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1999/12/25-29 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:17099 Activity:nil
12/24   How do I make windows media player not my default media player, or
        altogether uninstall this invasive program?  _surprisingly_ win 98
        second edition doesn't seem to give me an easy way to do this.
        \_ from any common window, View ->Folder Options -> File Types
           redefine the formats you want changed. CD audio .cda
        \_ The easy way is to install Real Player which will re-steal those
           media types away from WMP for the media types RP can use.  I never
           tried to uninstall it and suggest you not try unless you *know* it'll
           be ok.  Yet another MS toy deeply woven into the OS for your joy,
           safety, and pleasure.  Innovation at its best.
        \_ [Summary: Play with registry, install something else that will
            take over registry, RIDE BIKE!]
1999/12/25-30 [Recreation/Food] UID:17100 Activity:very high
12/25   What's the name of that famous French restaurant in north Berkeley
        that supposedly costs a fortune?
                \-lots of comments at ~psb/CP-and-other-restaurant-comments
        \_ has anyone tried thirsty bear in sf?
                \- yes. reasonable place to meet if some people want to
        eat, some nibble and most drink. i wouldnt go there for dinner
        specifically. go to hawthorne lane around the corner :-)
        specifically. go to hawthorne lane around the corner :-) --psb
        \_ Chez Panisse? It's California cuisine and the cafe upstairs
           isn't all that expensive. --dim
           \_ Been there, done that.  They were rude and the food was pretty
              \_ Doesn't this describe all of Berkeley restaurants close to
                 the university? (captive market and all)  - paolo
                 \_ No.  They were exceptionally rude.  A whole new realm of
                    rude.  Students are not the Chez Panisse market so that
                    doesn't apply.
                 \_ I have been both upstairs and downstairs, both as a student
                    and afterwards, and the service has always been good.
                    A comparable restaurant in SF would cost much more, so
                    "a fortune" is correct relative to say McDonalds.  Also
                    much of their business comes from the local community, and
                    they do take steps to cater to it (eg the reservation
                    policy for the cafe), so yes: students on dates and at
                    graduation are part of their "market".  --pld
                    \_ I never had a reservation for the cafe. Is this a
                       new policy? I wouldn't describe the food as
                       mediocre, though. You must have some pretty high
                       standards. --dim
                        \_ lack of reservations is what makes it local-friendly
                           However recently (last 2 years) they have started
                           offering limited same-day reservations.  --pld
                        \_ It was pretty blah especially considering the price
                           and rude service.  Chez Panisse is was over rated.
                           \_ so what restaurant *do* you approve of? Just
                              to get an idea what you think is good...
                              When i was here, i like(d) Rivoli, Hawthorne
                              Lane. This week, i went to the new HK Flower
                              Lounge in Palo Alto -- that's good too.
                                \_ Rivoli is edible and their service is very
                                   pleasant.  If they tripled the prices, they
                                   could have the same (undserved) 4 stars that
                                   CP has.  Although does CP still have 4?  I
                                   thought it lost a star since it's gone so
                                   far down hill in recent years?
                              Blondie's pizza to rate world-class restaurants
                              if like having Pat Buchanan run the UN.
                              You dont know what you are talking about.
                                   \_*d!  Rivoli SUCKS.  Their service
                              you believe you know what is the best --
                              typical Berkeley student attitude.
                                      is awful and their food, although good,
                                      \_ Yeah, after i left i heard they went
                                         downhill. Trust me, they were good
                                         when they first started.
                 \_ I can think of a few counterexamples in the area where
                    the food and service are always good.  At that same
                    intersection, you'll find Cafe de la Paz (South American)
                    and Cha Am (Thai).  Cafe Venezia over on University is
                    one of my favorites.  Berkeley has lots of good
                    restaurants (even if only one is four star).
                        \- where does this notion of "4 stars = best" come
                from? the two qualitative measures i pay attentionto are
                zagats [1-30 points] and michelin [1-3 stars n.b. michelin
                stars are serious business. as of 1998, there were fewer than
                500 starred restaurants in the country of france and only 21
                3 star restaurants in the whole country (6 in paris, rest
                outside). I have never seen a zagats 30. Every place that has
                been above a 26-27 in there i have thought was really quite
                good.] --psb
                    \  Cafe de la Paz ovebooks their reservations.  Their
                       food is "mediocre."  Comparing Cafe de la Paz to
                       Chez Panisse is like comparing a Honda Accord to
                       a Mercedes S600.
                        \_ As a general rule (from 6-7 visits) I've found the
                           veggie fare at de la Paz to be much better than
                           the meatie.  The chile relleno they just added to
                           the menu was amazingly good.  --pld
                        \_ I wouldn't say CP is a Mercedes.  More like a high
                           end Accord, maybe.  They're way over rated.  Don't
                           buy the hype.  Their food is only good compared to
                           the rest of the student level fare in the rest of
                           \_ Asking low-class Berkeley students raised on
                              Blondie's pizza and soda to rate world-class
                              restaurants is like having Pat Buchanan run
                              the JDL.  You dont know what you are talking
                              about.  Your senses have been dulled.
                              Not only can you not appreciate Panisse,
                              you believe you know what is better --
                              typical self-righteous Berkeley student attitude.
                              But WRONG. I suppose you prefer Windows to UNIX?
                              \_ Hahahhahahaha, you're funny.  You also have it
                                 totally backwards.  I don't like CP because I
                                 have had much better food, not because I'm a
                                 poor student raised on Blondies.  Even when
                                 I was a student I wouldn't touch crap like
                                 Blondies with a 20 foot pole.  You're either
                                    All the negative commentors have not
                                 illiterate or merely very stupid.  Bad food,
                                 bad service, high prices != good restaurant.
                                 Don't buy the hype.  CP has had it's day.  It
                                 was an 80's restaurant.  You can get seating
                                 with very little advance notice.  CP is dead.
                                        -not a student for many years
                                 \_ So, what do you consider a good rest. now?
                                    Enlighten me, you culinary god.
                                    I do not deny that good rests can have
                                    bad days, but nobody can say CP sucks
                                    like you do. Less popularity != sucks.
                                    There are just more and newer ones now
                                    since she pioneered the trend.
                                    All the negative commentators have not
                                    given even ONE example of what they
                                    consider a "better" restaurant.
                    \_ Solano Ave. has good restaurants, at least one four
                    \_ Venezia was *really* loud the last time I was there.
                       Don't take a date there unless you can get a spot in
                       the back room or you don't want to hear your date. :-)
                       South American was kinda weird.  The food was good but
                       not a style I liked.  YMMV.
                       \_ Venezia is okay. It was better in its old location.
                          All the other restaurants mentioned are good, but
                          not in the league of Chez Panisse. --dim
                       \_ Venezia doesnt appeal to me -- it is overpriced,
                          over-rated, undersized. I agree it was better at
                          old location, but they probably make more $$$ now.
                        \_ Yeah, the old V. was much better.  Oh well.
                 \_ As as student i've been there twice. Students are their
                    "market" too. In fact, Berkeley students have worked
                    there. They are reasonably priced for the kind of food.
                    They have good service, though not necessarily like some
                    fancy french restaurant in SF. Of all the Bay Area 4-star
                    restaurants, they are probably one of the most casual
                    and least snooty/rude of any.
                    If it is truly "exceptionally rude" you
                    should speak up and they'll make it right. Maybe you got
                    some idiot waiter/ess who needs correcting/firing.
                    (btw, Alice Waters is an alum, and i'm sure she does not
                    want bad vibes to spoil good food).
                    \_ yes -- it is the least snooty/rude of most 4 star
                       restaurants in the Bay Area.   If you haven't dined
                       around, perhaps you should, before you make a judgment
                    \_ Food was only so-so.  We simply don't go there anymore.
        \_ Chef Pauls.  But that's near the Elmwood theater...
        \_ uh, no, it's on Piedmont Ave.
        \_ [Summary: CP is good if you like Cal. Cuisine. Some other places
            are better.  The Cafe != Restaurant.  See psb file for details.]
        \_ Anybody tried Masa's in the city?  Supposedly their fois gras is
           very good, but I hate going to a place just for one good dish.
           \_ Goose stuffed to death?  You like that?
                \- the long time chef at masas, julian serrano, left for
                picasso in las vega$. i think the jury is still out about
                his successor. i'm sure you will have a good meal there,
                but unclear if there is a better place in terms of bang/$.
                if you want good foie gras, try french laundry. --psb
                \_ psb, what is the exact name of the restaurant?  I couldn't
                   find "French Laundry" in
                   \_it IS called "French Laundry".  See
                     details.  -icrew
                \_ You want goose killed by stuffing it to death?  Ew.
                        \- some french scientists found a way to destroy
                        the gooses brain appetite control center ... so the
                        goose eats itself to death. --psb
                        \_ That's exactly what they do.  What's not to
                           understand?  It has little to do with science and
                           everything to do with cruelty.
                                        \- my point was there is a new twist
                                        to genrating foie gras ... previously
                                        they used to force feed the goose via
                                        a tube, now they have a nurosurgical
                                        component to things. this has some
                                        interesting philosophical implications.
                                        \_ I think it's pretty straight
                                           forward.  It was easier to get the
                                           goose to help.  Like the talking
                                           pig in hitch hiker's.
                                \_ "cruelty"?  Do you drink milk?  Do you
                                    have any idea what other animals are put
                                    through to feed yer fat face?  What about
                                    chicken or eggs?  Just b/c you feel foie
                                    gras or veal is "cruel" doesn't mean you
                                    feel the same pain the tuna felt in the
                                    net before it suffocated to death.  Think
                                    about that next time you shovel any animal
                                    parts in yermouth. - tpc
                                    \_ no, I don't, loud mouth.  think about
                                       that the next time you falsely accuse
                                       a life long vegan of anything less.
                                        \_ what is it aobut americans and food?
                                           \_ We're morally superior.  Are you
                                              from one of the zillions of little
                                              countries we've saved either from
                                              the Nazi's, the Soviets, the
                                              Chinese, the Japanese, or them-
                                              selves?  What is it about
                                              foreigners and their jealousy?
                                              \_ But I'm an American!
                                              \_ We haven't had to rescue
                                                 ANYone from the Chinese;
                                                 and the Soviets shot
                                                 themselves in the head;
                                                 we merely made sure they
                                                 had bigger guns to do it
                                                 \_ Chinese -> South Korea?
                                                    Soviets -> Rest of World?
                                                    Been with us this century?
        \_ [a lot of vegan bullshit deleted.]  Just try some Foie Gras, it
                \_ hot mustard?
           is so delicious that it might just change your mind.
                   \_ can't forget the squid and a roll of duct tape!
           \_ You should try hot gay sex.
              \_ with 2 gallons of mustard.  at least.
                \_ while riding a bike!
                   \_ mustn't forget the squid and a roll of duct tape!
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