display glitches on every
           www site out there big and small?  Let it go.
        \_ Not nearly as funny as the US Naval Observatory (supposedly US

           official time) showing 19100 [just guessing here -- someone forgot
           to RTFM on perl localtime?]

<motd-entry indentation=fucked>
Boredcast Message from 'coganman': Sat Jan  1 00:00:11 2000

D::::::::::::DDD     I:::::::::I  N::::N        N:::N    GG:::::::GG     !:::!
D:::::::::::::::DD   I:::::::::I  N:::::N       N:::N   G:::::::::::G   !:::::!
DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D  IIII:::IIII  N::::::N      N:::N  G::::GGGGGG::G  !:::::::!
  D:::::D    D:::::D    I:::I     N:::::::N     N:::N  G:::G      G::G !:::::::!
  D:::::D     D:::::D   I:::I     N:::N::::N    N:::N  G:::G      GGGG !:::::::!
  D:::::D     D:::::D   I:::I     N:::NN::::N   N:::N  G:::G           !:::::::!
  D:::::D     D:::::D   I:::I     N:::N N::::N  N:::N  G:::G            !:::::!
  D:::::D     D:::::D   I:::I     N:::N  N::::N N:::N  G:::G    GGGGGG  !:::::!
  D:::::D     D:::::D   I:::I     N:::N   N::::NN:::N  G:::G    G::::G   !:::!
  D:::::D     D:::::D   I:::I     N:::N    N::::N:::N  G:::G    GGG::G   !:::!
  D:::::D    D:::::D    I:::I     N:::N     N:::::::N  G:::G      G::G    !!!
DDD:::::DDDDD:::::D  IIII:::IIII  N:::N      N::::::N  G::::GGGGGG::G
D:::::::::::::::DD   I:::::::::I  N:::N       N:::::N   G:::::::::::G     !!!
D::::::::::::DDD     I:::::::::I  N:::N        N::::N    GG:::::::GG     !:::!
2000/1/1 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:17142 Activity:nil
12/31   According to as of 11:08 PM
        Most links will
        not work during this time
        It seems as if most servers (including are still
        online.  Even EECS Instructional.  I guess most campus administrators
        are not as idiotic as I thought.
2000/1/1 [Recreation/Humor] UID:17143 Activity:nil
12/31   Not funny and reasonably stupid re-writing of other people's comments
        purged and restored to original text.  No text lost.  Thank you for
        playing.  Now go home.
2000/1/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:17144 Activity:very high
        This is a masterpiece (at least relatively). If you don't get this,
        cl00 sold in stores near you.
        \_ You have an interesting idea of masterpiece.  For those who don't
           want to waste their time it says: "Well, it looks like the Y2k bug
           didn't rear it's ugly head."  "Yes, the doomsayers have been proven
           wrong yet again."  [PAUSE]  "Did you see that too?"  "Houston, we
           have a problem."  Mildly clever but not worth the time it took to
           figure out.
           \_ if it took you time to figure out, i recommend you go
              stock up on some of that cl00...
                \_ Uh yeah, I'm sure you can read character swap replacement
                   cyphers as if it was in plain english.  It took 1 second
                   to find the "y2k" and fill in the rest.  Like I said, it
                   wasn't worth the waste of time to figure out.  1 second of
                   my life plus another 45 scribbling down replacement chars.
                   You just feel bad because I posted it and insulted you for
                   falsely thinking "this is a masterpiece".  No clue required.
                   Only a weak geeky sense of "humor".
        \_ iCunt.
2000/1/1-5 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:17145 Activity:nil
01/01   How do I view past motd file in ~mehlhaff?
        \_ Run 'less ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v' and then hit '/FreeBSD<return>'
          \_ oh puhleese.  just check out whatever version you want with 'co'
             \_ um, and how much of a pain is that on a file where version
                numbers mean nothing?
                \_ It's not, because you check out by date.  man co.
                   \_ ah yes, at 9:52 AM on December 13th someone responded
                      to my comment on modern politics.
              \_ Really?  You find checking out dozens of different versions
                 of the file to be easier than running one command and paging
                 through the various changes made over time?  I find viewing
                 with less gives a much better sense of the history of the
                 changes for much less work than using co.
2000/1/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:17146 Activity:nil
01/01   Happy New Year. Don't fuck this year up.
        \_ I'll try my best not to ruin your year again.
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