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1999/12/30-2000/1/1 [Uncategorized] UID:17122 Activity:nil
12/29   So what is a good ISP that can host my small-business web site?
        \_ <DEAD>HIP.Berkeley.EDU<DEAD>
        \_ ~/public_html
1999/12/30 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:17123 Activity:very high
12/29   Bike or take public transport.
        \_ I used to bike to work ... but then the co. was very small and
           now I share the room with several other employees -- how do you
           deal with showers/sweatiness/stench?
                \_ It's not a problem for reasonably short rides.  For
                   longer ones, bring a change of clothes.  -tom
                   \_ Glad I don't share space with you.
        \_ Public transit and/or bike just isn't feasible for certain commutes.
           I.e. berkeley<->palo alto.  45 minutes drive (outside of traffic
           hours), 2.5 hours+  via caltrain+bart
           \_ 46 72 69 6E 6B 20 72 75 6C 65 73 21
           \_ 1782^12 + 1841^12 = 1922^12
           \_ e^(pi*i) = -1
              \_ I've always preferred e^(pi*i) + 1 = 0
              \_ But that's just because someone _defined_ e(i*x) to be
                 cos(x) + i * sin(x), right?
           \_ P = NP
1999/12/30-2000/2/3 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:17124 Activity:nil 68%like:17049
12/09   got mips?  The CSUA has a new t-shirt design.  Front has got mips?
        Contact dans or drop by the office if interested.  Price is $10
1999/12/30-31 [Science/Space] UID:17125 Activity:high
12/30   Does anyone know the precession rate of Earth's equator?
                \_ Yes, someone knows the precession rate of Earth's equator.
        \_ Does the equator precess differently from the rest of the earth?
           \_ How about the nutation rate?
                \_ The nutrition rate is much higher.
        \_ one full cycle is about 26000 years.
           \_ so in 26000 years, we'll be off by one year or one day?
        \_ Why does it happen?  I thought angular momentum needs to be
           \_ Only in the absence of torque.  Torque could arise from outside
              sources, or because the Earth's axis of rotation is not along
              an inertial axis.
           \_ something to do with the moon i bet
                \_ The moon is drifting away ~1.5 inches a year.  When it
                   finally "goes away" and wanders off into space, the Earth
                   is going to slip from that nice 23.5 degree angle and spin
                   every which way.  Fortunately this won't matter to any of
                   us since long before that happens, we'll all be dead from
                   the End of Days, the Rapture, and Y2k bugs in nuclear and
                   other critical systems.
1999/12/30-2000/1/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:17126 Activity:low
12/30   Micorsoft Press's three new books on Windows 2000 to be published
        on Jan 1900, accoring to MS web site.
        \_ urlP
            \_ m$ fixed it, but here's a screenshot
               \_ They "fixed" it by simply removing the entries from the page?
        \_ Yawn.  So some dimwit in content is a moron.  This is true at all
        \_ Yawn.  So some dimwit in content is a dimwit.  This is true at all
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