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1999/12/24-29 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:17095 Activity:low
12/23   OS question: what does it mean when SGI said they were adding
        asyncronous I/O support for Linux?
                \- it means they are trying to boost their stock by
                becoming a linux company. --psb
        \_ Answered twice already.  Deleted by the motd censors.
           read ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v to escape the censorship.
           \_ that SGI is trying to boost their stock is a pretty stupid
              answer.  Like I said, this is an OS question so unless
              you give a technical answer with sound reasoning then
              you might as well not answer at all.  I didn't delete the
              answers, by the way.
                \_ You deleted all the recent motd entries fuckhead.
                \_ There was a technical answer as well.  It said:
        \_ They're adding the POSIX.4 AIO API that programs like databases
           like to use to issue a read or write command, continue working,
           and then check later to see if it finished, instead of the
           traditional model of the process being suspended by the OS while
           it fetches the data from disk.
           \_ Isn't this the same as creating a new thread, doing a read
              operation, and then doing a thread join?  I don't see how
              you can continue execution in something like
              since the printf statement is dependent on the readoperation
              \_ well duh, if you're writing code to use asynchronous IO, you
                 write the code to not do anything that depends on an IO
                 request until after you have confirmed that the IO request
                 has completed.
              \_ Yes, you could do it with threads, but the AIO API is more
                 efficient and doesn't require you to make a non-threaded
                 program MT-safe.
        \_ [Summary: Linux takes another small step into the world of Real
1999/12/24 [Uncategorized] UID:17097 Activity:nil
12/21   Paolo, remove your damn motd entries when you're done with them
1999/12/24-28 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:17098 Activity:high
12/23   All pro-child molestor spew from aspo & bh on down has been removed.
        Don't get confused.  This was intentional.  If you think this is a
        troll, I don't care.  aspo and bh sicken me.
        \_ what were they saying that i missed?  -- swings
                \_ read ~mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v to escape the censorship of
                        this loser.
        \_ advocating gay marriage is child molester crap? -aspo
           \_ No, it was sickening spew.  Go read mehlhaff's file if you care.
                \_ Summary: Same-sex marriage is the wrong answer.  Removing
                            government involvment/benefits from marriage is
                            \_ you know there are non governemnt benefits
                               to being married.  For instance my spouse gets
                               my health care if I get married.   That has
                               nothing to do with the government. -aspo
                                \_ Someone please tell me exactly what these
                                   so called 'benefits' are?  You'd like the
                                   option for unmarried couples to pay more
                                   taxes?  What government benefits?  -married
                                        \_ Automatic inheritance.  Much better
                                           odds of being allowed to adopt a
                                           child or even retain custody of your
                                           own children.  Insurance coverage.
                                           \_ Automatic inheritance?  No thanks.
                                              Any idea how screwed you get if
                                              there's no will?  Adopt?  Some
                                              crack child?  Yeah right.  Retain
                                              custody?  Why would I have lost
                                              it if I had it in the first
                                              place?  Insurance: your company
                                              just sucks.  Mine allows me to
                                              add anyone I want if I pay.  Or
                                              even better is that my wife works
                                              and has her own insurance, so I
                                              still don't see the BFD deal here.
                        \_ Unfortunately, marriage is also associated with
                           the "right" to be parents in many peoples minds.
                           To truly fix the system, the state should declare
                           marriage a religious ceremony it no longer has
                           anything to do with, and make all people who want
                           the traditional marriage benefits sign a
                           domestic partnership contract (gets rid of the
                           whole pre-nup mess as well, since that would be
                           included in the contract).  Those who want to be
                           parents should be required to get a license,
                           everyone else given mandatory birth control.  Then
                           you've taken both religion & genetics out of the
                           picture, and prevented a whole lot of unwanted
                           pregnancies and children born to people who can't
                           or won't take care of them.
                           \_ Mandatory birth control?  Are you nuts?  You want
                              a government controlled eugenics program?!  This
                              doesn't sound like Nazi-ism to you?  Aren't you
                              now just 'fixing the problem' (as you see it)
                              with an even more nightmarish solution?  Right
                              now marriage confers a few minor benefits. In
                              your Orwellian hell, The State suddenly has
                              insanely powerful new controls over the average
                              citizen.  I'm no Libertarian but you're way way
                              waaaaaay whacko.  Please tell me this was a
                              troll and that I don't share the planet with
                              anyone who really thinks like this.
                                \_ Did you ever read "A Simple Proposal" in
                                   high school?  Did you think he really
                                   meant it or was it "just a troll"?
                                   \_ Do you mean Swift's "A Modest Proposal"
                                      (Babies as gourmet dish) or are you
                                      referring to something else?  Purely
                                      literary curiosity. -dans
                                   \_ Yes I read it but the above was not
                                      written in the same tone or style.
                \-A simple plan + a modest proposal = a simple proposal --psb
                              \_ oh yeah right, we should just leave everyone
                                 with the ability to have kids, and penalize
                                 them if they act irresponsibly with that
                                 ability.  A pity the government could not
                                 do the same with the ability to own guns.
                                 \_ "we"?  Which we?  I don't want _you_ to
                                    decide if _I_ can have kids and I doubt you
                                    want me to make the same decision for you.
                                    \_ If you're gay, YOU CANT "have kids".
                                       Your only options are to pervert nature
                                       even more.
                                    The whole idea is truly scary.  Since when
                                    is the Government the best decision making
                                    body for how citizens should live their
                                    lives?  Did you grow up in the United
                                    States of America?  And, no, there's no
                                    real penalty in this country for doing a
                                    shitty job raising your kids.   If you've
                                    ever dealt with the family court system
                                    you would know that.  -dealt with fcs
                                        \_ Actually, about a third of sodans
                                           did not grow up in the USA.  (Most
                                           of them apparently grew up in
                                           Russia it seems, but that's a
                                           better example of government
                                           \_ It shows.  Few Americans would
                                              want the government this involved
                                              in their lives.  The Founders
                                              would spin in their graves.  Much
                                              blood has been spilled to keep
                                              the government out of daily life
                                              on issues far less important.
                As a Sodan who grew up in Russia, I can tell you that
                you are seriously misguided as to the amount any given
                citizen of the said country _wants_ the government in
                his life. The idea above is idiotic (and double so if a
                troll) by anyone's standards. Americans aren't as special
                as they apparently think.
                \_ Well _some_ clueless moron obviously _wants_ the government
                   to decided who is allowed to have kids and not.  And _that_
                                           \_ I grew up underneath a table in
                                              the WEB.  When I reached the age
                                              of 18, I emerged and joined OCF
                        spawn more overlords _/
                   is what I was going off about.
        \_ [Summary: Some people want the US to be a super fascist government
            controlled state, others don't, aspo proposal may or may not make
            ballot, make or may not become law, if passed other states will
            write anti-ss-marriage laws, supreme court will side with states
            and CA law would only apply within CA, come the revolution aspo
            and bf will be first against the wall, bh needs help but as no
            one denied this bh threads died out quickly]
            \_ HA!  I'm gonna be a member of the firing squad.  -aspo
                \_ No one puts obnoxious jerks like you on the trigger side
                   of the rifle.
                   \_ Except, of course, the police department.
                        \_ The police have higher standards than aspo.  He'd
                           never make it.  They require very _basic_ mental
                           and emotional stability for starters.
                           \_ Really?    ^^^^^^^^^^^ guess that explains a lot
                                \_ No, really, "stability" like I said.  Go
                                   ahead and wipe the motd if you like but
                                   don't change the meaning of other's words.
                                   "stability" restored.  All you whiny "I hate
                                   cops" anarchist idiots need a good clubbing
                                   in a back alley to remind you why you can
                                   walk down the street without a gun in your
                                   \_ I'm just happy to see you.
                                      \_ Wow. That was almost clever. Keep
                                         trying -- maybe you'll get it right
                                         someday, kid.
                                         \_ I'm just happy to see you.
                                                \_ Even less so the 2nd time.
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